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2015, People of Africa
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1st Place People of Africa: Ronnie Goyette – Father and son hard at work at the Arusha Farmer’s Market. I like how the bananas coordinated nicely with the colorful clothes the people were wearing.2nd Place People of Africa: Alex Kostich - The Himba women were fun-loving and full of life, I loved how this photo captured a caught moment when this teen let her guard down. (Ovahimba village, Namibia)Alex Kostich - The beauty and wisdom in this Maasai woman's face really struck me as they sang tribal songs to greet us at their village.
Ronnie Goyette - Only one hour’s drive from Lake Eyasi live the Wahadzabi Bushman tribe - living as man lived 10,000 years ago. We accompanied these men on a fruitless hunt. Spending time with this group was one of the highlights of our safari.Peggy Young - That little schoolboy grabbed me by the throat. I was mesmerized by his smile and exuberance. I will never forget the visit to that school. (Tarangire, Tanzania)Chris Donovan - A glimpse inside Namibia’s Damara traditional culture at one of Damaraland's ‘living museums.’
Ronnie Goyette - Near Lake Eyasi, we met with a Datoga tribesman, his multiple wives and their children. The Datoga family made us feel very welcome in their home. This unposed photo was shot inside their dung hut using only available light.Ronnie Goyette - The young Maasai men travel a lengthy and painful journey on their way to becoming warriors. Following a successful circumcision ceremony, they enter a stage wherein they paint their faces and dye their clothing black with charcoal.Peggy Young - I was really touched by the warmth and friendliness of those beautiful Maasai women. (Serengeti, Tanzania)
Alex Kostich - We stopped at a local market and this beautiful little girl was shy at first, and then began waving.  The clothing perfectly matched the background colors, allowing the little princess to really shine forth! (Kigali, Rwanda)Alex Kostich - This woman was very proud of her new bed, which was built with proceeds from the walking tours we scheduled during our time in Rwanda.Ronnie Goyette - We observed African children walking and running miles to get to school. With seventy-six percent of Tanzanian girls not receiving secondary education, I noticed the determination in these girls strides on the way to school.
Janis Webb - Woman and baby in a village outside the Mara Reserve, Kenya.Ruthe Kaplan - In Tanzania on our drive from Tarangire to Gibbs Farm, we stopped at an open air market in the village of Mto Wa Mbu.  The Maasai come to markets such as this to buy and sell animals and other goods.