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- Thursday, January 09, 2014
Established in 1986 and Still Galloping Ahead of the Herds

Africa Adventure Company's President, Mark Nolting
Letter from Mark Nolting’s desk:

Dear Safari Traveler, 
2014 is here and we are in full swing with new and repeat clients, assisting them with their safari plans. A new year is always a great time to reflect on the past and make plans for the future. The Africa Adventure Company was established in 1986 and we are celebrating our 28th year in business. We were encouraged being recognized in Travel+LeisureWorld’s Best Awards 2012 as AAC was really the first boutique, small safari tour operator company to receive the award for Africa. This was a testament to us pioneering independent, customized travel and giving travelers the choice of not being part of group
travel for a safari trip.

In 2014, the Africa Adventure Company will continue to do what it has done best! Focus on small groups and independent travelers, and promote camps that are symbiotic with nature and the community. Our Signature Photographic Programs are exclusive to AAC and feature small departures with no more than 6-8 people and explore Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda, Botswana and Zimbabwe (See page 8 for our Signature Safaris and departure dates).

Our newsletter is a perfect place to share with you the exciting updates occurring at the Africa Adventure Company. Enjoy reading about our dedicated consultants (page 2); our Top 30 Camps for 2014 that highlight awesome wildlife viewing, great accommodations and give back to the local communities (pages 3-5); and a new category of our annual Photo Competition, “Portfolio of Photos”. We have selected two repeat clients who continually amaze us and I think you will agree, their photos highlight the best that East and Southern Africa has to offer (pages 10+11).

Both Conde Nast Traveler and Travel+Leisure have recognized us in 2013 as the top safari outfitter to plan family safaris to wildlife destinations in Africa! Pages 12 and 13 review some of our favorite family safaris in the section “Safaris that Sizzle”.

It is now that Travel+Leisure holds their annual World’s Best Awards. We encourage you to vote by March 31 and show your support again for the Africa Adventure Company (and the opportunity to win a $10,000.00 dream trip). Turn to page 16 for details.

We want to sign off by quoting iconic American author, Ernest Hemingway, “I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up that I was not happy.” The sights, sounds and people of Africa are li
fe changing! We look forward to welcoming you on a safari of a lifetime in 2014.

Mark and Alison Nolting
Africa Adventure Company


- by: Mark Nolting

Safaris that SIZZLE

- Wednesday, January 08, 2014
We love working with families and helping them design their dream safaris for multi-generational trips. Travel+Leisure has recognized us in the prestigious World’s Best Awards (safari outfitter to plan family safaris) and in their A-List for a 5th year in a row. Also chosen 11 years in a row as one of the World’s Top Travel Specialists in Conde Nast Traveler, Mark Nolting is the “go to” person for family safaris in 2014! Let our team of consultants begin planning.

Top 10 Family Safaris - Supporting conservation efforts for future generations

Africa Adventure Company's Family Safari to Botswana

11-Day Family Safari to Botswana
~Priced from $2750.00 per child (ages 6-16) / 
$6450.00 per adult
Brooks Kamanakao is our “go to” guide when booking a private Botswana safari. Let him regale you and the family with Run Rhino Run stories about conservation efforts for the rhino that are in place through Wilderness Safaris and Great Plains in the Okavango Delta.

Africa Adventure Company's Wildlife Safari to Southern Africa
12-Day Wildlife Safari to Southern Africa
~Priced from $5195.00 per teen/ $5850.00 per adult
Mashatu, in southern Botswana, has been part of the Northern Tuli Predator Project started in 2007. It focuses mainly on the study of lions and leopards. Additional large carnivore species have also since been selected for further studies, including spotted hyenas and cheetah. The local guides will identify many of the Predators during your family safari.

Africa Adventure Company Diamond Skies” Safari to South Africa15-Day “Diamond Skies” Safari to South Africa
~Priced from $8150.00 per teen / $9995.00 per adult
Tswalu Kalahari is a pristine Reserve that offers a safe haven for many endangered and rare species while protecting an area of unique diversity and beauty. They were awarded the World Wildlife Fund - Lonmin Award for environmental conservation. From meerkats to porcupines, Tswalu is an awe inspiring destination!

