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Szilvia Hegyi and Rhoda Barnett in South Africa and Mozambique

AAC Staff in Cape Town, South Africa


Greetings from Cape Town! Szilvia Hegyi (Senior Safari Consultant) and Rhoda Barnett (Senior Sales Assistant) are currently visiting Africa’s most beautiful city and exploring the hottest hotels, tours and restaurants. They have enjoyed staying at Tinstwalo – which sits perched on the bay with stunning views. A trip up Table Mountain is a must and they were blessed with gorgeous weather.


Stay tuned as Szilvia and Rhoda continue to the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve for the thrill of Big Five game viewing as well as visits to several new camps and lodges.





Updates from Szilvia and Rhoda safari in South Africa


And the adventure continues for Szilvia Hegyi and Rhoda Barnett, our intrepid AAC staff, as they travel to Tintswalo Safari Lodge. Located on the Manyeleti Private Game Reserve in South Africa, they have enjoyed Big Five game viewing, great accommodations and delicious cuisine. Tintswalo offers wonderful value and includes nice size rooms, “loos with a view” and private plunge pools. The expansive shaded deck is the idealplace for to enjoy lunch and some close encounters with visiting game.


Our team reported fantastic game viewing including 3 sightings of rhinos, active lions: 5 female with 5 seven months old cubs hanging out then drinking which was great, then to top the morning a pack of 12 wild dogs who our guide hopes will go on a hunt tonight. And the best part – they saw almost no other vehicles!


Stay tuned as Szilvia and Rhoda continue their adventure in South Africa.





Paradise Found – Azura Resort on Mozambique’s Benguerra Island


It is the end of the adventure for our staff members, Szilvia Hegyi and Rhoda Barnett. They have enjoyed the last two days at the stunning Azura Resort on Benguerra Island, Mozambique. Describing it as “paradise,” they have experienced stunning beaches, decadent accommodations and delicious tropical cuisine. The team at Azura is delighted to arrange a host of activities from beachfront barbeques to snorkeling, village visits and dhow cruises.


The resort is easily accessible from South Africa’s Mpumalanga Airport (the jumping off point for the Sabi Sand Private Game Reserves) to Mozambique’s Vilanculos Airport and makes it the perfect compliment to a Big Five safari. A short helicopter flight is a scenic introduction to your phenomenal stay at Azura.







Eyes of the Elephant Safari to Zimbabwe by Szilvia Hegyi and Elena Theodosiou

Our safari to Zimbabwe started with an overnight at the African Rock Hotel in Johannesburg. The hotel is in close proximity to the airport and a great option for overnight stays. The staff was friendly and the food was great! After a delicious breakfast we were ready to start our adventure in Zimbabwe.

Our flight to Harare was a little less than 2 hours. Our guide Nick Murray met us at the airport and together we boarded our charter flight to Mana Pools, and already enjoyed the fantastic scenery of Zimbabwe from the air (just over an hour flight).

On arrival in Mana we began game viewing immediately. Our first sighting 15 minutes from the airstrip was Fred (Astaire because he can dance!) who then promptly went onto his hind legs (not once but twice!).  What a nice introduction to Mana Pools, wow! We enjoyed a lovely sundowner at the Zambezi River and continued our afternoon game drive with many nice elephant, jackal and buffalo sightings. We enjoyed a very nice dinner at Vundu Camp and a restful night listening to a hippos and birds through the night.

Dancing elephant at Mana pools. Dancing elephant at Mana pools.

Dancing elephant at Mana pools. Dancing elephant at Mana pools.

Next morning we went on a shared walking safari with Alistair Chambers who took us on a quest to find the wild dog den. It was a great walk, cool morning and Alistair led us – barefoot – which was a wonder to all the Americans! We got to the den and crawled on our behinds, the dogs were behind heavy brush – however we could see the puppies and also the minders who were left behind to take care of them.  While we were sitting there the rest of the pack came back and we could hear the whole greeting ceremony!  Lots of chirping and retching….once the rest of the pack realized we were there a lot of loud growling ensued and after a while Alistair pulled us out slowly.  It was an amazing experience!

In the afternoon we drove around with Nick Murray until we found Mudzi. We parked the vehicle and the second walk of the day began. Our walk involved walking over that fine Kalahari sand which is like walking on a beach – challenging.  When we got to Mudzi – he was with a whole lot of other elephants: Some juveniles, some females with young calves.

