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Migration Update - Tanzania

The Migration Movement updated - February 01, 2016


Rain on the plains: The New Year started for our grunting gnu's with a rather prolonged dry spell which persisted through most of January, and that meant that the bulk of the migration herds moved towards Kusini and Maswa. However, reports from our guides in the Serengeti is that it has now started raining again, and the southern plains are full of wildebeest. The herds are spreading from Piyaya, Barafu, Golini and over the triangle between Naabi and Ndutu, through to the Ndutu marsh, Matiti and all the way out towards Kusini. It really is an incredible scene out there, check out these pics taken by our guide Ian Kiwelu.

It is raining almost daily at the moment, which does make game drives in some areas a little interesting, but it has brought the wildebeest back to where they should be - happy days.



I am with clients between Lobo and Bologonja and we bumped into the eastern herds, they should be heading across the Sand River soon into the Mara, they are moving slowly because of all the grass and water which is great for the lion in the area.

Emmanual Mkenda, Ranger Safaris Guide


Guests came back reporting that they had enjoyed huge numbers of wildebeest not too far from Four Seasons on the way to Lobo - I assume near Mbuzi Mawe. They said the had also see quite alot of males preparing for the rut and butting heads. 

Oli, Four Seasons Lodge



Drivers coming in today report huge zebra numbers out on the plains around Naabi hill, and large (several hundred at a time) groups dotted around Triangle between Naabi and here, and out on Caracal Plateau, Olduvai and Twin Hills plains so still many around.

Ndutu Safari Lodge


We have an update this week from in the Western Corridor of the Serengeti. The guides took a drive to the central Serengeti to see the migration which was a remarkable sighting for our clients.

Asilia Ubuntu Camp

AAC Privately Guided Family and Solo Traveler trips with our Tanzania Guides (Oct - Dec 2015)

AAC Privately Guided Family and Solo Traveler trips with our Tanzania Guides (Oct - Dec 2015)



December Safari for the Walkowicz Party Guided by Wilfred Mollel


  • The Walkowicz’s were expecting to see all the animals, from the big five to the rare ones like pangolin. The overall experience was above and beyond their expectations.
  • We began the adventure when I picked them up at the Lake Manyara airstrip and then drove to Gibbs Farm for overnight.

The following day we left Gibbs Farm after an early breakfast and drove down to the Ngorongoro Caldera. We found a wide variety of animals like ostriches, warthogs and their piglets, rhinos, lions, buffalos, hippos, zebras, jackals, and different bird species.



On the 3rd day we visited Olduvai Gorge and a Maasai Village on our way to Olakira Camp. We saw a lot on the way. We arrived for late lunch, which was followed by afternoon game drive. We had the opportunity to see a pride of seven lions, and that was the highlight of the day. Then we drove back to camp for overnight.



The following morning we started the game drive at 7:00 am aiming to find some cheetahs. And we did! Then we came across a clan of hyenas feeding. Then vultures came before we got back to the camp for lunch. During the afternoon drive we saw herds of wildebeests, gazelles, giraffes, and four lionesses and their seven cubs.


Our second full day in the Serengeti we drove all the way to the Seronera Valley purposely looking for the leopards and perhaps a pangolin. We found a leopard, some lions on kopjes, cheetahs, jackals, clan of hyenas and many more.

Their safari ended on Day 6 when I drove them to the Ndutu airstrip for Air Excel flight to Zanzibar.

Safari Guide Pease Pty’s Report

Dec 6, 2015

I met clients at the Namanga boarder, after normal immigration formalities where I assisted them with VISA, road transfer to Arusha, our main conversation during transfers was about infrastructure and recent development of road expansion mainly at cities and national park. Lunch was served at Arusha Coffee lodge, after lunch they joined other clients and commence our safari driving to Lake Manyara via the Makuyuni road and Mto wa mbu village. Dinner and overnight at Lake Manyara Serena.




Dec 7, 2015

In the morning we had game drive at Manyara Park with lots of baboon. There had been some recent heavy rains and some roads were damaged. My clients liked birds a lot so we spent time enjoying watching wading water bird. The game drive was limited due to road condition and heavy rain. We had lunch at a lodge before driving to Serengeti. We are in short rain season in Tanzania and it had rained almost everywhere in the country. The road to the Serengeti is much better maintained than Manyara. We continued to the Serengeti Sopa for an overnight.