Africa Adventure Company's  Iconic Visions Safari to Southern Africa
16-Day Iconic Visions Safari to Southern Africa
~Priced from $4950.00 per teen / $5775.00 per adult
Discover whales and penguins in Cape Town, the big and little 5 at a private game reserve in Kruger, village visits at Victoria Falls, the “Elephant without Borders” project that is active in the Chobe River ecosystem, and the iconic sand dunes of Sossusvlei of Namibia.

Africa Adventure Company's Family Adventure to Zimbabwe14-Day Family Adventure to Zimbabwe
~Priced from $3650.00 per teen / $5250.00 per adult
Victoria Falls is one of the 7 Natural Wonders and is your stepping off point for this Adventure safari. Explore the Zambezi River by boat, rock climb through the Bushmen art in the caves of Matobo Hills, and experience sitting, surrounded by elephant at a watering hole hide in Hwange. A great trip for families who also want to include a day to volunteer at a school or orphanage.

Africa Adventure Company's Family Wildlife and Wilderness Safari to Tanzania14-Day ‘Family Wildlife and Wilderness’ Safari to Tanzania
~Priced $4450.00 per teen / $6895.00 per adult
Two highlights include 1) Kisima Ngeda where Chris and Nani do so many wonderful things for the Hadzape and Datoga people living in the area to improve their lives. 2) Sleeping Under Canvas on the Serengeti Plains – an ever important ecological environment that needs your support to stop the pressure of development around the park.

Africa Adventure Company's Under Tanzania Skies’ Safari12-Day ‘Under Tanzania Skies’ Safari
~Priced from $6450.00 per teen / $7595.00 per adult
Traveling on this safari supports the Ndarakwai Concession. Situated in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, it is the perfect start for a family embarking out on their safari. Thomas will guide you through the Masai villages and schools, affording you an outdoor classroom lesson on the community working in partnership with conservation. The ideal place to do a day or two of volunteering!

Africa Adventure Company's Mara Explorer to Kenya and Tanzania12-Day Mara Explorer to Kenya and Tanzania
~Priced from $4175.00 per person / based on family of 3
Guests stay at Mara Intrepids where we will to request Samson as your guide. He has been in the area for many years and is the King of Story-telling and how nature plays out in the open plains of the Mara ecosystem. Let him introduce you to the Mara Marsh Pride of lions!

Africa Adventure Company's Kenya Explorer Privately Guided Safari14-Day Kenya Explorer Privately Guided Safari
~Priced from $5150.00 teen / $6350.00 per adult
Experience first-hand the efforts of Ian Douglas Hamilton and Save the Elephants in Samburu, the Jane Goodall Chimpanzee Sanctuary at Sweetwaters, the conservation of Black Rhino in the Mara Triangle, and finish with a visit to Dame Daphne Sheldrick and her elephant orphanage in Nairobi!

Africa Adventure Company's Lodge Safari and Rwanda Gorilla Trekking14-Day Lodge Safari and Rwanda Gorilla Trekking
~Priced from $5650.00 teen / $6150.00 per adult
Gorilla trekking is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. For those 15 years or older, venture off into the Volcanoes National Park - home to over 10 habituated families of gorillas. There is much good work being done in Africa to conserve the forest habitats for both gorillas and chimpanzees – give your support too!


A Special thanks to our friends and past clients who contributed their photos for this newsletter
•Ron & Ginger Blair • Anne Brosko • Marie Caner • Davis Family   • Kevin Gentry
• Eric Gurwin • Jakway Family • Susan Lock • Nick Murray   • Alison Nolting
• Nick Nolting • O’Quinn Family • Nic Polenakis • Remote Africa   • Savannah Sales
• Chris Swindal • Beth Tetterton • Gary Tratt Family • Wilderness Safaris • Willens Family

Photo Competition Winners from 2013 Trips

- Tuesday, January 07, 2014
Photo Competition - Portfolio of Photos - East Africa
Chris Swindal, a repeat AAC client has traveled throughout East and Southern Africa on several safaris. “As much fun as it is trying to photograph these amazing and majestic creatures, it doesn’t compare to the experience of spending time with them in their own habitat, and seeing the often wonderful and priceless interactions between one another.”


Photo Competition - Portfolio of Photos - Southern Africa
Eric Gurwin has traveled with AAC on 8 safaris and has captured some epic leopard shots over the years. “Wildlife photography is my passion and I have been so lucky to be able to see and experience so many great wildlife sightings over the years. It is no coincidence that AAC has put me in all the right places to enable me to get the images I do.”


