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Moremi Game Reserve



Moremi is an 1160 mi² (3000 km²) game reserve located in the northeastern portion of the Okavango Delta. Because it receives the richest deposits of sediment (and therefore most nourishing grasses), Moremi attracts an abundance of antelope, and concomitantly, a large amount of predators. Outside of these floodplains, other habitats within Moremi include swamps, riparian forests and open grassland. Because each year’s flood is different, the landscape and the concentration of wildlife dynamically changes.


Wildlife within the floodplains includes reedbuck, common waterbuck, red lechwe, tsessebe, ostrich, sable and roan antelope, crocodile, hippo, otter, black-backed and side-striped jackals, and bat-eared fox. The last three, along with elephant, greater kudu, southern giraffe, impala, buffalo, Burchell’s zebra, lion leopard, honey badger, spotted hyena and cheetah, may be spotted in the riparian forests. Additionally, wild dog, black and white rhino, pangolin, aardvark, porcupine and hedgehog are seldom seen. The best time for game-viewing is during the dry season (May to November), while the best time for bird-watching is in May or June. Moremi features fish eagles, kingfishers, bee-eaters, parrots, shrikes, egrets, jacanas, pelicans, bateleur eagles, hornbills, herons, saddle-billed storks, yellow-billed oxpeckers, wattled cranes, reed cormorants, spur-winged geese, long-tailed shrikes and red-billed quelea.


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