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The second-oldest official Christian nation in the world, Ethiopia offers a cultural experience beyond words that will dazzle travelers.

LALIBELA Featuring the 12th century rock-hewn churches that are carved out of pink granite, Lalibela was designated a World Heritage Site in 1996.

GONDAR This ancient capital city (established approx 1635) was the second largest city in Africa in the 17th century, and is famous for its distinct castles and cathedrals incorporating medieval European and Arabian influences.

SIMIEN MOUNTAINS Visitors can see impressive violet-covered peaks, flora and fauna including walia ibex and the antics of the Gelada baboons.

OMO RIVER VALLEY Located in southern Ethiopia, the Omo River Valley is home to some of the most primitive tribes on earth. This is considered by many to be THE best cultural experience in all Africa!

Best time to go

Antiquities in the North: Sep-April

Omo River: Jun-Nov

Simien Mts. Sep-June

Lalaibela: Good year-round