AAC Signature Photographic Safaris!

- Tuesday, January 07, 2014
We feature four “Signature Safaris” to Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Rwanda & Uganda, and Botswana. Top quality guides lead these trips to Africa’s Top Wildlife Countries!

Priced - $9,495.00
This safari highlights the extraordinary guides in Zimbabwe who will lead you on this signature trip. Experience Northern and Southeastern Hwange with Dave Carson and Nic Polenakis, and in Mana Pools you will take walking and canoeing safaris with Nick Murray.

2014 Departures: Jun 21, Jul 12, Aug 05, Aug 16, Aug 30, Sep 06, Sep 20

Priced - $7,295.00
An Africa Adventure Company Signature Safari that highlights one of the top wildlife destinations in Africa! With only 8-10 guests traveling in a small exclusive departure; the areas you visit include the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti. Big cat and migration photography!

2014 Departures: Mar 08, Jun 07, Jul 05, Jul 19, Aug 02, Aug 23, Sep 13, Oct 11, Dec 20

Priced - $7,950.00
We designed our Primate and Plains Group Safari to include two gorilla treks, one in each country, anticipating that guests would like to visit both!

2014 Departures: Jul 03 & Aug 31

Priced - $10,695.00
Visit the prime areas of Linyanti, Okavango Delta and Moremi periphery. Accommodations are in classic permanent tented camps.

2014 Departures: Jun 21, Jul 12, Aug 05, Aug 16, Aug 30, Sep 06, Sep 20

The Value of a Private Safari - Photographic Memories

- Tuesday, January 07, 2014

For those who wish to focus on capturing the scenery and wildlife in the various parks and private concessions of East and Southern Africa, a private safari is highly recommended! Ideal for the kind of experience YOU want, visiting the parks and reserves YOU wish to see most, and traveling on dates that suit YOU best.

For you photographers the value of a private safari is clear! You may spend your time focusing on the game you want to see rather than having to compromise with the group. For instance, if you find a leopard up a tree with a kill, you may stay a few minutes or a few hours at the location — it’s up to you!!

Nic Polenakis assists AAC’s owner, Alison Nolting, on using
her new Nikon AF-S Nikkor 80-400mm 1:4.5-5.6G ED

Nic Polenakis - Private Photographic Guide
A few comments from Nic in the field: “I personally have a preference for Nikon gear and have done so for many years. I find them tough and reliable and can with stand the rigors of the African outdoors. My camera of choice is the Nikon D3 and I use the Nikon 80-400mm f4.5-5.6 lens. This lens is extremely versatile though a little heavy. 

I personally love to capture action shots and in the wild this can happen in a split second. It may be an idea to learn to shoot on continuous high shutter mode at all times so that when the action unfolds you do not miss ''the shot''.

National Geographic Traveler selected Nic as one of their “10 Great Tour Guides” for 2011. 

Join Nic on our Signature 15-Day Zimbabwe “Eyes on Elephant” safari departures Jun 21, Aug 05, Aug 16, or Sep 06

“How to Photograph the Great Migration”

- Tuesday, January 07, 2014
The Great Migration in the Serengeti is the phenomenal movement of wildebeests and zebra from the southern Serengeti plains through the western corridor to the Mara River in the northern corridor following water and green pastures. My preferred type of camera is a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) with interchangeable lenses and accessories to suit every situation. 

Helpful tips:
* The safari vehicle should be positioned so that the sun is behind you while facing your subject.
* Don’t point your camera into the sun.
* The best natural light is during early morning and late afternoon
* Always use a support (like a bean bag) for lenses 300mm or more to prevent camera shake and blurry photos.
* By focusing on the eyes of the animal or bird, you enforce the connection between the viewer and subject.

Congratulations to our Tanzania Guides of 2013! Ephata Lotashu (left) 
and Hillary Mandia (right) are the two winners.

- by: Top Naturalist Guide Emmanuel Mkenda

Our Pick of 30 Favorite Camps!

- Tuesday, January 07, 2014
Every year we look forward to the latest “Top 100 Hotels” list in Conde Nast and Travel+Leisure to see if our favorite exclusive camps and lodges have been discovered by other travelers. We still have found a few hidden gems for our clients! Below are recommendations to explore in 2014.

