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John Tarsha - Sunset on the Serengeti.Michael Ballard - Sunset at Chobe proved to be a magical event with this elephant silhouetted and its reflection in the water. It was the perfect way to end our African safari!Maggie Brogdon -  Seeing my favorite animal, the giraffe, at sunset was a special part of our customized safari to Chobe National Park.  Our wonderful guide from Muchenje Safari Lodge positioned the vehicle to take this picture, one of my favorites.
Michael Ballard - The black and white of the mountain ridges was taken at Cape Point in mid-afternoon in harsh back light.  There was little color in the shot so black and white conversion was an easy decision.  This was one of my favorite photos!Michael Ballard -  The pictures of Noordhoek Beach and along Chapman Peak Drive were taken in late afternoon light, which was quite nice.  I liked the sand bar and the way the light was shining on the sand dunes in the foreground.Michael Ballard - We made several stops along the Chapman Peak Drive and we were fortunate to find some nice wildflower color that I used in the foreground.
Michael Ballard - One day we explored the West Coast National Park and although we were a bit early for the peak wildflowers, I did get a few pictures including the one with the cluster of purple flowers and the peak in the background.Michael Ballard -  There is also a beautiful beach in the West Coast National Park.  The surf was quite powerful here and that was the feeling I was trying to convey with the spray hitting the rocks.Michael Ballard - The picture of Seal Island at sunrise was taken on the second day of our shark diving.  Fortunately we had a colorful sunrise that morning.  The boat was rocking quite a bit so I had to use a fast shutter speed.
Michael Ballard - We stopped at Constantia Glen for lunch.  It was a beautiful sunny afternoon and the winery was very busy with wine tasters and diners enjoying the day.  The picture captures the mood of a beautiful day and the lovely scenery.Michael Ballard - I believe that August was a great time to go to Victoria Falls, enough water to make it visually interesting, but not so much spray that you can't see any detail.Michael Ballard - I went to most of the overlooks.  As I looked back a rainbow was forming and I was able to get several rainbow shots as well.
Michael Ballard - The spray from Victoria Falls creates a constant rainbow, visible even during a full moon.Michael Ballard -  My wife and I had the pleasure of viewing the falls from a helicopter.  I quickly jumped into the front seat where there is an opening in the window for a camera lens.  I shot like crazy and got some nice aerial views of the falls.Barb Berkowitz - There was nothing more exciting and captivating as our walk with Sylvester the Cheetah Ambassador. From the moment we sat with him, time seemed electrifying. I can still hear his purring! (Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls)
Carrie Burhenn - Sunset over the Rufiji River, just a little different than what Joseph Thomson saw in 1878 when he explored it during the rainy season and nearly died. (Selous, Tanzania)Carrie Burhenn - Unexpected surprises abound as a troop of baboons bravely vault the Great Ruaha River from one side of the river bank to the other, almost as if on a dare. (Selous, Tanzania)Lisa Cantu - A spectacular sunset during my stay in the Lamai Wedge, in the Northern Serengeti (Tanzania)
Rance Craft - During our “Great Wilderness” safari across Botswana we witnessed so many spectacular, life changing moments. Each sunset was memorable. We can’t wait to return!Rance Craft - Experiencing a full moon over the Okavango Delta was one of the highlights of our safari!Rance Craft - A safari tradition we got quite used to – sundowner cocktails, a spectacular sunset and the serenity of the Okavango Delta.
Beverly Cressey - A bird of prey (on the center bush) searches for food during sunrise over the Maasai Mara, Kenya.Pratap Sadasivan - We loved Lemala Ngorongoro, set under a canopy of majestic acacia trees.  Following a delicious dinner, a Maasai escorted us back to our tent.Jeanette Dilley - The stunning landscape of Tanzania was always changing. From the Ngorongoro Crater to the open plans of the Serengeti, where we watched a herd of zebra take respite from the sun under an acacia tree.
Katherine Galloway - Sunset on the Serengeti, a male impala patrols his territory. (We spent three nights at Sayari Camp, in the Northern Serengeti).Pam Hall - One afternoon our private guide Brooks Kamanakao took us fishing on the Linyanti River at Duma Tau Camp.  Heading back to camp, the sun was starting to set and it was especially beautiful. (Botswana)Judith Helgeson - Botswana’s Okavango Delta covers over 6,000 square-miles of lagoons, floodplains and islands.
