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2016, Scenery
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1st place Scenery: Margy Meyers –Two days in Chobe were filled with herds of beautiful animals and the experience of a lifetime. Chobe National Park, Botswana.2nd Place Scenery: Helen Reinhardt – On our flight between camps in the Okavango Delta we spotted these Cape buffalo. It was interesting that they chose to walk through the water rather than staying in the grassy area.3rd Place Scenery: Richard Szczepaniec – ‘Giraffe in the mist’. This photo was taken on an early morning drive in the Okavango Delta, Botswana.
Rebecca Douglas – Good night from the Mara. Taken on a night drive in the Maasai Mara National Reserve.Mary Lippold – Early morning just after dawn near Chitabe Camp, Botswana.  The same mother leopard as above, checking out the lay of the land from a higher perch before returning to her two cubs.Rod Kuo – Mala Mala, South Africa - Rushing forward to get ahead of the pride we caught the magnificent backlighting behind the lions. After difficulty focusing I managed to fire off this shot before they wandered off into the shadows of the night.
Steve Lipshetz – Taken during our stay at DumaTau Camp during sundowners, the view of the sunset was magnificent, and I spotted elephants in the distance. As a lover of sunrise and sunset pictures, I put down my drink and snapped away.Helen Reinhardt –Our pilot on the flight between DumaTau and Vumbura Plains told us he is just as excited every time he flies as he was the first time.  He spotted these elephant and circled back so we could get a good look.Elissa Warantz – Zambezi River Sunset, with Elephant.  One of the many magical sights to see in Mana Pools, NP.  Canoe safaris are the best!  Thanks to my guide Nick Murray and Vundu Camp, Mana Pools NP, Zimbabwe.
Steve Jackson – A spectacular moon during our safari in Tanzania.Bill Schmidt – Sunset from our camp in northern Serengeti, followed by sundowners around the campfire. A glorious end to the day!Vikki Fox –The majestic Masai giraffe of the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya
Jay Jacobson – During a sunset boat ride on Botswana’s Chobe River, we watched a group of elephants walk along one of the islands in the river just before we headed back to our camp. It was magical with the sun setting behind them.Steve Jackson – Sunset over the Serengeti, based from our camp, Mbuzi Mawe, Serengeti, Tanzania.Chet Stein - Elephants at dusk in Botswana's Linyanti Reserve while staying at DumaTau Camp.
Fred Stults – A gorgeous view of Cape Town and Robben Island looking from the top of Table Mountain.  We enjoyed the hike on top of Table Mountain on a beautiful cloudless day.Craig Sturla – Our first day in Cape Town, we took a tour of the southern coast down to the Cape of Good Hope, just south of Cape Town. An absolutely glorious cloudless day and excitement was running very high!Craig Sturla – Bridge over the Victoria River gorge just south of the Falls, with the train just crossing. Our hearts were still pounding after having just seen the majesty of the Victoria Falls for the first time!
Arthur Zohlman – What a way to end a day on safari, enjoying one of Africa's beautiful sunsets. Just loved it. Abu’s Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.George Ribet – After safari at Vumbura and a cruise in the Okavango Delta ‘The Thirsty Lion’ was waiting for us with drinks, snacks and an opportunity to review the wonders of our day.Helen Reinhardt – The color of the Botswana sunsets defies description.  While having sundowners we watched this beautiful scene develop.  Each moment was different and they were all beautiful.
Darlene Knott – The quintessential Tanzanian scene with the open plains of the Serengeti, rock kopjes in the distance and a cheetah on the prowl.