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Ongava Private Game Reserve


Bordering Etosha National Park to the south, this 115 mi² (300 km²) private reserve allows guests to experience Etosha’s scenic and wildlife wonders in new settings: unlike Etosha, guided walks and night drives are not prohibited at Ongava. Typically, visitors will go on a morning game drive into Etosha National Park, then return to Ongava for a guided walk or night game drive.


Both are very worthwhile, for not only is Ongava one of the few private game reserves in Southern Africa that feature both black and white rhino, the reserve also possesses healthy populations of lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant, giraffe, wildebeest, springbok, oryx, kudu and the damara dik-dik. In addition, birdwatching is exceptional, including a number of Namibian “specials” like Hartlaub’s francolin, white-tailed shrike, Monteiro’s hornbill and bare-cheeked babbler.

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