Herd of other elephants: Some juveniles, some females with young calves at Kalahari sand Eyes of the Elephant Safari to Zimbabwe by Szilvia Hegyi and Elena Theodosiou

Mudzi was close to the river waiting for water to seep up through the sand and very busy drinking and almost dozing. We walked to the river bend and sat down in front of the ellies, only a few feet away from them. We were closer than we ever imagined being to a wild bull elephant but it was so peaceful it was surreal! We then pulled back a little bit and sat around some trees, sometimes on buffalo poop and many thorns, but we did not care. All we cared about was the amazing elephant sighting we had a chance to experience.  We spent the next two + hours sitting with the ellies. We actually got mock charged by a mommy and managed to take a short video. It was amazing that one ‘Hey’ from Nick was all it took and she backed off and walked away like nothing had happened (while we were already behind the trees)!

Close ecncounter of Mudzi the elephant sat down in front of the ellies, very close to the elephant

Next morning we had a morning game drive and came back to camp to collect bags and say goodbye to the staff.  Nick drove us to Mana West where the Ruckomechi vehicle met us. Both of us cried when we left Vundu. Nick was lovely and gave us lots of hugs and told us we could come back, but I think he was a little overwhelmed with the two crying woman on his hands!

We left Mana West and drove slowly to Ruckomechi – our guide was Gadrick. Upon arrival at Ruckomechi we enjoyed a greeting committee of 3 elephants roaming around the main area of the camp. Even when we returned for our high tea we found the elephants were in camp and walking around the dining room area!  Elena had to move from her seat because one of the ellies started to walk in her direction.

For our afternoon we choose to enjoy a flat bottom boat ride. It was lovely being out and the Zambezi river was truthfully awe-inspiring – very wide with lots of islands.  It was a little windy so the water was a little choppy and a little brisk. Again, we had some fantastic elephant sightings, saw ellies roaming around on the islands. Lots of hippos and crocodiles completed the idyllic atmosphere of the river. When the sun was starting to set we came round the bend and could see a lovely little fire on the banks.

Elephant sighting with beautiful sunset at Zambezi river

We had wonderful sundowners with a chef actually cooking wings for us over the fire.  The vehicle was waiting for us and the gentleman who had driven the vehicle then took the boat back to camp.  So after very nice sundowners (gorgeous sunset) and a walk through the ‘adrenaline grass’ to water the daisies we were off on a night game drive. Dinner was delicious as always, the food is definitely one of the wonderful elements of the entire safari experience.

The next morning we had breakfast and a game drive, came back to camp for nice brunch and then onto  Mana West for our scheduled charter flight departure. We very briefly saw a lovely young female leopard (our 1st leopard sighting on this safari!) right on the side of the track – gorgeous but we were both so taken aback no photos were taken. What a nice farewell sighting for our departure from Ruckomechi!

From Mana the flight took about two hours to Hwange. We were lucky and got a Caravan plane.  On arrival in Hwange we were met by Themba who was our guide at Little Makalolo. He and his lovely wife Bee manage Little Makalolo Camp.

Our first afternoon we sat at the log pile elephant hide! It was probably the most perfect afternoon for this experience – clear sky with fluffy white clouds, tons of elephants coming in drinking and moving off with other elephants waiting to come and drink, and all the reflections of the sky and elephants in the water of the waterhole!! We could have sat there for hours.

Themba is a larger than life character who turned out to be a really great guide and saw things in the bush that ‘normal’ human eye cannot spot.

with the guide, Themba at Little Makalolo we sat at the log pile elephant hide! at Little Makalolo

reflections of the sky and elephants in the water of the waterhole! at  Little Makalolo

Continued on for the afternoon game drive and went and saw the site for the future Linkwasha Camp – which will be in the same approximate area of where the original Linkwasha was. Beautiful location with a wide open plain, the water hole is close to camp which will definitely be a big favorite. We had sundowners here again the ellies came down to drink while we had a lovely drink. Nice dinner with everyone sitting around the fire and lots of buffalos very close to the dining area.

The next day we went out early and first sighting of the day a female leopard busily plucking the feathers off a guinea fowl!  She was a distance from us but then Themba (the eagle eyed) saw that she had cubs hidden in a tree across the track behind our vehicles.  She eventually made her way across the track and called to her cubs so we saw the whole family! It was fantastic and everyone around the sighting was over the moon. We say some plains game and came back for brunch and enjoyed a nice siesta!

