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Edward Kabagyo

Edward was born in the Hoima District in Western Uganda and is of the Munyoro tribe. He is happily married with three children.

Since his childhood Edward has had a keen interest in the fauna of Uganda. For the last 15 years, Edward has been involved in wildlife and conservation within Uganda. Edward started his career by working with young, orphaned or injured animals, but his speciality now is in Reptiles. Over the numerous years of working in direct contact with a huge variety of animal species, Edward has gathered an outstanding amount of knowledge on animal behaviour.

During game drives, Edward loves to be able to inform you of the social structure of the variety of animal groups, their reproductive behaviour, their hunting strategies and techniques as well as numerous other interesting animal facts.

Guided Safaris with Edward Kabagyo

1. 12 Day Chimp and Gorilla Safari to Uganda - From $6,750.00
This is a signature AAC Company group safari led by a top naturalist guide with your own exclusive departure. Uganda is a country that is still unspoiled by tourism and where you explore the forested areas for chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas. The price of the program includes 2 chimp and 2 gorilla permits. Your purchase of gorilla permits is an important donation to the conservation of their habitat. ...view safari