Dec 8, 2015

It was raining a lot today and the roads were very slippery and difficult to drive. Game viewing was more adventurous and was a real African adventurous safari. Luckily clients observed the migration around “Mawe ya simba” (in English means Lions Rocks) heading towards Naabi gate. Although the weather was not good, it was interesting to see to leopard and two male giraffe fighting.



Dec 9, 2015

This was last day in Serengeti and driving to Ngorongoro was very exciting with lots of giraffe enroute and six young lioness on the tree. Enroute to the Ngorongoro we stopped at Maasai Village. Dinner and overnight at Ngorongoro Sopa.



Dec 10, 2015

We had full day in the Ngorongoro Crater with a picnic lunche. The crater animals were very close to vehicles and this provided some exciting moments for them. They really enjoyed this scenery and also the flamingo at Lake Magadi. There were plenty of lions at Kigongoni, even a couple of them mating. Sub-adult lion cubs fell asleep under the cars while their parents enjoyed a quiet moment. Dinner and overnight at Ngorongoro Sopa.




Dec 11, 2015

On this day we left the Ngorongoro heading to Tarangire National Park. We enjoyed lunch at Tarangire Sopa followed by an afternoon game drive. The game drive was good with the highlight being a baby elephant playing and two crown crane birds flying overhead, scaring the baby elephant. Dinner and overnight at Tarangire Sopa.



Dec 12, 2015

This was the last day of program, enroute to Arusha we saw a bat eared fox at Tarangire gate. Lunch was at Mount Meru Hotel, and continued via road transfer to Namanga. That was end of our adventurous and good safari.





December Safari for the Alpert Party Guided by Elibariki


Day 1: I met the clients at breakfast time for introductions and a safari briefing. We departed with a picnic lunch and drove to Tarangire for a game drive. We saw zebra, hundreds of wildebeest, elephant families, a harem of impala, Nile monitor lizard, banded mangoose, about fifteen giraffe - some drinking water in the water hole and some browsing on the acacia trees, pride of two lionesses, one of them trying to hunt zebra but with no success. After lunch, we continued on an afternoon game drive where we saw common waterbuck, dwarf mongoose, troop of baboons, yellow billed stork, white backed vultures, lilac breasted roller, white headed weavers, scattered elephant families and many of the same common animals. We then drove to Chem Chem for dinner and overnight.



Day 2: After breakfast we departed to the Ngorongoro Conservation area. On our way we saw giraffe, warthogs, territorial male impala, herd of impala, banded mongoose, lilac breasted roller, helmeted guinea fowl etc. Then we had lunch at Ngorongoro Crater Lodge and the afternoon at leisure.


Day 3: After early breakfast we departed with a picnic hamper for full day game drive in the crater. We saw zebra, a herd of wildebeest, Thompson and Grant gazelles, bachelor herd of buffalo, spotted hyena and black backed jackals eating left over probably by lion, juvenile lioness walking whilst looking for rest of the pride, male ostrich sitting on the nest and so many hyena packs. We also saw black rhino, another lioness of different pride, hippos, kori bustards almost everywhere, and a huge male elephant drinking water at Ngoitoktok.




Following our picnic lunch we continued on an afternoon game drive. Late afternoon back to the lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day 4: After early breakfast we departed to Lake Manyara Airport where the clients flew to Arusha.





The Dixon Family Safari Guided by Daniel Nyamoga


I met the Dixon Family at the Arusha Hotel for a safari briefing. Wwe started driving to Tarangire National Park, where we proceeded to Tarangire Safari Lodge but on the way we saw a lot elephants, impalas, waterbucks and zebras. We enjoyed lunch followed by an afternoon game drive. We had one of our best sightings - a pride of lions, calmly resting on a termite mound. We spent a significant amount of time with them and then drove back to the lodge after that.


The following day we had an early morning game drive, starting at 06:00 with a packed breakfast because we did not want to miss anything. We saw a very beautiful leopard sitting in a Baobab tree. We decided to drive back to the lodge for lunch and enroute we found a pride of lions crossing the road right in front of us. They headed to a large tree where they layed down in the shade. An afternoon game drive followed and this time the pride we saw earlier was very close to the lodge.

On Day 3 we had a vbusy day which began with a short game drive, followed by checking out of the lodge and driving to the orphanage center because they had some donations for the to children. After a memorable visit, we drove to Mto wa Mbu for a village walk. The clients enjoyed it as it gave them some interesting interaction with the locals.