We had a great afternoon drive – and went and saw Davison’s camp which is a lovely alternative option in Hwange. The upstairs deck is a great addition to the renovated main area allowing travelers a fantastic view of the waterhole.

female leopard busily plucking the feathers off a guinea fowl! female leopard busily plucking the feathers off a guinea fowl!

Again nice sundowners, and great dinner at Little Makalolo for our last night at the camp. The next morning we left early to begin the drive to Hwange Main game viewing along the way. This turned out to be a great morning as we saw a very handsome lion pair (beautiful black maned lion and his lady love).  They were walking on the side of the road so we kept up with them for some time.  Fantastic photo opportunities and considering our only other lions were a few moth eaten, lazy lionesses at Vundu we were very happy to see them. We also had a fantastic ostrich sighting here – one poor male wooing two females – he was all over the place!  Lovely to see the joy of the mating dance!

 very handsome lion his lady love lioness

On arrival at Hwange Main we were met by Lauren who drove us through to Ivory lodge which is an excellent addition to the Mother Africa voluntourism itinerary. We also went and saw Khulu Ivory which is looking gorgeous.

Departed by road to Bulawayo, which was about 2 hours. Continued onto Amalinda which is about 20 minutes away – what a special place!  The camp is built among rocky outcrops and offers a wide variety of activities including walks to rock paintings and a cultural opportunity to visit an orphanage. We had room 7 and 8 set in the one corner close together so this could also work for older kids. Room 7 has a little wooden bridge to the door and a lovely outside patio and an original rock painting inside the room, what a treat! Both rooms were gorgeous (the electric blankets on the beds!!). And the first hair dryer on the trip!!!

a Red Big Rock Amalinda Lodge built among rocky outcrops

a couple rhinos

After breakfast we went off to Ethandweni and met Lucien who is in charge of the orphanage. What an extraordinary man!  It was incredible what has been achieved and how well organized the orphanage is. We walked around the orphanage and looked at the rooms, the vegetable gardens (with the roster of who is on ‘baboon watch’) and met a few of the children.

The trip was ending, so sadly we drove to the Bulawayo Airport (a very impressive clean and tidy small airport) and flew back to Johannesburg. SA Airlink served us the best meal out of all our flights – a very nice cold chicken salad with a beautiful blueberry mousseycheesecakey pudding and crackers with cheese (and this is a very short flight about an hour and 20 minutes)!

After both of us having been on many safaris we can confidently say that Zimbabwe is one of the best safari destinations offering superb wildlife and cultural experience! We will be back!!!

- by: Szilvia Hegyi and Elena Theodosiou

Szilvia Hegyi in Kenya and Rwanda

Szilvia Hegyi -  Safari in Kenya and gorilla trekking in Rwanda 2011
After spending a night at the lovely House of Waine in Nairobi, we started our Kenyan safari in Amboseli where we spent time at Tortilis Camp and Tawi Lodge. Both Tortilis and Tawi Lodge a re located on private concessions just outside Amboseli National Park, and both have a waterhole on their property, so guests can also enjoy viewing animals while spending time in the main areas. Tawi Lodge is one of the newest lodges in Amboseli and a great option for a romantic getaway.

Amboseli is famous for its large population of elephants and during our game we had a wonderful time observing the elephant families moving in and out of the swamp, caring for their young on es or bathing in mud and dust. Amboseli is also one of the best parks to enjoy an amazing view of Mount Kilimanjaro and we were lucky to have a chance to see Mt. Kilimanjaro before we bid farewell to our fantastic guide, Stanley.

Click on the link for more information about Amboseli National Park

Amboseli is famous for its large population of elephants
Amboseli National Park by Szilvia Hegyi

Our next stop in Kenya was the famous Maasai Mara. We spent time at Rekero, Mara Ngenche and Mara Plains Camp. Every day while in the Mara during our game drives we saw lions, leopards and cheetahs alongside lots of giraffes, impalas, buffalos and many other species. The advantage of spendi ng time in the Mara in the non -migration period was that we saw very few vehicles around which definitely enhanced our game viewing experience. During the non -migration period the Mara stays home for plenty of resident wildebeests, zebras, lions, cheetahs, leopards, giraffes and many other species including some amazing birds. Our guide Felix was great, we learned a lot about animal behavior, flora and fauna and the Kenyan culture from him.

