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Central Kalahari Game Reserve


The Central Kalahari Game Reserve, in one word, is epic. This due to not only its size (20,000 mi²/52,000 km²), but also its uniquely beautiful landscape of wooded dunes and petrified river valleys. The Reserve is reanimated during the rainy season (Dec-Apr): a variety of animals return when the rains fill the (formerly) petrified river valleys. The best example of this is arguably the highlight of the Reserve: Deception Valley. Therefore, in contrast to most parks and reserves, the Central Kalhari’s High Season is not during the dry season.


Wildlife inhabiting the Reserve includes hartebeest, springbok, gemsbok, ostrich, eland, brown hyena, lion, giraffe, lynx, bat-eared fox, black-backed jackals, oryx, steenbuck, blue wildebeest, cape fox, leopard and wild dogs. The park also contains arguably the best cheetah population in Botswana, and a lucky visitor can spot a huge, black-maned lion.

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