Following a delicious bush lunch, we drove to Kisima Ngeda for dinner.

The next morning we started our day at 06:00 because we were going hunting with the Hadzabe bushmen. We met our local guide who took us to the bushmen. When we arrived we found them doing their morning preparations before going hunting. It was an exciting day and while we did not catch anything we enjoyed hunting with the Hadzabe and their dogs. We went back to their small village to practice using a bow and arrow. We drove back to the lodge for Brunch. In the afternoon we visited the Datoga tribe. It was very interesting how they prepare the meals, share their husbands, raise kids and making tools and so much more. That evening we went on a walk that ended up on a rock for some drinks while enjoying seeing the Sun setting down.


As yesterday was quite busy, today the clients wanted to relax a bit so we drove to Kitela Lodge, arriving in time for lunch. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing. 

The next morning was a full day game viewing in the Ngorongoro Crater. Seeing a rhino was our big mission today and we got lucky as we saw a beautiful rhino just eating hardly 30 meters away from the road. It was an amazing sighting!! We thought that was the highlight of the day but we were totally wrong as we saw something else that as a guide was the highlight of the day a pride of lion trying to separate a buffalo from a herd. It was like a "Hide and Seek" game because the buffalo were chasing the lion as they were chasing the buffalo. It was a drama we rarely see. We drove back to the lodge happily.

This morning was a busy start for us as we were heading to the central Serengeti and Kati Kati camp. First, we visited the Oldupai Museum, Gorge and Shifting Sand before arriving in time for lunch.

In our afternoon game drive we saw something spectacular and I must admit that this was the highlight of the entire trip. A lion sitting next to a zebra carcass, half eaten with at least 20 hyena around him just waiting patiently. On our left side there was a herd of elephant grazing and slowly moving towards us before they came behind us and crossed the road. They were now heading towards the lion. They did not see the lion because the grass was very high. It ended up spooking the lion, who ran away. The hyena took the chance to claim the carcass, but when the lion saw that he decided to go back to the carcass and it became like a repeated drama.

This was another day of adventures. Our mission today was to look for more cats especially cheetahs. We started by seeing lion before we found the cheetahs. Watching them in the distance was quite nice especially with the morning light.


Our last we took a packed lunch so that we could spend more time out on the plains. We drove to Hippo pool to enjoy the hippos. The rest of the day driving around enjoying every moment. This was definitely another good day.





The Gifford Party’s Safari with Martin Mallya




Oct 2, 2015

Arrived Kilimanjaro International Airport with KLM, the Giffords were transferred to Lake Duluti Lodge where they spent a night.



Oct 3, 2015

In the morning we commenced the safari by driving to Maramboi Tented Camp in time for hot lunch. Afternoon game drive experiencing giant baobab and close viewing of lion lying under tree.



Oct 4, 2015

This was a full day game drive day with large number of elephant and guests were lucky enough to see tree-climbing lioness.




Oct 5, 2015

With packed picnic lunches we departed to Lake Manyara National Park for full day game viewing. During the drive they saw a flock of flamingos and a pride of lion eating a baboon. They were delighted to see Klipps springer and antelope standing on the rock. Late afternoon we proceeded to Ngorongoro Sopa for dinner and overnight.



Oct 6, 2015

This was second day at crater, despite the long day we had on previous day clients were keen to be at crater very early in the morning. We had our picnic lunch as usual. In the walls of crater we saw pride of lion along River Munge drinking water after a heavy meal of wildebeest. Exciting sightings also included black rhino, hyena and zebras. We returned to lodge for dinner and overnight.



Oct 7, 2015

On this day we drove to Serengeti via Maasai village and Olduvai Gorge. Lunch was served at Mbuzi Mawe camp, afternoon game drive with plenty of lions and cubs.




Oct 8, 2015

They were booked on balloon excursion, this was another day where they depart early from lodge, after balloon they had bush breakfast. We had 3 hrs. game viewing before having a hot lunch at Camp. After resting a bit we did another afternoon game drive.



Oct 9, 2015

We had full day game drive, crocodiles were along Seronera River, lions, lots of nice and beautifully birds such as lilac-breasted roller, little bee-eater etc. The whole day was spent on vast plain of Serengeti with plenty of exciting game drives. Returned to camp for dinner and overnight.