My favorite camps in the Mara included Rekero, Naibor and Salas Ca mps. The camps are beautifully located overlooking the Talek River (Rekero and Naibor) and Sand River (Salas) where during the migration period clients may have a chance to witness a river crossing while sp ending time at the camps. The camps are quite small and not fenced allowing animals to roam around freely. Every night we fell asleep listening to hippos grazing outside and lions roaring, best sleeping pill ever! I would highly recommend these camps for g uests who want to experience the Maasai Mara in a nice, exclusive bush setting. Many of the camps have special family tents with 2 connected rooms (each with their own bathroom), so nicely cater for families. These three camps reminded me of the Botswana bush camps, and offer a great option for repeat safariers who have spent time in the Southern Africa region, and would like to experience something similar in East Africa.

Click on the link for more information about the Masai Mara National Reserve

Other great camps in the Maasai Mara include Mara Intrepids, Mara Explorer and Mara Ngenche. I would highly recommend Mara Explorer and Mara Ngenche for couples and honeymooners, and Mara Intrepids for families as the camp is extremely child -friendly offering many fun activities for the young adventurers.

Guests can spend time within the Maasai Mara reserve (above mentioned camps) and/or outside the reserve in private concessions. At the camps located outside the reserve guests can enjoy activities like a night game drive which is not allowed within the reserve. Furthermore the private concessions located outside the reserve accommodate limited amount of guests due to concession rules, so there are fewer vehicles around while on a game drive which provides a more exclusive experience. In order to maximize the game viewing experience I would strongly recommend spending time both inside and outside the reserve to experience the wide variety of activities and different areas of the Mara region.

We enjoyed our last night at Mara Plains which is located just north of the Maasai Mara Reserve on the Olare Orok Conservancy. At Mara Plains Camp we enjoyed a night game drive, and had a chance to see lots of nocturnal animals like bush babies, white tail mongoose. We came across a pride of lions feeding on a wildebeest while surrounded by about 12 hyenas and 4 -5 jackals who wanted to steal away their kill. The scene was super intense especially after the hyenas started to circle our vehicle!!

Beautiful cheetahs..  One male and female lion which look angry to each other.

During our time in the Maasai Mara we also visited a Maasai village where we had the pleasure to see the Maasai boys and ladies dancing, and were invited into a Maasai house where we learned a lot about their way of life including their traditions regarding marriage, family functions, role of the men and women in the village and their responsibilities.

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While in Kenya we had the privilege to enjoy our game drives with two of our wonderful guides, Stanley in Amboseli and Felix in the Maasai Mara. Stanley and Felix are specialist guid es who obtained the Silver (highest) level certificate from the Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association . They were very knowledgeable, shared a wealth of information about flora, fauna and the Kenyan culture with us.

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14 Day Kenya Explorer Safari

Our next stop was Rwanda, one of the cleanest countries I have ever seen. After a night in Kigali we enjoyed a nice 2-hour drive to Musanze. Next morning after an early wake up and delicious breakfas t we gathered at the Volcanoes National Park headquarters with other equally excited people who could not wait to see the mountain gorillas. Every day 8 groups each with 8 people have a chance to trek to the gorillas. The treks vary from 1 to 3 hours one way through some beautiful farmlands and bamboo forest. During the trek the guides and trackers advise the group about safety regulations (e.g. no flash photography, etc). Once at the gorillas, the group can spend an hour with the gorillas.

On our first trek we visited the Hirwa group where twin babies were born in February. First the babies were nowhere to be seen, and suddenly their mom came out of the bush carrying them. She sat down in front of us for a few seconds where we have managed to steal a glance of two little hair balls and tiny hands. What an amazing sight!

Our second trek led us to the Agasha group which was same as thrilling as seeing the first group. In both groups we saw about 12 -15 individuals including babies, juveniles, females and the silverbacks. Seeing the gorillas was a truly amazing experience! We observed them grooming each other, feeding, young ones playing with trees and jumping around. The experience itself cannot be described, you have to go and experience it! Even the pictures do not truly reflect how wonderful it was standing in front of a 400 lbs silverback, hearing their '˜conversations', smelling them and seeing the families in perfect harmony.

Our safari and gorilla trekking adventure was magical and we will savor our memories of Kenya and Rwanda for a very long time!!! Gorilla trekking can easily be combined with safari in Kenya or Tanzania.

