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Szilvia Hegyi in the Congo

- Friday, November 22, 2019




Made it nice and smooth to Brazzaville. Awesome vibe in the city, safe to walk around, friendly, very clean, great fashion, very well dressed people. Here are a few pics from our morning walk along the river.

                                Kinshasa on the other side

Ngaga – Odzala


Gorilla trekking was great, found them in 30 mins. Experience was great, they were up on the trees.

With Alice one of our Odzala guides. We have two female guides Alice and Lynn, both are great! Alice is Italian and Lynn is from Luxembourg. With world renowned primatologist and expert in Western lowland gorillas Dr. Magda Bermejo.

Resident of the Neptuno group



Lango - wading in the river and sundowners



I am having the greatest adventure. Nice group of people, fantastic activities. Definitely for the people who did the driving safaris and want something different.


Stop at the market at Mbombo village


Night forest walk


Had a nice connection with Magda (primatologist. She is nicely bringing the gorilla research and overall conservation in the area together when presenting.



Walked to Dzangha bai today. Great time there on the platform with forest elephants and buffalos.



So tired, muddy and sweaty but very happy



Today was hunting with BiAka tribe, pangolin trekking and trying to find the picathartes….BaAka hunting was amazing and authentic. Then we trekked and saw Koki the blackbellied pangolin they released 2 years ago. Off looking for the picathartes……


On our way up river to the Central African Republic – Sangha Lodge


Beautiful villages along the river


Mata, the white-bellied pangolin baby that is in the rehabilitation program now at Sangha.


Rod the owner of Sangha Lodge                     Breakfast view from Sangha Lodge


Great city tour with our guide Net yesterday and we also booked the experience with the Sapeurs which was so much fun. We were dancing with them then had street food for dinner there. Flying home tonight from Brazzaville... what an adventure!!!


Saint Anne's Basilica


Women's Gallery with work of local artist Judith Tonga


An evening with the Sapeurs, so much fun!


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