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Madagascar is located off the southeast coast of Africa and offers one of the most interesting regions for unique flora and fauna. Because of its isolation is has over millions of years formed a natural history habitat for many species, where evolution took a different route.

To see a reasonable spectrum of Malagasy plants, animals, people and scenery, you have to visit one site in each of the island’s chief climatic / floristic zones. These are the damp rainforests (East); the spiny sub-desert (South) and the tropical dry deciduous woods (West). The most notable species include 31 varieties of lemur, an endangered primate; the insectivorous tenrecs; the carnivorous nepenthes; 26 species of bats; the fosa and Galidia mongoose, both carnivores; giant jumping rats; 51 species of chameleons; 144 species of frogs; over 300 species of butterfly; and over 256 species of birds.