Oct 10, 2015

We spent this day around northern Serengeti, they were lucky to see leopard on the tree as well as lioness with cubs on a big rocky, lot of zebras and wildebeest. They enjoyed this scenery a lot and like the area so much. Returned to camp for overnight.



Oct 11, 2015

Unfortunately this was last day of Tanzania program, they checked out of lodge in time to connect with their flight to Mara.



Top 10 Stories in 2015 from the Asilia Camps in Tanzania and Kenya

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Elephant Conservation with the Help of Google Street View

Elephants in Kenya's Samburu National Park just got a high-tech assist to help keep them out of the harmful path of poachers and let people around the world help in conservation efforts to keep them safe.


Google Street View, working with Save the Elephants, has recently launched interactive "maps" of the park (Google's first Street View efforts in Kenya), allowing viewers to take a virtual safari in the conservancy:

It's an incredible opportunity to get an up-close look at the elephants who make their home in this remote park; users can zoom in on the elephants as they bathe in the mud, drink from a watering hole, and look for food.


The Google project aims to tell the amazing stories of the elephant families in the park. Two of the main families of elephants captured by Street View are the Hardwoods and the Spice family who have been identified by the shape of their tusks and tears in their ears.The STE website offers background "Story Spheres" so readers can learn more details about the elephant families:


The initiative was launched together with the charity Save the Elephants (STE), which works to promote wildlife conservation and was headed in part by Kenyan conservationist, BBC TV presenter, and wildlife-filmmaker, Saba Douglas-Hamilton, who is the Chair of Save the Elephants' Advisory Board and runs Elephant Watch Camp. 


Saba Douglas-Hamilton was there and later took her kids to visit the young elephant at the Sheldrick's orphanage. 


Samburu is an arid, rugged and savagely beautiful area of Kenya protected as the Samburu National Reserve and the Buffalo Springs National Reserve, together covering an area of about 187 square miles. With less than 12 inches of rain a year the wildlife depends for its very existence on the Uaso Nyiro River, whose headwaters rise in the Aberdare Mountains, 185 miles away. The area is very scenic with hilly crags and trees, which follow the river courses and more vegetation of scrub desert, thorn bush, riverine forest, and swamps.   

AAC Privately Guided Family and Solo Traveler trips with our Tanzania Guides (Jul and Aug 2015)

 AAC Privately Guided Family and Solo Traveler trips with our Tanzania Guides (Jul and Aug 2015)

The Shumway Family Safari with Emmanuel Mkenda


Our safari was, for the most part, wonderful and a grand reunion in a magic land for us all. The children and spouses who had not been there before were thrilled and "can't wait to go again"!! Awesome, was the word I heard frequently. Our guides were knowledgeable and informative as well as pleasant to be with - especially Mkenda and Daniel. I am glad we chose to have 4 vehicles - it would have been crowded otherwise. We were met and greeted everywhere on time and everyone stayed happy and well, so I feel very lucky to have had such a wonderful 2 weeks with nearly our entire family.

Susan Shumway, Family of 19 people, Jul-Aug 2015

The Shumway Family in Tanzania

The Pearson’s Safari Expertly Guided by Hillary Mandia:

Day 1.July 23rd 2015 Arusha.

I met the clients at Kilimanjaro airport and after introduction and short briefing we drove to Lake Duluti Serena lodge for overnight.

Day 2.July 24th 2015. Tarangire.

The clients enjoyed their breakfast early followed by a full safari briefing. I answered all the questions pertaining to the itinerary, and then we were ready for safari. First stop was Tarangire National park. We were scheduled to stay at Maramboi Tented Camp and we arrived in for lunch.
  • Soon after lunch we drove to the park for evening game viewing. The clients were good photographer but not professional. Being the first time to visit Tanzania, the clients were puzzled by the number of animals in this park especially elephants and many other ungulates. After a few hours in the park we were luck to spot two lions, big herds of elephants, impalas, waterbuck, giraffes different bird species and many more without forgetting the beautiful scenery of this area. The time forced us to rush to the camp for dinner and overnight.



Day 3.July 25th 2015. Tarangire.

Today we enjoyed a full day of game viewing in the park. Soon we checked in the park, we took our own trail along the Tarangire River where our successful day began. Seven different species of animals include zebra, wildebeest, baboons, warthogs, impalas, hartebeests and giraffe drinking in the same water pond was the highlight. This followed by spotting our own leopard posing in an acacia tree. Though the leopard did not stay long enough, the pictures taken remain the best and top highlight of the entire trip. The day gave us the flexibility to drive further to explore this extensive park which did not only impress the client with its number of animals but also the giant baobab trees. We returned to the lodge allowing enough time for the clients to walk around the camp and enjoy the evening.