Paul Ho - The end of a great day at Sayari Camp (northern Serengeti) and these lions were on a rock kopje. Just as we passed them, I lined up the shot with the full moon. (And the lion licking its face).Paul Ho - We were returning to Olakira Camp (Serengeti) and we wanted a sunset photo. A few hundred meters from the camp, the guide stopped and found the spot for us. The sunset was stunning with zebras in the foreground.Kay Jacobson - Heading back to Tortilis Camp after a great day of game viewing in Amboseli National Park, Kenya.
Megan James - No visit to Cape Town, South Africa would be complete without going to Boulders Beach and looking for penguins.Megan James - The sunset cruise on the Zambezi River was a highlight of our stay in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.Megan James - Dr. David Livingstone became the first European man to see Victoria Falls on November 16, 1855.
Laura Joeckal - During our safari to Botswana’s Okavango Delta, we encountered a herd of elephant and the quintessential scene with the palm trees and reed grass.Emil Kloske - We never saw a sunset on this safari that wasn't fantastic.  Our guides always knew the most photogenic places with the maximum wildlife and great sunsets for the sundowners.(Davison’s Camp, Hwange, Zimbabwe)Ronald A. Lake - I love a parade, especially an elephant parade. Giraffe apparently are captivated by the sight of it, too. This is one of the great rewards of photography on safari: catching surprising glimpses of unexpected animal interactions.
Doreen Lawrence - This photo was taken early in the morning from the first viewpoint as you walk into Victoria Falls UNESCO Heritage site.  Victoria Falls presents a spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the Zambezi River.Doreen Lawrence - This was taken during the golden hour of the day in Tarangire National Park.  We were on our way out of the park when we came upon the elephants walking in single file back home from their trip to the waterhole. (Tanzania)Doreen Lawrence - Taken during our early morning visit to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.  As the sun was rising, the light created a beautiful rainbow between the canyon gorge walls of the Zambezi River as it cascaded over the plateau.
Doreen Lawrence -  This was taken near one of the last viewing spots along the rim of canyon opposite the falls. The photo was taken during the dry season.  I can only imagine how impressive Victoria Falls is during the rainy season.Mary Lippold - Full moon just rising over the beautiful landscape near Kwando Lebala Camp. What a great place for sundowners near the end of our most recent safari trip. (Botswana)Mary Lippold - Another beautiful Okavango Delta sunset, one of the special treats we experienced when stopped for “sundowners” near this large waterhole. (During our stay at Kwando Lebala Camp, Botswana)
Kristina London - The highlight of our Tanzania safari, ballooning over the SerengetiKristina London - Staying at the Lake Manyara Serena Lodge, overlooking Lake Manyara, allowed for some spectacular photographic. (Tanzania)Kristina London - Ngorongoro Crater is the largest intact unflooded caldera in the world; the floor of the crater is over 100 square miles in area and very possibly has the highest concentration of big game of any reserve on the continent.
Richard McLaughlin - The sunset was taken at one of the ponds at our evening 'Sundowner' cocktail stop.  This was just another magical African sunset at Tanda Tula, South Africa.Porter McRoberts - Even a point and shoot camera can capture the color of the Milky Way! (Sossusvlei, Namibia)Porter McRoberts – The 'Big Daddy Dune' in Sossusvlei is a 60 minute trek up one of the largest dunes in the world in the oldest desert in the world! (Namibia)
Kathy Parakin - Elephant provide an iconic moment with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background during our stay in Amboseli, Kenya.Kathy Parakin - A charter plane prepares to land on the airstrip in the Maasai Mara, Kenya.Kathy Parakin - An impressive male impala displays his horns at sunset on the Maasai Mara, Kenya.
Kathy Parakin - Cheetah are daylight hunters that benefit from stealthy moments and speed.David Pinkernell - Heading out to fish at night, the Zanzibar dhows slide past the Stone Town Serena Hotel every evening.  Capturing the centuries old sailboat design against the setting sun makes the perfect photo. (Zanzibar, Tanzania)John Purdy - It was amazing to see the changes in landscape as we flew in our charter flight from Botswana’s Kalahari Desert to the Okavango Delta region. Small plane, but great views!