Africa Adventure Company's DumaTau Camp, Linyanti Concession, Botswana Africa Adventure's DumaTau Camp, Linyanti Concession, Botswana
DumaTau Camp, Linyanti Concession, Botswana
- Our number 1 pick - extraordinary wildlife viewing and comfort!
- Epic game viewing in Jan-May during low season rates
- Upgrade and book a private vehicle during your stay

Africa Adventure Company's Mashatu Tented Camp, Tuli, Botswana 
Mashatu Tented Camp, Tuli, Botswana
- Charming tented camp offers amazing value
- Photographic hides at waterholes can be booked exclusively
- Returning guests love the low key, safari feel to the camp
*Request the 12-Day Wildlife Safari of Southern Africa (Mashatu+Kruger)

Tubu Tree Camp, Jao Concession, Botswana
- Refurbished in 2013; along with new sister camp Little Tubu
- Family owned and managed by the Kays under Wilderness
- Excellent land/water experience - game drives on Hunda Island
*Request the 10-Day Wing Safari to Desert and Delta

Zarafa, Selinda Concession, Botswana
- Exclusive safari camp - four luxury tents!
- Combine a night or two with Selinda Explorers Camp
- Dine with the Nat Geo photographers Dereck and Beverly Joubert
*Request the 12-Day Great Plains Adventure

Little Kulala, Sossusvlei, Namibia
- The place to stay in the Dunes of the Namib-Naukluft
- Star gaze under the spectacular desert sky from your roof-top beds
- Hot-air balloon ride over the orange dunescapes of Sossusvlei
*Request the 10-Day Namibia Spectacular Safari

Desert Rhino Camp, Damaraland, Namibia
- Epic views that stretch out to the Etendeka mountains
- The camp is an inspiration to community and conservation tourism
- Book private guide, Chris Bakkes - his storytelling is legendary
*Request the 16-Day Great Namibian Journey

Ellerman House, Cape Town, South Africa
- Historical landmark overlooking the Atlantic Ocean
- Best location on Kloof Street, Bantry Bay and Clifton Beach
- Indulgence in food, art and fine wine!
*Request the 15-Day Diamond Skies Safari

Cheetah Plains, Game Reserve, South Africa
- Our pick for an entry-level Big 5, Kruger experience
- Located in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve
- Not ultra luxurious; just great pricing with heart and soul!
*Request the 12-Day Best of Southern Africa Safari

Mosaic Farm, Hermanus, South Africa
- A great place to unwind at the end of a safari
- A prime whale-watching location (July-October) 
- Add-on to a Cape Town visit
*Request the 7-Day Garden Route Exploration

Old Mondoro, Lower Zambezi, Zambia
- A hidden gem! 
- The “diamond in the rough” to her sister camp, Chiawa!
- The adventure traveler will love the boating and walking activities
*Request the 11-Day Classic Safari to Zambia

Tafika, South Luangwa, Zambia
- A seasonal bush camp in our favorite area of South Luangwa
- Leopard sightings galore - a photographer’s delight
- Book John Coppinger or Bryan Jackson to privately guide
*Request the 12-Day Leopard of the Valley Photographic Safari

Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
- Highlights are both interaction with the elephants and Sylvester!
- Enjoy the serenity away from the bustle of town
- Stunning tents, simple elegance and quality service
*Request the 14-Day Botswana and Zimbabwe Classic Safari

Linkwasha Plains, Hwange, Zimbabwe
- AAC Exclusive - New Classic camp opening Sep 2014
- Located in a remote corner of Hwange with permanent waterholes
- Epic game viewing, observing huge herds of elephants
*Request the 12-Day Legends Safari or the 15-Day World Heritage Safari

Singita Pamushana, Malilangwe, Zimbabwe
- This private reserve is larger than the Sabi Sands and has just 1 lodge
- A best kept secret, so go now while the rates are attractive.
- Has the Big 5 including white and black rhino, cheetah and wild dog
*Request the 12-Day Hidden Gems to Zimbabwe Safari

Vundu Camp, Mana Pools, Zimbabwe
- Vundu makes the list again; great value and great guiding!
- A quality adventure experience that is a highlight for many
- Family-run by Nick and Desiree Murray for the 10th year 
*Request the 15-Day Eyes on Elephant Safari

Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp, Hoanib, Namibia
- New camp opening August 2014
- Classic level camp located next to wildlife rich Hoanib River
- Diverse activities such as walks, game drives and coastal visits
*Request the Extension Safari to the Skeleton Coast

