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Brooks Kamanakao

"I was really born in the bush" states Brooks. This rings true considering he grew up in the small village of Motopi, on the banks of the then flowing Boteti River and one of the main channels of the Okavango Delta.

Belonging to the Bayei tribe (people who introduced mokoros to the Okavango Delta), Brooks had a fascination with Botswana's wild areas from a young age. Determined to succeed, he began his career in tourism as a casual worker, soon being granted a position as a barman/waiter. As his interest was in the bush, he soon managed to move into the position of tracker which he pursued for a year before passing the Wilderness Safaris guides course in 2000.

Since then, Brooks has improved his bush knowledge and fine tuned hosting skills working at premier camps like Kings Pool and Mombo as senior guide. In early 2006, he joined the Explorations team to enhance his knowledge of other areas of the country, as well as spending more days with each group of guests.

A combination of superlative bush knowledge, friendly hosting and a wide interest in astronomy, birding and the diverse cultures of Botswana, has meant that Brooks has quickly become popular as both an Explorations guide and an often requested private Explorations guide.

Guided Safaris with Brooks Kamanakao

1. 12 Day Running Wild Exclusive Safari to Botswana - From $10,425.00
This has to be the best way to go in Botswana. Running Wild around Botswana lead by an expert Private naturalist guide and your private vehicle!...view safari

2. 14 Day Wilderness Explorations Group Safari to Botswana- From $9,725.00
This guided safari takes time to experience and explore the best Botswana has to offer. As a small (8 people) group you have the same highly trained guide throughout the safari. SPECIAL SAVINGS! The first overnight hotel in Johannesburg is complimentary. 2015 Departures: Mar 25, Mar 31, Apr 15, Apr 18, Apr 30, May 03, May 06, May 29, Jun 04, Jun 13, Jun 27, Jul 06, Jul 18, Jul 27, Aug 10, Aug 16, Aug 19, Sep 06, Sep 12, Sep 15, Sep 28, Oct 19, Oct 28, Nov 03, Nov 06, Nov 12. ...view safari

3. 14 Day Botswana Cross Country Group Explorations Safari - from $5,895.00
Exclusive value-added for this program with free nights in Johannesburg and Victoria Falls! This group safari is the least expensive way to cover the best game viewing areas of Botswana with a highly qualified guide. Accommodations are in canvas meru-style tents. You will be traveling in a small group (8)with your guide using charter flights in and out of the Okavango Delta camps. Drive into Livingstone from Chobe Botswana, finishing at the Falls. 2014 DEPARTURE DATES: 20 Jun, 23 Jun, 04 Jul, 10 Jul, 13 Jul, 21 Jul, 24 Jul, 01 Aug, 07 Aug, 10 Aug, 16 Aug, 22 Aug, 28 Aug, 03 Sep, 07 Sep, 19 Sep, 25 Sep, 28 Sep, 01 Oct, 09 Oct, 12 Oct, 28 Oct, 06 Nov, 09 Nov, 15 Nov *, 18 Nov, 22 Nov. SPECIAL SAVINGS! Travel from July-Nov 2014 and receive $600.00 off per person!!...view safari