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2010, People of Africa

Carin Ganjon - A young Tanzanian boy learns the alphabet in the thatched classroomCarin Ganjon - The white beads on this Maasai's necklace represents purityJohn Kasper - While on safari in Southern and Eastern Africa, there are opportunities to visit local schools and orphanages. Here some South African children ham it up for the camera
Ike Koziol - The intricate beadwork of the Maasai articulate and identify their position in societyAbby Lazar - Market day in the Omo Valley (Ethiopia) is a lively scene with people from various tribesAbby Lazar - A young member of the Karo tribe from southern Ethiopia. The tribe resides along the Omo River and number around 1000 people
Abby Lazar - An example of local Maasai housing made of mud, thatch and dung in a remote village in KenyaAbby Lazar - The colorful Talek market in KenyaBettina McLeod - A momentary glimpse into the hard working women of rural Tanzania
Scott McMillan - A proud Zimbabwean mother and her two children take a moment to meet AAC safariersBen Murphy - Throughout East Africa the Maasai adorn themselves in bright traditional clothMark Nickelsburg - Performing the 'adumu' or 'jump dance', Maasai men reinforce their status in the tribe
Mark Nickelsburg - The traditional Maasai village consists of mud and dung huts built in a circle surrounded by a reed bomaAlicia Putnam - Visiting a local school near Hwange National Park, ZimbabweAlicia Putnam - Partnering with Children in the Wilderness, The Africa Adventure Company sponsors 460 children at three schools near Hwange. The meal program feeds children at school when getting their education
Beverly Stevens - Young Maasai are adorned in traditional colorful cloths in Tanzania