John Purdy - Watching a distant storm on the edge of the great Makgadikgadi Pans in the Kalahari Desert. (Botswana)John Purdy - The Makgadikgadi saltpans (Botswana) are among the largest in the world, part of a fossilized super-lake from eons ago. The contrast becomes amazingly clear as you move from delta to desert, from a water world to dry sand.Mark Rosser - Taken our first day in the bush, we saw this small herd of elephants on the bank of the Chobe River looking as if they were enjoying the sunset.  This beautiful scene set the tone for a fantastic adventure in Africa.
Joy Snyder - Enjoying sundown with the elephants at the Ruckomechi Camp situated along the mighty Zambezi River with the Zambezi Escarpment in the background. (Mana Pools, Zimbabwe)Jennifer Steck - A sightseeing flight over the Namib-Naukluft National Park where the Namib Desert meets the violent waves of the Atlantic Ocean provides a view of unlucky ships that have met their end along the coastline.Jennifer Steck - The afternoon sun reflects off the Atlantic Ocean highlighting the undisturbed ripples in the sand. (Skeleton Coast, Namibia)
Jennifer Steck - Favorite moment, when we flew over the Namibia shoreline as the sands met the Atlantic Ocean. It was incredibly beautiful. Shipwrecks and seal colonies hugged the coastline.Jennifer Steck - Visiting Twyfelfontein was magical. It was a special moment, thinking about how people have seen the same species of animals for thousands of years. I did wonder about what the other sections of the drawings symbolized. (Namibia)Jennifer Steck - The rock carvings of Twyfelfontein, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are several thousand years old and highlight many animals that are still seen today. (Damaraland, Namibia)
Kathleen Sullivan - We were at Little Makalolo, enjoying our sundowners near a waterhole and elephants were everywhere. The sunset was lovely, the peace and serenity of hanging out with the elephants was divine.  (Hwange, Zimbabwe)Kathleen Sullivan - Just another night in paradise! The two pictures were taken within minutes of each other. (Hwange, Zimbabwe)John Tarsha - We waited with anticipation on the edge of the Mara River for the wildebeest to make that fateful decision of when (or if) to cross to the other side. (Maasai Mara, Kenya)
John Tarsha - Tanzania's Tarangire National Park is famous for its baobab trees which endure drought conditions by storing up to 32,000 gallons of water in the tree's trunkJohn Tarsha - I love this photo as there is such serenity in the image. the seasonal rains highlighted by the sunlight, two lionesses gaze out over the plains and the safari vehicles perfectly frame the shot. (Serengeti, Tanzania)John Tarsha - The quintessential image of the plains of the Serengeti and a cheetah’s search for prey (Tanzania).
John Tarsha - This waterhole was like an oasis for thirsty elephants. Tarangire, TanzaniaJohn Tarsha - Storm clouds gather on the horizon during sunset on the Serengeti, Tanzania.John Tarsha - Our plane on the Seronera airstrip (Serengeti, Tanzania) as we bid farewell to our guide and prepared to fly across the border to the Maasai Mara, Kenya.
Jay Thomas - This photo captures how extreme those turns in the Zambezi River are, as it almost folds back in on itself in its flow to the Indian Ocean.  It’s also a great spot to view the historic Victoria Falls Bridge.Kathy Turner - As storm clouds gather over the Serengeti in Tanzania, a family group of elephants walks off into an uncertain future.MaryAnn Watson -  Can you find the elephant?  This was taken when flying out of the Delta area, and luckily, I had a window seat on the best side of the plane.
William T. Webb - Wildebeest and zebra in the long migration across the plains of the Masaai Mara, Kenya.Kathy Wrobel - Nothing makes you feel quite so small as watching an elephant from a canoe in the Zambezi River. This one flapped his ears at us a few times, ran around in a circle, flapped some more, and eventually ran away. (Mana Pools, Zimbabwe)Hasmik Yacoubian - Driving through the beautiful Ngorongoro Crater, this lone Cape buffalo in harmony, captured our attention.
Jason Zasky - The picture is of a Baobab tree at dusk -- one of many compelling Baobab trees at Pamushana.  It was taken shortly before we decided to call it a day and head back to camp. (Malilangwe, Zimbabwe)