Day 4.July26th 2015. Lake Manyara.

After breakfast we started our day by visiting Lake Manyara Park for game viewing. This park offered an excellent experience due to its beauty especially its landscape and vegetation type. The flamingoes in the salty lake and hippos that come out to graze out earlier than they would were the highlights of the day. We were also fortunate to see one lion lying along the river. Also we saw good number of elephants, baboons, impalas, zebra, monkeys, etc. Later we proceeded to Sopa Lodge for Dinner and overnight.


Day 5.July27th 2015. Ngorongoro Crater.

We left the lodge very early with parked lunch to the crater for a full day game drive. The clients had their breakfast served at the Lodge as early as 06:00 am. The clients spent their first hour watching a large pride of lion with 18 individuals finishing the wildebeest carcass which probably hunted the night earlier. It was a day of cold, heavy dust and strong wind. This weather made the day somehow difficult tom find black Rhino as it was client’s goal of the day. Beside the number of animals seen in this area, the clients were impressed with the scenery and landscape of the caldera. Just before we went for lunch one black rhino showed up but not close enough for good pictures. Other interesting sights include hyenas, jackals, buffalo, foxes, and many more. The size of a few bull elephant in the area was among the highlight of the day. It was very successful day.


Day 6,July 28th.2015 Serengeti.

This morning we checked out very early after breakfast. We took a packed lunch and drove heading to Serengeti. We had a stop at Oldupai Gorge where the clients appreciated the visit. The speech from one of the anthropologist at the gorge reminded one of the client’s about 50years ago when he was studying anthropology. It was a nice stop.

We continued driving heading towards the Serengeti. As we were heading to Kirawira (western Serengeti), we decided to spend some time exploring the endless plains of Serengeti from Seronera Valley to Barafu Kopjes. It was a very successful day as we were lucky to spot two cheetahs along the road and two leopards among other ungulates. The highlight of the day was seeing some of the Great Migration mostly wildebeests and Zebra scattered all over Musabi plains and towards the Western corridor. Overnight at Kirawira Camp.

Day 7&8. July29th&30th 2015.Serengeti.

These two days were spent in western part of the Serengeti. We were not sure how we would top off what we had seen in previous days. The big question was what special in this area would make difference as the safari climax had come the previous days. We started by visiting the hippo pools along the Grumeti River and found two big male hippos fighting (surrounded by numerous hippos sunning themselves out of the water). Highlights included seeing various prides of lion, including one sitting in the tree. Later we witnessed the single female lion stalk a zebra a few yard from the vehicle. Though the mission failed we really had a great experience. Our success continued when we saw two more prides of lion, one of them mating. The mating couple was the highlight of the area and probably in the entire trip. We ended up witnessing a pack of hyena and hundreds of Vultures sharing two wildebeests who died from unknown reason. The clients enjoyed the camp and the services in general.


Day 9,July 31st.2015.

This morning after breakfast the clients checked out and we headed to the airstrip. The plane came on time and everything went nicely without incidence.

It was nice trip with very friendly clients.

Prepared by Hillary



Tammy Hendrix’sSolo Safari with Hillary Mandia

Speaking of guides, I absolutely LOVED Hillary. He welcomed me with a warm hug on the first day and we were fast friends. He was an excellent guide, and because he had such a passion for wildlife, he enjoyed the safari as much as I did. I felt like I was on safari with a friend, not a guide. He was extremely knowledgeable, and we had many fun and interesting chats not only about wildlife and nature, but also about African culture and general life stuff. I was sad to leave him when I went to the Serengeti.

Tammy Hendrix, Sep 2015


The McNulty Party Safari adventure with Guides, Daniel and Jabshir

This family trip was spectacular. I had the unique opportunity to travel to such a beautiful region of the world, with some of the most beautiful & majestic animals, I've ever seen.

The people, the places, it was sensory overload. I keep looking over my photos, but they just don't do Tanzania justice.

We were fortunate to have Jabshir & Daniel, as our guides. They were experienced & extremely knowledgeable. They took time to educate each of us, on the beauty of Tanzania & everything it has to offer. The animals in their natural habitat, the Crater, the Maasai village, the baobab & acacia Tree's----there were so many different sights, it hard to pick a favorite.

