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2015, Portfolio of Photos
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Stacie Brink, Southern Africa
Stacie Brink - Black-maned brothers of Chitabe, with our most excellent guide, Dux Motakatshipi.  We came upon these two brothers first thing in the morning and minutes before a huge downpour. (Okavango Delta, Botswana)Stacie Brink - The ‘night of the Mad Hippo.’ This fellow was visibly upset by a carcass of another hippo upstream close by.  He seemed to be guarding it from the crocs.  Our presence was none too welcomed. (Linyanti, Botswana)Stacie Brink - Brother and sister wild dogs are listening for the call of their sibling and that attentiveness and worry is captured in this face. (Linyanti Reserve, Botswana)
Stacie Brink - A den-full of hyena varying in ages and they were not the least bit shy with our arrival, as they clamored out of the den, romped, taunted and teased one another, and reached up toward us in the vehicle.  (Linyanti, Botswana)Stacie Brink - Rare daylight siting of this beautiful caracal who was trying to escape the heat of the Kalahari Desert.  Our excellent guide knew exactly how much of our presence this shy one would tolerate to allow for this capture.Stacie Brink - Tawny eagle at Kings Pool, with its capture and ‘attitude.’  Thanks to our fantastic guide Bobby Rakaru! (Linyanti, Botswana)
Stacie Brink - In addition to the colorful birds we saw on safari, I found the vultures to be equally interesting. This one joins the fray on a kill. (Botswana)

Michael Shepard, East Africa
Michael Shepard - This massive bull was visible from what seemed like miles across the Ngorongoro Crater. Finally, he paid us an up close visit near lunch time.Michael Shepard - For two decades, my wife and I have searched for a massive tree and perch befitting the quintessential leopard pose. This large male rewarded us by posing throughout sunset, overlooking the plains of the Serengeti.Michael Shepard - Just after sunrise, lion brothers huddle for warmth on the shores of Lake Manyara, Tanzania.
Michael Shepard - At the Ngorongoro Crater, a black rhino calf stays close to the protection of his mother.Michael Shepard - At Lake Manyara, our guide asked us if we could see the beach in the middle of the lake. Yes. Good, now open your camera and binoculars and watch the beach - thousands upon thousands of flamingos-fly towards us!Michael Shepard - In Africa, each moment of life is cherished. Certainly, each glorious sunset is celebrated - especially the final sunset of a safari over an ancient Baobab Tree. We cannot wait to return.
Michael Shepard - Cold, morning clouds clung to the walls of Ngorongoro Crater, but this lone, bull elephant still manages to dominate the landscape.Michael Shepard - During the late hours of the night, we could hear the eland kill from our tent in the middle Serengeti. At sunrise, we found the kill. As hyenas began to arrive, this big male responded to protect his pride and his kill.