Manafiafy, Madagascar
- Located between Berenty and Fort Dauphin on the southeast coast
- Boutique resort with only 6 thatched chalets
- Activities include swimming in cove and guided walks to spot lemurs
*Request the 08-Day Madagascar Wildlife Safari

Naboisho Camp, Mara Concession, Kenya
- The camp is ideal for quality guiding and photography
- A private conservancy adjacent to the Mara reserve so fewer people
- Plains and Migration - combine stay with her sister camp, Rekero
*Request the 12-Day Classic Safari to Kenya

Ol Donyo Lodge, Chyulu Hills, Kenya
- “Out of Africa” setting - endless vistas across to Mt. Kilimanjaro
- A pioneer lodge in conservation and community partnerships
- A trend-setter in stylish accommodations
*Request the 10-Day Great Plains Exclusive Locations Safari

Sala’s Camp, Mara Reserve, Kenya
- Best location for first migration arrival into Mara (July to October)
- Sala’s continues to receive rave reviews 
- Sister properties are not too shabby; Giraffe Manor, Sasaab and Solio!
*Request the 12-Day Adventure Flying Luxury Safari

Solio Lodge, Mt. Kenya, Kenya
- Nestled in the valley between Mt. Kenya and Aberdare Mountains
- The Solio Conservancy has a vast array of wildlife
- Stunning accommodations looking across at Rhinos in the mist
*Request the 12-Day Adventure Luxury Flying Safari

Kwihala Camp, Ruaha, Tanzania
- Asilia’s new camp located in the remote Ruaha National Park
- Only 6 tents guarantee an intimate experience
- Open vehicle game drives and guided walks are the highlights
*Request the 8-Day Southern Circuit Extension

Exploreans Lodge, Ngorongoro, Tanzania
- Located at the entrance to the Ngorongoro Conservation area
- The lodge has 20 luxury cottages
- This newer lodge is proving very popular
*Request the 14-Day Best of Tanzania with Great Guides Safari

Olakira Seasonal Camps, Serengeti, Tanzania
- Olakira has seasonal locations following the migration
- Olakira Ndutu (Dec-Mar), walking allowed in southern plains
- Olakira Mara (Jun-Nov), Mara River crossings
*Request the 12-Day Private Luxury Safari to Tanzania

Manyara Ranch, Rift Valley, Tanzania
- A private conservancy in corridor between Tarangire & Manyara
- Activities include game walks, day and night game drives
- Participate in research activities
*Request the 14-Day Best of Tanzania with Great Guides Safari

Ndarakwai Camp, Foothills of Kilimanjaro
- A camp with authentic charm: begin here on arrival in Tanzania
- Walking and night game drives allowed. Thomas is a perfect host!
- Visit local Maasai villages in close partnership with the camp 
*Request the 12-Day Under Tanzanian Skies Group or Private Safari

Oliver’s Camp, Tarangire, Tanzania
- Offers walking inside the park, night game drives too
- Little Oliver’s brings an intimate camp to the Asilia portfolio
- A “must stay” for the first safari to Tanzania
*Request the 12-Private Luxury Safari to Tanzania

Serengeti Shared Explorer Camp, Tanzania
- This seasonal mobile camp is good value for a first time, tented stay
- Our Tanzania guides almost exclusively host AAC clients here
- Frequent lion, cheetah and leopard sightings
*Request the 14-Day Family Wildlife and Wilderness Safaris

Singita Mara River, Serengeti, Tanzania
- A great addition to their portfolio of Grumeti Reserves lodging
- Located in the beautiful Lemai Wedge; walking allowed
- Perfect for migration crossings, putting you near the action (Jul-Nov)
*Request the 16-Day Exclusive Safari to Tanzania

Uganda / Rwanda
- Gorilla Forest Camp in Bwindi Forest, Uganda
- Jack Hanna’s at Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda
- Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gorilla trek in both countries!
*Request the 14-Day Primate and Plains Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

Experts in Africa

- Tuesday, January 07, 2014
› Africa Adventure Company is proud to celebrate 28 years in business where we have been recognized as experts in Africa.
› More and more of our repeat clients have become passionate about photography and want a private guide that can help improve their skills. We are experts in matching your desired experiences with the right guide. (See page 6-7 for more information on photography).
› Staying ahead of trends, we know what key elements are needed to design an unforgettable safari. 
› Our incredible staff personally travels to Africa so that they have first hand knowledge of the safari camps and experiences. 
› Visit our website and AAC Blog featuring our staff’s informative trip reports from our recent safaris to East and Southern Africa

Mark Nolting is the author of "Africa's Top Wildlife Countries" and top expert on panels for Conde Nast Traveler and Travel+Leisure. Mark offers exceptional knowledge of traveling within Southern and East Africa and excels in matching you to key guides who he has known in the industry during the past 28 years. 