Jabshir & Daniel made sure that both of our jeeps had ample time to witness all the natural wonder's that makes Tanzania unique. Both vehicles saw the "Big 5" of Africa's great animal kingdom Daniel showed us over 50 different species of birds. The final day, after driving for quite some time, Daniel found the most BEAUTIFUL Cheetah-----she was stunning.

I feel so blessed to have traveled to Tanzania. I have seen the most incredible sights. I pray that one day, I'm fortunate enough to visit Tanzania again. It's something that can't be expressed in pictures ---you have to see & witness it for yourself- first hand.

Warmest Regards,
Lynn McNulty-Coullias, Jul 2015



The Klein- Fazendeiro Family Expertly Guided by Daniel and Mkenda

Daniel and Mkenda were AWESOME guides. Their knowledge was extensive and their enthusiasm for what we were seeing and doing was as great as ours. They were so good with the kids and kept them interested in what was happening around them. They afforded them the opportunity to see things that one could only dream of experiencing. When we asked the kids what they will miss most about Tanzania, they said “Daniel & Mkenda” and we couldn’t agree more! No doubt it is because of them that we experienced the things we did.

Again, thank you for making this such a magical experience for our family. We could not have asked for anything more!

All the best,

The Fazendeiro’s, Aug 2015

Kevin, Debby, Daniel and Jessica

The Thomsen Party Guided by Jabshir

Finally getting caught up and wanted to get you some feedback. First of all I can’t thank you all enough. "Trip of a lifetime" doesn’t begin to describe it. We had 7 family members from 11 years old to 78 and we were all happy with everything. That’s quite an accomplishment, especially with our family! We always had someone to meet us and never felt unsure about what was next, where we were going, or supposed to be.

We loved the routing of the trip and all the properties and wished we could have stayed at each longer. The food, staff, settings, tents etc were all A+...

All of the guides and staff were amazing but I’d have to give a special nod to Jabshir and Moudy along with Nicholas (who was part of the staff at Treetops) and Richard at Kimondo who was outstanding with my nephews in making sure they were having fun, liked the food etc. There wasn't a person anywhere we didn't like but the previously mentioned were really, really exceptional.




A huge thank you to you all. We never would have been able to do this without your knowledge, expertise and guidance. This was by far our biggest and our best family vacation. Every single one of us has said we would love to go back.

Tami Thomsen, Jul 2015



The Walinsky’s Safari with Naturalist Guide, Ephata

We had a truly enjoyable and fun trip to Tanzania. What a remarkable country and very talented staff that Africa Adventure uses. Ephata was amazing with his knowledge and experiences in northern Tanzania. Ephata took very good care of us. We could not have asked for a better guide. We saw and learned so much about the animals, birds, plants, national parks and people of Tanzania. Africa Adventure's stateside personnel and African contractors made it very easy and enjoyable for us to experience the wilds of Tanzania. Thank you.


The five of us really enjoyed our trip to Tanzania and we will be talking about it for a long, long time.

Thank you Africa Adventure!

Bobbie and Stan Walinsky, Aug 2015



The Hazen Party Explorer Safari in Tanzania with Masha (Daniel)

The trip exceeded my expectations. Our driver, Masha (Daniel) was tremendous. He was a big factor in the success of the trip.

For me, the Maasai village tour was the best part of the trip. This was both for general interest but also because of the work that I have done on a philanthropic basis in East Africa.

Best regards

Randy Hazen, Aug 2015


Migration Update from Governors Camp - Kenya

This week has seen a succession of huge river crossings culminating in a massive crossing yesterday where we estimate around 100,000 wildebeest crossed the Mara River in one go.


The crocodiles have been very active at the crossing sites taken wildebeest where they can and the male leopard continues to hunt on the river bank. There have been very large numbers of wildebeest and zebra on the plains of the Masai Mara close to our camps and we have herds of wildebeest and zebra in Governors Camp, Governors Il Moran Camp and Governors Private Camp. Where the wildebeest go the lions are never far behind and we have seen the Marsh pride of lions hunting very close to Governors Camp.



This is an amazing migration season and our guests have had some spectacular wildlife viewing, one couple who were staying with us for ten days saw thirteen river crossings, sometimes seeing two crossings a day. We have also had lovely sightings of a female leopard and her two cubs. Here are some photos taken over the last week.