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Szilvia Hegyi close encounter with gorillas
Szilvia Hegyi close encounter with gorillas
Szilvia Hegyi close encounter with gorillas

- by: Szilvia Hegyi

Szilvia Hegyi – Best of Tanzania 2009

I was very excited about my first visit to Tanzania. After a long flight we finally arrive d and were greeted by our guide, Jadim. Jadim was a fantastic guide, very knowledgeable and a great ambassador for his country. Throughout the safari he shared his incredible knowledge with us about wildlife, history and culture.

This trip is our signature Africa Adventure Company group scheduled safari program, the 12 -day Serengeti Explored safari which can also be done on a private basis.

We spent our first two nights at Ndarakwai Ranch. The camp was the perfect start to our safari offering a wide variety of activities including walking, day and night game drives and visit to a local Maasai boma. The camp is located on a privately owned Ranch with views of both Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru and is in close partnership with the local community. The Ranch w as built by and staffed by people from local villages. On our first morning we enjoyed a walking safari. During our walk we came across zebras, elands, waterbucks and followed giraffes on foot which was really exciting. Walking is a fantastic way of learning about the natural habitat, plant and animal behavior. Francis, our walking guide was great and we enjoyed every minute of our walk with him. Later that afternoon we visited a local Maasai village which was a really educational experience especially because our guide was also Maasai and knew their culture very well. It was great to learn about the structure and daily life and responsibilities of the family members in the village. On our last night we went out on a night game drive where we saw many nocturnal animals such as bush babies, spring hare and bat -eared foxes.


We continued our safari to Tarangire National Park. Tarangire was one of my favorite parks. The scenery was amazing and we saw hundreds of elephants (lot of babies!) , zebras and wildebeest. We encountered our first lions here when we found four lions chest deep in the water with a zebra kill. We spent two nights at Tarangire Treetops Camp which was a fantastic camp. Great service, great food and the tents are built up in the trees to provide a true ‘tree house’ experience. The watering hole in front of the camp provides the possibility to see animals  up close while having a cold beer in the main lounge. A truly incredible experience!


Our next stop was the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest unbroken, unflooded caldera. En route to the crater we stopped by at Mto-wa-Mbu village where we got to taste our first banana beer. Very refreshing!

We enjoyed lunch at Gibbs Farm. Lovely place and we had the best coffee here (straight from the ir coffee farm)! We spent one night at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge on the rim of the crater and watched the sun setting over the crater from our room. Spectacular sight! Next morning we woke up early and departed with a packed breakfast. Early morning the crater is not crowded, so this is really the best way to experience it. We saw lots of wildebeest, zebras, a lioness with two cubs and we were fortunate to see black rhino surrounded by wildebeest during our game drive. What a treat!


En route to Serengeti National Park we stopped at Oldupai Gorge, one of the most important prehistoric sites in the world and also made a side trip to the Shifting Sands, a volcanic ash dune that dances around the plains covering approximately 17 yards a year.

Another huge highlight of our safari was the two nights we spent in a luxury mobile tented camp in the Serengeti. This is really as close as you get to the animals, a definite do not miss experience! During our bush dinner at the camp we suddenly heard lions roaring not very far from us. It was a thrilling experience. The roaring then continued throughout the night mixed with zebra and hyena sounds, music to our ears! Next day we woke up early morning for a balloon safari. Seeing the Serengeti Plains from the balloon provided a very unique view. We saw giraffes, lions, hippos and buffalos, yet it was rather the scenery, a different perspective on the plains that made the hour and fifteen minutes trip an experience of a lifetime. The balloon ride was followed by a lovely champagne bush breakfast.


Our game drive after the balloon safari included three different leopard sightings within one hour and we also got to see a lioness hunting for warthogs. The hunt was unsuccesful as the lioness pulled her muscle and started to limb. We also saw our first serval cat here. Our second camp in the Serengeti was Migration Camp. During our sundowner a ‘resident’ genet cat visited us on the terrace. At night we listened to the hippos grazing around our tent. Great camp!


As an extension to the 12-day Serengeti Explored safari our last two nights were spent at Sayari Camp located in the extreme North of the Serengeti where we were fortunate to witness the Great Migration with thousands of wildebeest. We headed to the Mara River to see the amazing sight of wildebeest crossing the river. It was really incredible and we were fortunate to see two river crossings during our time at the camp. We also saw lions, leopard with cubs, three different serval cats, a topi family, a hyena den with approximately thirty hyenas. Fantastic game area and a great choice between July and October to have a chance to see river crossings.


