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2016, Clients on Safari
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1st Place Clients on Safari: Nicholas and Silas Warren having fun playing in the moonlight at Seba Camp, Okavango Delta, Botswana.2nd Place Clients on Safari: The Michael Maloon family always looked forward to tea breaks on their Zambian walking safari.3rd Place Clients on Safari: Alenka Doyle meets Naledi, the elephant, face-to-face at Abu Camp in Botswana. It was an immediate friendship.
Team Adams, McLain, Robby, Havens and Kym on our journey across Tanzania as we stopped at a Maasai Village. What an experience, definitely the trip of a lifetime!Vikki Canfield and Thomas Adler spend the afternoon fishing on Lake Tanganyika, Mahale National Park, Tanzania. Fishing is with a hook on a line and the lake is beautiful and clear.Sonya Carr visits the Giraffe Center in Nairobi, Kenya. Jonathan is a Maasai from Amboseli that spent the day with her and both enjoyed the opportunity to feed these gentle creatures.
Flying from Skukuza to Mpumalanga, South Africa, Olis Cook was the only passenger, so the ground crew asked if she would like her picture taken with her pilot and co-pilot.Philip Coonley and Marilyn Mullane in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park, in the central-eastern rain forest of Madagascar. Lemur Island is a preserve for lemurs who were once kept as house pets.  They have no hesitation in climbing onto visitors.Ken Dubuque with a Karo tribesman in Ethiopia. Ken had helped put the top back on a grain storage container. The Karo wanted to show his appreciation with a photo.
Summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, a most memorable father-son bonding experience. Zach and Rich Gilbert reach the exhilarating pinnacle in an incredible journey.Nadia Girardot and her guide, Nick Murray, watch Stompie the elephant after his silent surprise approach. They are impressive animals yet very gentle. Mana Pools, ZimbabweA fun day of touring at the Cape Point in Cape Town, South Africa for Erin and Matthew Hoerr. It was so windy they had to hold on to the sign for support.
Only by traveling the big world do we learn how small it really is. Stacy Malueg interacts with small school children during a visit. (Photo credit Steve Jackson)Cindy Johnston – Once the camel stood, I was high enough to be face to face with a giraffe and we were able to walk to within 25 feet of feeding giraffes who just totally ignored us. Lewa Rhino Sanctuary, KenyaCindy Johnston – My last day in Africa and saying goodbye to my Maasai guide. I am a mere 5 feet tall. So here I am with Joseph (older, taller, next to me) who was my guide and Julius who is a guide in training.
The Ed Kaplan family enjoys a game drive at the Kwando Lagoon Camp, Botswana.The Kaplan family gifts soccer balls to middle and high schoolers in Acornhoek, South Africa.Life on the edge – the Ed Kaplan family sits on the precipice of Victoria Falls from Livingstone Island, Zambia.
Brynna Kaplan finds lemur love on Lemur Island, Vakona Lodge, Andasibe, Madagascar.The Katz-Marans families enjoy a multi-generational adventure through Tanzania, visiting Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti.Danny, Nikki and Jim Katz experience the thrill of a lifetime gorilla trekking in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park.
Frank and Betty Kuhn touring Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe with their guide Esther, whom they thoroughly enjoyed. ‘We still have delightful memories of our Africa adventure and appreciate everything the AAC staff did to ensure our trip went so smoothly.’Mieling Lai enjoys an early morning walking safari from Naboisho Camp, Kenya. Accompanied by a ranger and her guide, they were able to get quite close to giraffe.The silverback from the Hirwa Group seemed to unbothered by Scottye Lindsey and Gary Boston as they trekked in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.
All suited up in the cage while shark diving in Gansbaai, Michael Mangold is ready for the thrill of a lifetime.Tracey and Michael Mangold are excited for their first puddle jumper flight en route to Kwetsani Camp with their knowledgeable pilot, Ben. Okavango Delta, Botswana.Enjoying a morning mokoro ride in the Okavango Delta, Tracey and Michael Mangold are guided by their expert poler, J.R.
