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2015, Winners
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1st Place Wildlife: Dylan Lee - At the end of a healthy walk in Hwange, Zimbabwe, we arrived at a water hole for sundowners. A breeding herd awaited us, and the sun and dust mixed for a show not 50 yards away.2nd Place Wildlife: Alex Kostich - The 45-year-old majestic silverback Guhonda, the oldest known living mountain gorilla. Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda.3rd Place Wildlife: Janis Webb - One amoung thousands of wildebeest during the Great Migration in Kenya's Maasai Mara.
Runner Up Wildlife: Chris Donovan - Our final afternoon in Namibia couldn't have been more memorable, as we witnessed this majestic display of elephants frolicking in the sand and dust after a long drink at an Etosha waterhole.Runner Up Wildlife: William Webb - An eipic sighting of a black rhino at sunset on the plains of the Maasai Mara.Runner Up Wildlife: Chris Swindal - During my time in Tanzania’s Ruaha, almost every evening we went on a leopard trek on Kimilamatonge hill. I saw six different leopards and one of them on two different occasions, over my five nights.
Runner Up Wildlife: Darlene Knott - This beauty at Chitabe Camp posed perfectly by the water and even gave us a 'straight-on' stare. Perfect!  Okavango Delta, Botswana.1st Place Scenery - Jim Kleeman - I envisioned this picture in my mind before our trip to Africa. The herds are kicking up dust as they foraged for food, backlit by the sun rising over the Serengeti. We really felt connected to the spectacle.2nd Place Scenery: Eric Gurwin - Based at Jack’s Camp in Botswana’s Kalahari, the night time skies were quite something. I even was able to get my first Milky Way images.
3rd Place Scenery - Elissa Warantz - A lucky chance encounter! Thanks to the fantastic spotting abilities of our guide, Mkenda. The leopard climbed on the log when he saw the lion in the distance.1st Place Clients on Safari: REALLY Up-Close-and-Personal with a big bull elephant in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe. Irene Cavatore got within 8 feet of him!  ‘I love elephants and felt honored that he let us come so close.2nd Place Clients on Safari: Kelsey & Mark Janes, father-daughter, on their first gorilla trek in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. Guide,.Mr.D, was absolutely amazing and made sure my dad and I got a memorable father-daughter photo.
3rd Place Clients on Safari: After a two-week adventure in Tanzania, the Susan Shumway family gathers for one last photo on the Serengeti airstrip, Tanzania.1st Place Birds: Reid Dusenberry - The lighting was perfect for this sighting of the Verreaux’s eagle owl that Dan, our driver, spotted at Mashatu in Botswana.2nd Place Birds: John Burke - Gray-headed kingfisher at Lake Manyara National Park, Tanzania.
3rd Place Birds: Eric Gurwin - The red necked falcon is found in semi-desert, savannah and other dry open country.1st Place People of Africa: Ronnie Goyette – Father and son hard at work at the Arusha Farmer’s Market. I like how the bananas coordinated nicely with the colorful clothes the people were wearing.2nd Place People of Africa: Alex Kostich - The Himba women were fun-loving and full of life, I loved how this photo captured a caught moment when this teen let her guard down. (Ovahimba village, Namibia)