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Mark Nolting in Odzala National Park

- Saturday, September 29, 2018

Odzala – Ngaga/Mboko/Lango Camps MOST INTREPID: First day we had river and bai wading encounters at Odzala. I saw elephant and pangolin (yes!!). GETTING READY; Second morning as a group we set off for first gorilla trek and saw both gorillas and chimps on the walk – amazing!




Mark Nolting in Odzala National Park – UPDATE SANGHA -  Been super epic to be @sangha lodge with the legend Rod Cassidy. Over 100 elephants on Sanga Bai. The river  trip worked well!



Mark Nolting in Odzala National Park – FRIDAY UPDATE MORE SANGHA: There were always at least 100 elephants in this bai throughout the several hours we were on the platform.  There was also a herd of buffalo.  The elephants come to eat the salts and minerals. Lots of drama and great entertainment!


Mark game viewing from the Sanga Bai platform 10 meters above the ground Karl and Alon were our guides at Odzala. Alon will now be guiding at Sangha in the family business.

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