Migration Update - Kenya

Waltz of the Wildebeest at Sala’s Camp in the Masaai Mara

The Migration is Here! Big news from Sala's Camp as the migration starts to kick off! Millions of wildebeest can be seen flooding the plains just across the Sand River. They currently stretch from right outside Sala’s Camp to the east along the southern side of the Sand River for about 7 kilometres. Only a few small groups have crossed the river and the vast majority are still straddling the Kenya-Tanzania border. The Sand River is flowing so we are anticipating some impressive crossings when they decide to head north. Sala's Camp is soon be surrounded by these famous grunting 'beests'. Click here to watch the video




Why You Should Be Wild for East Africa

Looking for a safari experience that combines extraordinary wildlife viewing and traditional culture? Incredible natural background scenery with environmental stewardship and conservancy? An East Africa safari to Kenya and Tanzania for 10 days is enough time to blend incredible local cultural encounters with unparalleled experiences with the migration of hundred of thousands of wildebeest and zebras.



Companies like Asilia Africa are at the forefront of the conservation movement, and they had recently made the exciting announcement that they've joined with Encounter Mara to expand their stellar property offerings throughout East Africa, with special attention to Kenya. 


Bas Hochstenbach, co-founder of Asilia Africa says on their blog: 

"Asilia has been instrumental in setting up the Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association. This is an important contributor to the long-term success of the conservancies through its presence in all three major Maasai Mara Conservancies: Mara North, Olare Orok / Motorogi, and Mara Naboisho. Asilia also provides major stability and a role in driving good governance in the conservancies...I am convinced that the unmatched quality of Kenyan safaris, with their great game, excellent guiding, diversity and range of experiences will inevitably bring Kenya back to the forefront of safaris!" 


One of our favorite East Africa trips combines both the Serengeti and the Mara. This is big cat country and undoubtedly offers East Africa’s best cheetah, leopard and lion viewing opportunities.



To make visiting East Africa as easy as adjusting your binoculars, we've created an immersive adventure to Tanzania and Kenya that will enthrall both experienced and novice safari goers alike with all the wonders the two countries have to offer: The 14-Day Migration Safari to Tanzania and Kenya.



First, you'll experience the beauty of iconic Ngorongoro Crater National Park for early morning and late afternoon photography, you'll stay right on the rim of the crater. Travelers will of course have the services of AAC's highest level of private guide and vehicle for this portion of the safari.




Next, you'll continue on a flying safari to the Serengeti and stay in a premier tented camp, such as exclusive mobile seasonal camp Olakira, ideally located to view the "Great Migration" depending on the time of year you travel.




Finish in the Maasai Mara, at two camps; Rekero, at the confluence at the Mara and Talek rivers, and Naibosho, a new luxury tented camp on a 50,000 acre private game concession.




These camp resident guides possess an in depth knowledge of the areas you will visit and have built up an excellent camaraderie with our clients over the years. You'll spend several days with the same guide, allowing you to maximize seeing and doing “everything.” 

​5 Solo Safaris for Single Travelers

African Adventure explorations aren’t limited to couples and groups; single travelers can join in the safari excitement and have an equally astounding trip, plus the luxury of stretching out in spacious accommodations, while having the camaraderie of dinner and safari companions on one of our group adventures. While any trip can became a solo journey with a “singles supplement,” the following safaris are especially good fits for those who want to see amazing Africa on their own, in the comfort of a small group with 5 to 9 other people: 


1. Group Primate and Plains Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

“My trip to Uganda and Rwanda was wonderful. It was everything I expected and more. Everything was 5-star and I couldn't be happier!” says client Amanda Bush about this unique AAC trip.

This group adventure encompasses the thrill of gorilla treks and wildlife safaris in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Volcanoes National Park, chimp trekking in Kibale Forest, and game viewing in Uganda the "The Pearl of Africa---all areas where the pristine natural areas and incredible wildlife encounters are some of the best in Africa. As for the gorilla treks, here’s what client Jeff Skinner says: “IT WAS GREAT! THANK YOU!!!! Uganda was absolutely unbelievably wonderful, exciting, awesome. We had a short drive (45 minutes), a short trek (no more than 45 minutes) and an hour surrounded by the H Group of gorillas, 18 members walking around us. We saw all 18! The silverback was one of the first to come out of the bush and he sat down across from us. Then one by one all the others paraded in front of us… I don't know how this visit could have been any better!!!”




