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2014, Birds
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Shelby Allen - I photographed with the intent of capturing action shots of the wildlife in hopes of proving the point that if you are not in complete focus, studying the wildlife before your lens, you will miss what perhaps may be most beautiful shot.Michael Ballard - The carmine bee eater is a highly social species, gathering in large flocks throughout the yearPamela Bosch - We saw this beautiful bird within minutes of entering Tarangire National Park in northern Tanzania on our first full safari day.  This was the beginning of viewing over 130 birds, from the large vultures to the tiny bee-eaters.
Carrie Burhenn - I took so many pictures of birds in flight, so many failures but this one was perfectly framed (Selous, Tanzania)Andrew G. Campbell - Little Egret and African Openbill Stork resting on Hippo. Selous, Tanzania (Nikon D7100, f/18, 1/500 sec., ISO 1400)Andrew G. Campbell - Eastern Chanting Goshawk. Serengeti, Tanzania  (Nikon D7100, f/7.1, 1/800 sec., ISO 200)
Rance Craft - I did not approach our safari with a particular interest in birds.  But once we were in Botswana and witnessed the amazing variety of birds, they quickly became my favorite photo subjects.Martin Cline - We saw this black kite while hiking in a deciduous forest in eastern MadagascarRance Craft - Malachite kingfishers frequently perch on reeds while searching for fish, aquatic insects and frogs (Okavango Delta, Botswana)
Rance Craft - The little bee-eater removes the stinger from its primary food source, bees, by repeatedly hitting the insect on a hard surface (Okavango Delta, Botswana)Mary Ellen Cvek - The owl photo was taken at Rattray's on MalaMala, South Africa on an evening game drive well after dark.  A very lucky momentBarb & Bill Dexter - A tawny eagle stays alert looking for prey
Jean-Marie Girardot - Lilac breasted rollers are found continuously throughout Eastern and Southern AfricaBill Harker - Night game drives allow for spotting elusive nocturnal hunters such as this owl (Kwando Reserve, Botswana).Bill Harker - A southern carmine bee-eater is a migratory specials, spending the breeding season (Aug-Nov) in Zimbabwe, before moving south to South Africa during Dec-Feb.
Bill Harker - A quick shutter speed (and reflexes) caught a lilac breasted roller and wood pecker on the same tree during my safari to Botswana.Julie Hartz - This is a little owl that I first saw at DumaTau in Botswana last year. I was back at DumaTau a few weeks ago and saw him again. I was happy to see he was still alive and adorable as always.Darlene Knott - The ungainly Maribou stork somehow becomes a beauty in a class all its own as it ever so gently lands on a branch. My camera is 'chomping at the bit' to return to action in the bush! So am I!
Doreen Lawrence - As ugly as vultures can be, this lappet-faced vulture was beautiful in my eyes.  The color of his head and the confidence in his pose captured my eye.  I believe he was waiting for his next meal.Val & Jack Ledyard - The Southern ground hornbill is a majestic bird.  Due to a slow reproductive cycle and diminishing habitat it is at risk of becoming extinct.Mary Lippold - Beautiful lilac breasted roller perched on the top of a tree.  Although these wonderful birds are quite commonly seen, they don’t often hold still long enough to be photographed easily. (Okavango Delta, Botswana)
Kris Matarrese - During our boat ride on Lake Naivasha, we spotted this fish eagle. Our clever boat driver slowed and told us to get our cameras ready. The eagle spotted a fish near the surface, swooped in and grabbed it with perfect precision!Kris Matarrese - Flamingoes were all along the shore of Lake Nakuru, slyly tip toeing in the shallows, heads down in search of morsel of food. This trio offered a perfect moment of nature’s glorious symmetry and color. (Kenya)Kathy Parakin - An ostrich's strong legs can cover 10 to 16 feet in one stride.
Kathy Parakin - Vultures feed on a carcass and defend it from an opportunistic hyena. (Maasai Mara, Kenya)Laurie Sharkus - While having breakfast by the river, this curious Southern yellow-billed hornbill flew down and perched on the breakfast table fruit! (Tanda Tula Camp, South Africa)Laurie Sharkus - Our guide, Justice, was driving us through a dry riverbed when we came upon these beautiful jewel like birds, White-Fronted Bee-Eaters, at their nesting site in the riverbank (Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana)
Jennifer Steck - Flocks of flamingoes gather along the Atlantic Ocean shoreline near Walvis Bay and create a spectacular display of flight. (South Africa)Jennifer Steck - A black headed heron sits among the trees and bushes at the Mosaic Private Sanctuary in South Africa.Jennifer Steck - Large Pelicans join delighted visitors on a harbor tour of Walvis Bay, Namibia.
Chet Stein - A woodland kingfisher hunts from an exposed perch, often on a dead branch of a tree and frequently prefers semi-shade while seeking food.Chet Stein - Two young owls camouflaged perfectly into their surroundings in Sabi Sand, South Africa.John Tarsha - Always be ready because you can get good shots ANY time of day (as opposed to some animals that are only active in the early morning or late afternoon).
John Tarsha - Bright sun really helps bring out the subtle colors in the bird’s feathers.John Tarsha - You need to really STEADY your camera (I used a bean bag and braced the camera on the roof our of jeep) because at 400mm, even the slightest jolt will result in a blurry image.John Tarsha - A fantastic experience seeing flamingoes, white pelicans and Maribou storks at the Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
Boyd Turner - A lappet-faced vulture stretches his wings in the wind in the Maasai Mara of Kenya.William T. Webb - The Lilac Breasted Roller is a marvel of fluorescent colors when the sunlight catches its feathers just so. It is a true acrobat, diving and twisting to snatch an insect out of mid air.