The Africa Adventure Company


1. ** 14 Day Primate and Plains Safari to Uganda and Rwanda - $9,595.00

Gorilla Forest Camp, Bwindi, Uganda

2015 Departures: Feb 03, Jul 04, Sep 06. On these special AAC Signature departures – experience the thrill of gorilla treks in Bwindi, Uganda & Volcanoes, Rwanda. Begin your primate experience with chimp trekking in Kibale Forest. Game viewing in Uganda is a hidden delight with game drive opportunities looking for wildlife at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

2. 12 Day Chimp and Gorilla Safari to Uganda - From $7,350.00

Gorilla in Uganda

This is a signature AAC Company group safari led by a top naturalist guide with your own exclusive departure. Uganda is a country that is still unspoiled by tourism and where you explore the forested areas for chimpanzees and Mountain gorillas. The price of the program includes 2 chimp and 2 gorilla permits. Your purchase of gorilla permits is an important donation to the conservation of their habitat.