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2014, People of Africa
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Paul Bosch - Our time with these Bushmen was a highlight of our safari. We got a glimpse into an amazing culture, but also got to see our common humanity as they joked with each other and delighted in their shared meal. (Lake Eyasi, Tanzania)Tim & Sonya Carr - Kenya and Tanzania were full of surprise, like meeting these young Maasai near the Ngorongoro Crater.Claudia Choy - Our beloved guides from our Tanzanian safari – Robert Moshi , Emmanuel 'Mkenda', George Killas and Daniel Nyamoga.
Jeanette Dilley - The visits to the Bushman and his family, the Blacksmith tribe, the banana plantation, onion fields, coffee plantation and two Maasai villages gave us a feel for the people of Africa and ensured a well rounded trip.Merilee Fiedler - One can't forget the smiling faces and the bright spirits of these African children after visiting a school in Zimbabwe.  Many of the classes are held outdoors taking advantage of the cool morning and late afternoon shade.Kay Jacobson - A busy market day in Arusha, Tanzania.
Tacha Jager - A highlight for our family was having the cultural interaction with the various tribes such as the Maasai and Hadzi bushmen.Tacha Jager - A Maasai school where students from the local villages to learn, returning later in the day to tend to chores.Tacha Jager - The colorful market in Zanzibar where fresh produce is carefully stacked and displayed.
Mark Knott - Local Maasai school children get a chance to explore one of the small planes that ferry safariers to and from the Serengeti, Tanzania.Doreen Lawrence - One of my memorable experiences was visiting a Massai Village.  The women in the photo were gathered together after greeting us with a ceremonial dance.  They were extremely excited to show their beautiful beaded jewelry.Doreen Lawrence - I was honored to be able take a photograph of the Massai Warrior Chief’s wife.  She was a beautiful lady dressed in magnificent colors showing off her native garb.
Paul & Ann Lawrence - We took many, many pictures of our favorite animals which included zebras, lions and gorillas but as we traveled through Tanzania these 'shops' caught our attention -- especially since we are Democrats!Kathy Parakin - The colorful beeds of the Maasai women all tell a story of their status within the tribe.David Pinkernell - During our private tour of Stone Town we came around a corner and I saw this image of an exhausted woman resting after hanging her washing. To me, this photo tells an age old story of the life of women in coastal East Africa.
David Pinkernell - The Stone Town market tour in Zanzibar is something you have to see, hear and smell to appreciate. It was the perfect ending to our amazing AAC Tanzania safari!Jordan Rosner - In the area near the Ngorongoro Crater, we spotted this young Maasai proudly displaying his Shúkà (the Maa word for the red cloth traditionally worn by the Maasai).Deb Sisson - We hunted with the Hadza men in the morning. When we returned to their camp, it was the women who touched our hearts. They have no need for possessions - the love between mother and child that makes for a happy life. (Lake Eyasi)
John Tarsha - The Massai were so gentle and peaceful. They seemed happy despite their lack of 'modern' conveniences.John Tarsha - Maasai warriors jump to show who is the dominant leader of the tribe (as well as impressing the females).John Tarsha - The Maasai are proud of their heritage and explained to us how they use herbs to heal sickness. Their land is very dusty and dry and it doesn’t seem conducive to raising cattle yet they do.
John Tarsha - The bright and colorful Stone Town Market, Zanizbar (Tanzania)Boyd Turner - A Hadza bushman proudly displays his successful catch of a squirrel for his breakfast, near Lake Eyasi, Tanzania.Kathy Turner - The garments of these Maasai women and child contrast with their huts and the dry conditions on the edge of Ngorongoro preserve in Tanzania.
Kathy Turner - The energy of young Maasai inside their school room is palpable in this scene outside of Ngorongoro preserve in Tanzania.Kathy Turner - A Hadza bushman jogs after prey for his morning meal near Lake Eyasi, Tanzania.Kathy Turner - A young man working in a family foundry in rural Tanzania stands behind his products.
Magriet Van De Steeg - Visiting a school near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The head mistress was showing us around and putting a kettle on the fire for a cup of tea. Thanks to AAC visitors, the school can provide lunches for all the kids.Gerie Voss - Local women in Musanze, Rwanda carrying baskets full of potatoes to market.