2. South Africa Luxury Safari and Cape Getaway

A trip for travelers who want a journey to combine a Top Safari Lodge and Top hotel in the Cape. Solo travelers will experience the incredible wildlife of a Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands including luxe Rattrays, exclusive Singita, or boutique Londolozi. After a full immersion in the bush, head to glorious Cape Town and a stay at elegant Cape Grace or jewel box Ellerman House hotels in Cape Town. Then venture into the winelands near Franschoek and Paarl to toast to your amazing South African adventure.



3. Explorer Group Safari to Tanzania

This is not only our most affordable group safaris in Tanzania, but also hits the exciting Migration. The special price is based on the unique variety of accommodations, including comfortable tented camps, and small country hotels. Highlights include Tarangire National Park where activities include game drives, guided walking safaris, and cultural interaction with the Maasai; the Great Rift Valley; spectacular Ngorongoro Crater; and the “endless plains” of the Serengeti. AAC client John Munro reminisces: "The trip to Tanzania went great was able to see lots of game. Shaukat was very easy to work with and he made suggestions to the group which bettered every ones experience. Enclosed is a picture that got me recognized for the rest of the trip, it was sure an interesting experience since I did not know what I was getting my self into, which was a Massai dance."


4. Ultimate Namibian Group Safari

Visit the otherworldly landscapes of Namibia on this small group trip (maximum 8 people) which includes Sossusvlei (Sossus Dune Lodge), Walvis Bay-Swakopmund, Damaraland (Camp Kipwe), Etosha and Onguma, and finishes with time at the very special Okonjima's AfriCat Day Center. Accommodations include Classic level permanent tented camps and lodges. AAC client Paulo Ortega raves about this special safari:  "...Everything was fantastic. 'Fantastic', however, is too little to say how much I loved the adventure...I can't thank you enough. I was spoiled in so many levels...To sum up, my best vacation ever!" 



5. Botswana Wing Safari to Desert and Delta 

A  flying safari into the most beautiful natural areas of Botswana, including six nights at two different camps in both the unique Central Kalahari and the rich wilderness areas of either Linyanti or the Okavango Delta. AAC client Merrilee Shipman experienced the wonder of Botswana on this group trip and says: "The trip of a lifetime was indeed this spectacular adventure to Botswana, the Kalahari Desert and Moremi / Delta...There was so much to see that I hardly know where to begin. Some of the highlights were: Seeing a live Wildebeest birth in the wild...the time the "Elephants Came to Tea". Ban had just set the Landrover "table" for afternoon tea when a herd of Elephant decided to join us. Well, we hurried into the vehicle and just watched. Elephant after Elephant passed by and it was amazing to watch. Such huge creatures...And we saw lions, fabulous birds, and oh so much! Thank you for putting together such a seamless trip which was totally AMAZING! Looking forward to more Safaris," Merrilee Shipman




Where is the Migration this week?

The Great Migration is one of the most spectacular wildlife events on the planet and one of our favorite safari adventures to plan.


We have been following the HerdTracker twitter updates that are tracking the herds from four different expert sources: bush pilots sending in reports from the sky, Tanzania National Park rangers, lodges like Four Seasons, and safari guides on the ground in safari camps and mobile camps. 



For example, here are a few recent posts:


Over the past three or four days we have been seeing larger and larger herds of zebra and wildebeest around Four Seasons, and this morning the lines of wildebeest that have been feeding around the lodge and running past our villas, started congregating in large numbers at our waterhole, quite a site for our guests to enjoy the migration from the comfort of the lodge - and pool! - from Four Seasons


An update of the migration from yesterday morning. Huge herd of wildebeest. At least 10,000 strong, 15 mins south of Serengeti Pioneer Camp, they have passed Moru and are heading towards Lake Magadi. Very dry, still no rain, and the herds are on the move. – from Serengeti Pioneer Camp


Just an update from Moru area, the situation is getting a little desperate, it is extremely dry and the wildebeest and zebra are in desperate need of both water and grazing, we are all hoping for rain soon. – from Mkenda @ Ranger Safaris

Yesterday evening there was some thunderstorm activity to the south of us. On Sasakwa Plains this morning there is a strong movement of wildebeest heading west towards Nyasirori as seen from Sasakwa Lodge. – from Singita Grumeti


Pretty amazing stuff!  For a front row seat to the Migration, consider a private safari like our 14 Day Private Safari with Great Guides to Tanzania.

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