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Photo images received from AAC clients from their year of travel.

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Portfolio of Photos

2011, Birds

Chet Stein - Lilac breasted rollers eat a diet of insects, scorpions, lizards and snailsStephen Olmstead - A black-headed heron catches a snake for its next mealBruce Bonifas - Herons have large feet to stay balanced when walking in the marshes
Beth Tetterton - The grey crowned crane has a breeding display that involves dancing, bowing and jumpingDan Fillipi - Malachite kingfishers frequently perch on reeds while searching for fish, aquatic insects and frogsChet Stein - A crested eagle stays alert looking for prey
Erik Staub - The martial eagle is one of the world's most powerful avian predators and feeds on game birds, reptiles and small mammalsDylan Lee - Hornbills are categorized by having a 'casque' on their bill which is hollow and used for magnifying their voice and making it louderKen Spint - Carmine bee-eaters have curved bills which are used snatch insects during mid-flight
Tim Fleeger - Malachite kingfishers do not have nets but lay their 3-6 small white eggs on disgorged fish bonesDylan Lee - Lilac breasted rollers get their name from their impressive courtship flight - a fast, shallow dive from considerable elevation with a rolling motion accompanied by loud raucous callsDan Fillipi - Martial eagles have keen eyesight to spot potential prey from long distances