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Namibia is an amazing experience as your senses are so alive with the wide-open spaces of the desert, the huge sand dunes at Sossusvlei, the desert elephant and rhino that may be seen in the Damaraland area, and the quantity of wildlife found around the waterholes of Etosha. Skeleton Coast is a destination on its own with each day bringing you a different environment including the coast itself with shipwrecks, whale bones and a huge population of seals. Scenes of oryx walking through the inland dunes, visiting with people of a remote Himba village, and watching elephant along the riverine valley or giraffe and mountain zebra against a backdrop of desert mountain scenery.

As Namibia is such a vast country, it makes sense to travel via scheduled air charters if possible.

Besides the wildlife, Namibia is famous for its stark beauty. A geologist’s and naturalist’s paradise, Namibia has some of the most fascinating desert landscapes on earth. Essentially a desert land, Namibia is one of the most interesting and unusual of African countries. It may seem inhospitable in its dryness, but an astonishing variety of wildlife exists there, including unique, desert-adapted species, together with the big game of the savannah. You can view game by open-sided vehicles, or walk in the desert and wilderness areas. Activities include visiting tribal villages, flying safaris to remote areas, boating and viewing rock paintings. Accommodations are in small lodges, tented camps and on mobile tented safaris. For scenery, the country can be visited year round.

Etosha National Park Etosha is Namibia’s premier reserve for wildlife and one of the best and largest (8,600 sq. mi.) reserves in Africa. Mixed scrub, mopane savannah and dry woodland surround the huge Etosha Pan, a silvery white depression, dry except during the rainy season. Etosha has a huge elephant population. Lion, cheetah and rhino are often sighted. Adjacent to the park is Ongava Private Game Reserve.

Namib-Naukluft National Park This scenic park covers 19,215 square miles of desert, savannah grassland, gypsum and quartz plains, and granite mountains. There is an estuarine lagoon, a canyon, and huge, drifting, apricot-colored sand dunes, exceeding 1,000 feet in height, at Sossusvlei. Adjacent to the park is the NamibRand Nature Reserve.

Damaraland / Kaokoland Located inland, east of the Skeleton Coast and west of Etosha, is an arid mountainous region of spectacular rugged scenery. It is home to the desert elephant, a large population of black rhino, Hartmann’s mountain zebra, desert dwelling giraffe, lion, various antelope and other species.

Skeleton Coast Park Skeletons of shipwrecks and whales dot the treacherous coastline of this park, covering more than 2,000 square miles of windswept dunes, canyons and jagged peaks of the Namib Desert. The northern part of the park has been designated a wilderness area and can be visited only with fly-in safaris.

Best Time to Go (for wildlife in Etosha)

Excellent: Jun-Oct

Good: Apr, May, Nov

Best Time to Go (for scenery and wildlife in other reserves)