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2014, Winners
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1st Place ‘Wildlife’ - Kathy Turner - A spectacular example of the Great Migration. Zebras gather on the Serengeti near a waterhole to drink at the end of the dry season.2nd Place Tie ‘Wildlife’ - Jean-Marie Girardot - In my opinion, the leopard is the most beautiful big cat of Africa and seeing them is always a great pleasure and even better if we are close enough for a nice image (Serengeti, Tanzania).2nd Place Tie ‘Wildlife’ - William T. Webb - Being in the presence of a large, male, silverback gorilla goes beyond anyone’s imagination.   We were clearly the guests in his territory (Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda).
3rd Place ‘Wildlife’ - Doreen Lawrence - A herd of elephants marching single file back home from their trip to the watering hole in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania.1st Place ‘Babies’ – Jean-Marie Girardot - The Klipspringer is one of the smallest antelope with rubber like hoofs and are very graceful, very enjoyable to see jump from rock to rock or posing in the early light of the day. (Serengeti, Tanzania).2nd Place ‘Babies’ – Pam Hall - Our private guide Brooks Kamanakao took us to an area where he had seen a pregnant leopard sometime before.  The female walked to a huge dead tree and out popped two young 2 cubs!  (Okavango Delta, Botswana)
3rd Place ‘Babies’ – Chris Swindal - Somalisa Acacia Camp (Hwange, Zimbabwe) was great with elephants day and night. Herds wandered through camp to visit the waterhole/pool in camp. Sitting at the pool while the elephants came was quite fun.1st Place ‘Birds’ – Becky Douglas - A struggle between vultures and a jackal – all trying to feed on a deceased zebra. The jackal got feed up with the harassment from the vultures and tried biting one on the back. (Kenya)2nd Place ‘Birds’ – John Tarsha – During my safari to Kenya and Tanzania, I used a 400mm telephoto lens to take pictures of birds, such as this Martial eagle, where I was able to capture details such as its fresh kill and the intensity in its eyes.
3rd Place ‘Birds’ – Heather Walters - In this bee-eater photo, I was so focused on getting everything framed perfectly in the light that I never noticed the insect in its mouth until I was processing the photos. (Okavango Delta, Botswana)1st Place ‘Scenery’ – Ronald A. Lake - In the northern Serengeti, we saw 3 rhinos multiple times. I was most impressed by this lone, male making his way towards the horizon at the end of the day, as if he had all the time in the world.2nd Place ‘Scenery’ – Boyd Turner - A busy day on safari comes to a close under the canopy of the southern sky at the Serengeti Katikati Camp in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.
3rd Place ‘Scenery’ – Michael Ballard - Victoria Falls was a highlight for me.  I got to the falls 30 minutes before opening time and was the first one through the gate.  I got a lot of nice shots just after sunrise.1st Place ‘Clients on Safari’ – ‘We loved the walking safaris in Mana Pools! There was nothing like getting close to the elephants as they searched for murala fruit.’ (Tony & Mary Scoville & the participants of AAC’s ‘Eyes on Elephant’ Group Safari)2nd Place ‘Clients on Safari’ – Tyler and Sophia Jager get some instruction from the Hadzi Bushmen on how to shoot a bow and arrow. (Lake Eyasi, Tanzania)
3rd Place ‘Clients on Safari’ – Three generations of the Jack King family unanimously vote that their Tanzanian safari was the adventure of a lifetime!1st Place ‘People of Africa’ – Kris Matarrese - The little Tanzanian girl was tranquilly standing in the midst of dancing Maasai women with her big eyes taking it all in, holding onto her precious bead collar2nd Place ‘People of Africa’ – Claudia Choy - We will forever remember this little Maasai girl and her beautiful, sweet smile (Ngorongoro, Tanzania)
3rd Place ‘People of Africa’ – Kathy Turner - We had a demonstration of house keeping duties where the local women showed us how to grind grain. The kids lined up against the wall and seemed to find the whole thing amusing. (Lake Eyasi, Tanzania)