His list of favorites:
› Trips that include walking and culture activities 
› Private or Multi-generational safaris with specialist guides in Tanzania and Botswana
› Luxury, Adventure and Cultural - you name it, he will get you there

Kyle Witten has a passion for traveling in Africa and his attention to detail is fabulous! He is a one of the best in the travel industry:
› South Africa - Private Game Reserves and the Cape 
› Tanzania, Zimbabwe and Botswana - active wildlife adventures
› Honeymoons and Weddings

Szilvia Hegyi is extremely detailed and works diligently at offering a high level of service:
› AAC Signature Safari Programs 
› Classic Wing Safari Programs to East and Southern Africa
› Tanzania, Botswana, Rwanda, South Africa and more

Lynne Glasgow offers years of high quality consulting with a very "quick grasp" of what you are looking for approach. The Scots never beat about the bush:
› Independent travel in Southern Africa 
› Tanzania and Botswana - visited nearly every lodge and camp
› Recently visited Kenya and is passionate about the experience and value

Alison Nolting grew up in Africa, worked in a safari camp and has traveled with Mark and their two boys (now 20 and 17) as a family for the past 20 years. Alison uses her experience to get you there time and again:
› Enriching family safaris to Tanzania, Botswana + Zimbabwe 
› Uganda (a favorite for primates) 
› Voluntourism/GAP in community/conservation (3 trips & growing)

Ian Flores, AAC’s adventure junkie - Botswana is his recent jaunt!:
› Enjoys planning safaris for our active safariers (like biking in Namibia) 
› Climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and reached the summit 

Jessica Fraser with her bubbly personality is great for first timers:
› Traveled throughout northern Tanzania 
› Fluent in Spanish

Our AAC Staff Beating About the Bush Experiencing First Hand our Signature Photographic Safaris

- Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Elena Theodosiou - Tanzania was truly a revelation for me – having had the privilege of being on safari before the sheer scope of the parks and the abundance of the wildlife was incredible. We were lucky enough to see the migration of the wildebeest and three river crossings!

I had many favorite moments and locations on safari but in the end the Shared Safari Camp in the Serengeti was absolutely top of my list. With lots of night noises – lions in the distance, zebras alarm calling and wildebeest running through camp - this is truly one of the best parts of being on safari! This is the hands on, on the ground (but with all the comforts of home – and then some) ‘Out of Africa’ safari experience!

Kyle Witten - You have to experience the “up close and personal” wildlife viewing with the quality guides and pristine parks on our 15-Day “Eyes on Elephant” Safari to Zimbabwe. I traveled with with three of our clients and each location had a highlight! 

Davison’s Camp in Hwange was the location of a lion hunt by twilight. I can still envision the pride of 9 lionesses silhouetted in the darkening sky. They went for the buffalo at last light and I could only hear the sound of a stampeding herd going in a complete circle around the expansive pan. 

Our last stop was Vundu Camp in Mana Pools and it is the only place you can have the ultimate personal game viewing experiences. Ever approached an elephant on foot? Did it! Sat close to lion while they teased a heard of buffalo? Did it! Walked up to a group of wild dog and sat closely by as the got ready for hunt? I did it!

Ian Flores - Why do people go to Africa… in a word, Adventure! Adventures are about challenging yourself and venturing into the unknown - not just the physical, but also the mental. I spent five days climbing up Mt Kilimanjaro, the largest freestanding mountain in the world. This trek provided some challenges which made my victory, standing atop at Uhuru (19,341ft / 5,895m), all the more satisfying. 

Go out and challenge yourself, and you will be amazed at what you discover when you push your normal boundaries.

"Thanks Alison, AAC & Classic Safaris for putting together a great trip with a outstanding group of travelers & our great Ugandan guide Dennis Erabu."  Michael Levine.

