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Elena Theodosiou in Namibia

- Thursday, September 01, 2016

AAC Staff Member Elena in Namibia - Day 01


Just arrived in Windhoek a little while ago. It is a lovely little town. Reminds me of Johannesburg 30 years ago. But construction everywhere - so is definitely growing and quick. It is warm and sunny here.

Had a great dinner with the Mike, Constance and Eddie at Joe's Beer Garden. Decent food and a nice atmosphere.




AAC Staff Member Elena in Namibia - Day 02


End of the first day in the Skeleton Coast Hoanib! How can someone please explain how you can keep falling in love with safari destinations!! We saw desert adapted elephant (including Oliver dusting), oryx, many giraffe, baboons, springbok and ..... and the last lion musketeer! Besides the wildlife the scenery is incredible. Lunar meets Mars meets desert!


I love this place. Could spend days here and just suck in the air, the smells and the scenery. Loving the Hoanib desert adapted elephants with the long legs and big feet! Perfect sundowner and the night sky is spectacular. Thank you Papa G. for awesome guiding!




AAC Staff Member Elena in Namibia - Day 03-05


Another spectacular day. We did the Skeleton Coast yesterday. The drive is long but very interesting. Drove through different vegetation zones, the river bed and then the dunes. WOW! The dunes do actually roar! It was cool and foggy all day with a light rain at the coast. We saw the huge and very stinky seal colony (that's a smell I am not going to forget in a hurry). We saw 4 jackals on a seal kill! After a drive by the oasis (we saw flamingos). We had a sea side lunch and then soared back on the short 15 minute flight. I am sorry to be leaving as this is a fascinating place and I am learning and loving it so much!


Desert Rhino Camp is gorgeous. This is definitely a place where the landscape comes first and wildlife second. In saying that the landscape leaves u breathless and humbled. So much in one place! The little green valleys with the natural springs and the vast open and seemingly barren places. Such an anomaly. The most beautiful night skies I have ever seen! We rhino trekked and explored as far as we could with a picnic lunch and tomorrow we will trek again. Great guide - Bons is his name. It has been a true adventure - both in body and in mind!


A bumper rhino trekking today! We saw a mother and calf and a lone male rhino. Then got lucky enough to see a family of desert elephants. It has been hot-hot. This is a great little camp with the best team!






AAC Staff Member Elena in Namibia - Day 06


So sad to leave Desert Rhino Camp today. It is truly special and the staff is fantastic. Elfrieda and her team make you feel right at home! After our rhinos yesterday we had the most beautiful sundowners and a bush dinner. They told us we were going for a scorpion walk and there was the surprise!






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