Tanzania absolutely exceeded our expectations with its beauty and abundance of game. Seeing the Great Migration was fantastic! At the end of our trip it was difficult to say good bye to our guide Jadim, who was a vital part of our adventure.

- by: Szilvia Hegyi

Szilvia Hegyi – Southern Africa 2007

First stop of our safari was Mombo camp, one of Southern Africa’s most luxurious camps. During our first ten minutes (while driving to camp!) we saw lots of impalas, warthogs and elephants. After our first game drive we stopped for a sundowner and watched the endless floodplain with its harmony full of elephants, zebras, wildebeests, buffalos and impalas. We have spent our first night listening to the amazing concert Botswana’s bird, hyena and frog community provided for us. Next morning we departed on our game drive at 6:00 am. Once again the beauty of wildlife totally mesmerized us including giraffes, elephants, lions, jackals and a pack of wild dogs. Seeing wild dogs was one of my dreams and it was truly an amazing experience!


Our next stop was Jao Camp, where we experienced our first leopard encounter. The camp with its amazing architecture was breathtaking. Our guide, Victor made sure that our stay at Jao will be an unforgettable experience. We enjoyed a mokoro ride and appreciated just being quiet and listened to the sounds of nature. I also enjoyed a relaxing massage in the open air spa at Jao. What a nice treat, a definite do not miss at Jao! One of the many highlights here was the traditional night at t he Boma with its great food and entertainment from the local staff. On our last morning we went walking with our guide and tried to absorb all the knowledge he shared with us about what the treks mean, which way the elephants were walking, signs of the coming rain, etc. We could have stayed there and listened to him forever. His depth of knowledge was incredible


After spending two nights at Jao, we flew to our third camp in Botswana, Vumbura Plains. As one of the newest premier camps, Vumbura Plains represents the modern elegance in the bush. Besides game drives, we also enjoyed a boating excursion. We watched hippos swimming not far from our boat, it was very exciting.

On our second game drive we witnessed a leopard hunting a baby giraffe. At the en d, the giraffe got away with some injuries and the leopard needed to look for another prey. On our last morning we had a chance to see wild dogs for a second time. This time they were resting, so we had a chance to stay and observe them for a longer period.


Our last stop in Botswana was Kings Pool camp. Every time we looked out from our room, we saw an average of 10-15 hippos in the river. They were laughing like old ladies and we enjoyed their endless conversations. The highlight of our stay at Kings Pool was seeing two cheetah brothers cuddled up. They woke up once we have approached them, then continued their sleep in a split second. It was very special for us to experience this harmony.  Kings Pool was a great finish to our time in Botswana


Next day we headed to Victoria Falls with a lot of anticipation. We stayed at the colonial -style Victoria Falls Hotel. The hotel is a balanced combination of history and convenience.

The Falls was everything and much more than what we have im agined. With the beautiful rainbows and surrounding rainforest, it is truly a spectacular site. While at Victoria Falls, we enjoyed a sunset cruise, bungee jumping (yes, we did it!) and an elephant back safari.


We also spent a night of the Zambian side of Victoria Falls at the beautiful River Club Lodge. Here we visited Simonga village and the Basic School of the village. We felt very fortunate and appreciative that the head lady of the village allowed us to tour the village and photograph during our tour. We enjoyed the million smiles and laughs the children have shared with us.


After bidding farewell to Zambia we flew to Cape Town for the last four nights of our Southern African adventure. We stayed at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront hotel . We loved having breakfast on the terrace while looking at Table Mountain. On our first morning we enjoyed a cable car ride up to Table Mountain. The view from the top of the mountain is absolutely breathtaking. Cape Town is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world tucked away between mountains and the ocean.


One afternoon we drove out to the winelands and enjoyed a picnic lunch. On the way back to the city we stopped at Greenmarket Square and shopped some nice curios, bargaining is a must! On our last full day, we enjoyed a guided peninsula tour and enjoyed the different beaches and water colors Cape Town has to offer. We finished our tour with a visit to the penguin colony on Boulders Beach.

We left Africa with a lot of unforgettable memories and felt very fortunate to have experienced th is incredibly diverse wildlife in its natural habitat!

- by: Szilvia Hegyi