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Africa's First Time Travellers

Lounge setting of a camp or lodge, designed with local materials.

Africa's First Time Travellers

Dining on the edge of Ngorongoro Crater.

Africa's First Time Travellers

Mana Pools National Park, Zimbabwe.

Africa's First Time Travellers

Serengeti migration.

Africa's First Time Travellers

Game Drive Vehicle

Africa's First Time Travellers

Elephants in the Okavango Delta

Africa's First Time Travellers

Mokoro Ride

Africa's First Time Travellers

African Children's Education

Why Africa?

Safari-goers can choose to view large and spectacular wildlife in natural surroundings, unique to this fascinating continent,  Going on a photographic African safari is a donation, in itself, toward conserving African wildlife and habitats. A safari can be the most enjoyable and rewarding environmental contribution you will ever make.

Venturing to Africa will be your introduction to the success of conservation by local communities. Safaris have traditionally been easy on the environment but conservationists have developed it even further. Tourism to these remote corners of Africa has a positive and sustainable effect on the local communities through park entrance fees, licenses, concessions and employment. Camps are using natural resources such as solar power to run their generators instead of diesel or gasoline. It feels good investing your vacation time in supporting camps and lodges that have made great strides in ecotourism.   

10 Great Reasons to Travel with The Africa Adventure Company

1. We wrote the definitive guide book on safaris to Africa The President of our company, Mark Nolting, has written the quintessential book on traveling to Africa, "Africa's Top Wildlife Countries" – the revision of the 8th edition is a testament to our level of expertise and dedication to giving you up to date information.

2. Award winning Travel Specialist/Tour Oufitter CONDE NAST TRAVELER listed Mark Nolting for the 11th year in a row (2013-2003) as one of the World's Top Travel Specialists! And we debuted on the "World's Best Awards" for TRAVEL+LEISURE in the safari outfitters' category!

3. Sustainable tourism and eco conservation In recognition of our commitment, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC selected us as one of the Best Adventure Travel Companies on Earth. For over 25 years we have promoted local ground operators and guides, eco accommodations and community projects that are supporting the merits of low-impact travel and the survival of habitats. 

4. Safari trips with a purpose Our award winning travel planning is based on more than game viewing; there is purpose to making a difference!  We are very involved in many African communities, giving back to conservation projects, and supporting guides at grass roots level. At the community level we assist student education through funding of scholarships. For conservation, a percentage of bookings revenue in a variety of camps goes to supporting local projects. And we run and support guide initiatives recognizing wildlife naturalists who excel at the highest level. Because of our involvement, we were awarded the Tanzania Tour Operator Humanitarian Award.

5. Award winning travel planning We pioneered customized safari travel. Offering more than 75 safari trips to over 14 African Countries, there are hundreds of parks and game reserves, safari activities and a wide range of accommodations to choose from. We do not have to tie you into one line of properties or destination. Rather we match the ones to best fit your travel style.

6. We specialize ONLY in Africa While many companies offer trips all over the world, our work is focused only on Africa. This has enabled us to become experts in designing African safaris, foster close relationships within the industry and benefit from special pricing on the trips we feature.

7. Affordable independent and private safaris Many people expect private and independent safaris to be very expensive, but our clients are delighted to discover that they do not have to join a group of strangers in order to afford a great customized safari.

8. Value-added adventure! Our insider knowledge of Africa is unsurpassed. We'll provide you with special access to places, people and events that are unavailable to travelers who book online. And should there be a travel emergency, we can be reached 24/7.

9. Our In-House air department Our IATA/ARC in-house air department completes the planning process with discounted airfares. By booking your air with us, we can assist if flights are changed or cancelled.

10. Our clients come back for more! Over 70% of our business is repeat clients and referrals! What a testament to the quality of our services, and of course, the incredible beauty and wildlife of Africa!

The Premier Wildlife Viewing Destination

Safari-goers can choose to view large and spectacular wildlife, unique to this fascinating continent, in its natural surroundings. The finest safaris, however, are not simply those that provide the thrill of seeing wildlife, but those that explore the whole ecosystem and capture the true spirit of the African wilderness. Animal-watching excursions are best when they include parks and reserves that are not crowded and offer more of a feeling of being in the bush. To truly become an integral part of the safari, it is important to include reserves that also allow travelers to slow down from viewing in a vehicle, and to participate in activities such as walking, boating and canoeing. Smaller camps and lodges that are unfenced and that allow wildlife to walk freely about the grounds can also add to an adventurer's "in the bush" experience. When on a game-viewing activity, wildlife enthusiasts may photograph lion, elephant, giraffe, zebra, rhinoceros, but there is an amazing array of other large mammals, as well as spectacular birds. In fact, birders from around the world come to Africa for the incomparable viewing opportunities.

Accommodations and Adventure to suit all travel styles

The main allure of Africa is that anyone can find an adventure there. The level of adventure and contact with nature is controlled by the traveler. Accommodation options include hotels, lodges, small camps with chalets or bungalows, houseboats, fixed tented camps and mobile tented safaris. Adventures range from game drives in wildlife parks and reserves to hot-air balloon rides to walking in the bush to horse-back riding tours to challenging mountain climbs to native canoe safaris to white-water rafting. Eco-tourism in Africa has gone through its own evolution. Many of our safari programs feature low impact accommodations where the key is the size of camps and lodges. The level of comfort is just as variable, and it ranges from simple bungalows to extravagant suites with private swimming pools. Luxury camps can cater to even the most discriminating traveler - with five-star panache, but rugged individualists can also find nirvana in earthy-chic accommodations.  Most lodges, camps and smaller hotels featured in our itineraries participate in low utilization of energy resources energy like solar power. Adventurers who want to capture life in a back-to-nature setting are always richly rewarded. Most safari locales are almost devoid of human interference, and travelers live according to a natural rhythm of life that has remained basically unchanged since the beginning of time.

Natural Attractions including World Heritage Sites

Africa boasts such a tremendous variety of attractions that everyone can find something fascinating see. In addition to fabulous wildlife, the continent delivers one of the world's largest waterfalls (Victoria Falls), the world's largest inland delta (Okavango Delta), the world's largest intact volcanic caldera (Ngorongoro Crater) and the world's highest mountain that is not part of a range( Mt. Kilimanjaro). Africa is also home to the world's largest animal migration - the Great Serengeti Migration - a movement of over 1.5 million wildebeest and zebra.

Travel with a Purpose

Travel in Africa is an exciting and educational experience. Africa is huge. It is the second largest continent on earth, covering over 20 percent of the planet's land surface. More than three times the size of the United States, it is also larger than Europe, the United States and China combined. No wonder it offers such diversity! A tapestry of compelling cultures, ranging from the colorful Masai and Samburu tribes of East Africa to the Kalahari Bushmen and the nomadic Himba of southern Africa, are there to be discovered. Why do so many people initially choose Africa? Feature films like The Serengeti, Out of Africa, African Queen and Gorillas in the Mist, along with countless documentaries, have inspired adventure travelers to choose Africa time and time again. Many are drawn by the unique, pristine wilderness in which wildlife still abounds in an unspoiled and exciting environment. Others seek contact with vast, open spaces and traditional African cultures, which can have a meaningful effect on the human spirit - stirring and stimulating the senses, relaxing and revitalizing the mind. No matter the inspiration, travel to Africa means to go back in time and capture the thrill of something entirely different.