Sitting down to have a picnic lunch in the middle of the Serengeti is as awesome as it sounds. Thanks to the incredible cooks at the Serengeti Explorer Camp, the food was delicious. Pictured Will Mayavski, Lanny Flaherty, John Flaherty and guide, Hillary.For Lacey and Will Mayavski this will hands down be their coolest picture ever! Taken in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda on their first gorilla trek to see the Ntambara group.Lacey and Will Mayavski and John and Lanny Flaherty take a moment after their trek to see the Ntambara group. ‘It was such an exhilarating experience that we almost forgot to be out of breath from the hike!’ Taken in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.
Taken on Livingstone Island, Zambia.  The McIntyre family loved being able to actually feel the water going over the falls and see behind the spray was an incredibly moving experience and definitely one of the highlights of their trip.Mobile camping the Khwai Concession of Moremi in Botswana, the Morin family shares a special moment with a bull elephant right outside their tent. He was happily drinking his fill.  ‘Oh how we long to return!!’A full day of touring for the Mark Morris family includes stopping at the southern most point in South Africa’s Cape Peninsula.
Dining al fresco in MalaMala’s boma, the Mark Morris family enjoys tasty South African cuisine.David Mounsey and Colleen Dauterman enjoy a unique experience. ‘Our guide, David, invited us to his Assemblies of God Church where the ladies asked us to sing with them’ (close to Offbeat Mara Camp).Patsy and Michael Nelson with Mkenda, their guide in Tanzania. ‘Mkenda was incredible!  We could not have had a better or more knowledgeable guide.  His depth of information about all things Tanzania, including the people, animals and country was amazing!
Patsy Nelson had the opportunity to meet village children during a walk in Rwanda near their lodging.  ‘The guide insisted I dress in the local fabrics and more and more children joined us as we moved from home to home.  I felt very welcomed!’Sundowner at Abu Camp in Botswana.  Time to ponder all the wonderful things we've seen and done during our day.  Very civilized. (Pictured Alenka Doyle, Lucy Oblonsky, Natalie and Susan Wittenbrook)Kathy Patoff, Dessa Kuritz, Marc Kuritz and their guide Wilson visit the Ngorongoro Crater. Exciting game viewing included lions and cubs feeding on a Cape buffalo.
George and Bonnie Ribet take a break from animal tracking to enjoy their guides wonderful hospitality on the trail. Okavango Delta, Botswana.Bonnie and George Ribet visit the Jabulani Primary School near Victoria Falls. ‘It gave us an opportunity to interact with local school children and gain a better appreciation of how difficult life is in Zimbabwe.’After an exhilarating day in the Serengeti, the Rourke family returned to the Serengeti Shared Explorer Camp with their wonderful guide, Ephata. This was our final day in the Serengeti – we were leaving with memories to last a lifetime.
The children are so precious at the Rose of Charity Orphanage in Victoria Falls.  They were so excited to see the Rourke family – ‘they sang and danced for us, they braided our hair and Emily taught them the fist bump.’Our fantastic guide Vincent Nkai planned a surprise sundowner which was one of the highlights of our trip. Africa was such an awesome place to visit.....maybe one day we will go back! Cathy and Brian Self and Donna and Ted EdgarA Maasai proudly displays two baby goats to Andrea Simon during her visit to his village outside Lake Manyara, Tanzania.
The innocence and wonderment of children. Jeff Schaefer engages with the Mpisi school-children. We were all moved since they were happy- and they have so little materially speaking. Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (Photo taken by Thomas Spak)Fred and Candace Stults and Kathleen and Thomas Joseph take a group selfie with 35 elephants heading for the watering hole.Channeling Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn in the 'African Queen', the Sturlas and Greenwoods enjoy a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River aboard the Ra-Ikane.
Judy and Ed Thomas enjoy a surprise private dinner at Tanda Tula Safari Camp to celebrate their 21st anniversary. The staff provided a lantern-lighted deck dinner, flower pedals on the bed, and Victorian tub with candles floating on the water.Tish Torres and Bryan Bean woke up to breakfast our first morning at Pelo Camp with this big guy.  He stayed for almost an hour.  He grazed at the waters edge all around the mokoro and didn't step on a single one! Okavango Delta, BotswanaAbu Camp was such a wonderful experience for Arthur Zohlman. He loved spending time among these beautiful animals walking with them through Botswana’s Okavango Delta and just being with them .He was impressed with how they take such good care of them.