- by: Elena Theodosiou, Kyle Witten, & Ian Flores

Africa Adventure Company Making A Difference

- Monday, March 04, 2013

Zimbabwe Schools: We continue to sponsor 450 children at three schools near Hwange as part of the Children in the Wilderness feeding program. We identify children from here to also sponsor their high school education. Our annual donation is used to support monthly payments for internet connection.

Tanzania Schools: Schools we have partnered with are located near Arusha, Kilimanjaro foothills (Ndarakwai), Tarangire and Karatu.

Tanzania Scholarships: We have an education fund for over 35 children of the Tanzania guides who take our clients on safari. 

Kenya Schools and Scholarships: AAC has an ongoing sponsorship commitment of four years for high school students at the Moi High School near Tsavo (Kenya). We also sponsor a Maasai Camp assistant to attend College in Nairobi as he works towards his guiding license.

Tanzania Guides: We give an annual Guide of the Year award to recognize a wildlife naturalist w ho h as excelled a t t he high est level. Ephata Lotashu an d Hillary Mandia have won for 2013!

Botswana Guides: We sponsor the opportunity f or camp guides to work up their specialist knowledge providing them with private guiding opportunities that our lucky clients enjoy on a complimentary basis.

Children in the Wilderness: An inspirational pro
ject for local children to attend and be hosted for 3 day sin Wilderness camp sin their five regions. We focus on and support  the Zimbabwe children.

Mana Pools Bushlife Conservancy: We give a yearly donation on behalf of all the clients we have booked at Vundu Camp for their ongoing work with the park rangers and wild dog research.

Mother Africa Organization: We continue to donate and support their community and conservation projects in Matobo Hills.

Wilderness Wildlife Trust: We are major supporters of Wilderness Safaris in Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa. Beyond the outstanding safari experience they deliver, we know that for every bed-night we book with them, a portion of the price goes to the Wilderness Wildlife Trust. This is a true commitment to sustainable photographic tourism.



Our hard working Air Department, led by Bill Rivard and Janet Coffigny,
is always on top of the newest flight services and routings for your Safari of a Lifetime!

We are always on the lookout for new books that engage our passion for Africa.
Below are some of our recent favorites.
“We need new Name” - NoViolet Bulawayo
“Love, Life and Elephants” - Dame Daphne Sheldrick
“A House in the Sky” - Amanda Lindhout & Sara Corbett
“Africa’s Finest” - Colin Bell and David Bristow

What a year it has been for the staff at AAC! Our AAC family has grown this year as we welcome three new members to our herd, Jessica Fraser, Sylvia Feil and Kollin Buchholz.

Six members of our AAC Team traveled to Tanzania this past October - LtoR Sarah, Jessica, Saskia, Karen, Allana + Monica.

Please vote for AAC on the Survey. Travel+Leisure is offering voters for the 2014 World’s Best Awards an opportunity to win a $10,000.00 dream trip to the destination of your choice (an African safari we hope!). 

We encourage you to vote and show your support for the Africa Adventure Company. 

We appreciate your help with this. Your loyalty and enthusiasm for Africa Adventure Company is always appreciated!

Nicholas Nolting (Mark and Alison’s youngest son) spent part of his summer on our voluntourism projects at Mother Africa and Children in the Wilderness before ending at Vundu Camp in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe, with Specialist Guides Nick and Desiree Murray. This is his thank you note to them.

Dear Des and Nick,
I just wanted to take the time to formally thank you for inviting me on a “trip of a lifetime” back in July. I can’t thank you enough for making the offer for me to stay an extra month and sometimes I bet you ask yourself why you did that. The month with you guys really opened my eyes to the real Africa not just the “luxury tented camps” out in the middle of nowhere….

I can now tell my friends that turn their nose up at me and say “you went where?” about this absolutely wonderful place across the ocean that is nothing like what they hear about in the news…It’s so hard to put how Zimbabwe and how my trip was in words because of how special it was…

Now I’m home with all my friends, technology, school, football, and most importantly my family and I often look back and miss the worriless life out in the bush. 

The trip with the two of you is a reminder to me every day that there is more to life than just high school and x-box. I don’t know how to thank you enough for giving me his opportunity and I truly hope you both find the time to visit us.

Little Nick

Jonathan, our sponsored Maasai Camp Assistant, who is attending
college in Nairobi to get his guiding license.

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