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Clients Trip Reports - October - November 2015

Flying safari to Tanzania’s Ruaha and the Selous Game Reserves

Elena, we had a fabulous time. Organizationally everything went fine, so cudos to you and your team. We were very happy with accommodations at Rufiji River Camp and Ruaha River Lodge, the guides and other services. In particular, we were very happy that we had a private safari vehicle for just us so we were able to spend as much time as we wanted on safari. We probably overdid it a bit but we came home exhausted and happy. Africa is always a profound experience and is good for senses and spirit. We saw a huge variety of animals and were able to study behavior and took lots of pictures.




Again, thank you for your help.

Friedhelm Brinkhaus, Nov 2015

Private Safari to Tanzania and Flying Safari to Botswana

Hello Kyle!


I don't know where to start!!!


That was truly a "Trip of a Lifetime". Our time in Tanzania was so fantastic, we are almost afraid to go back! We are so thankful to have had Mkenda for our guide! I'm sure I don't have to tell you how great he is!!! Do you remember how nervous we were about the flying and wanted to go ONLY if we could get Economy Comfort seats? Well, next time it'll be only if we can get Economy Comfort seats AND Mkenda!!


To start at the was so good to have someone there to help us when we arrived tired in Arusha. The following morning we left with Mkenda to drive to our first stop, the Ngorongoro Crater. The crater was like a story book; we couldn't believe our eyes!! The highlight, if I can pick one thing, was seeing a rhino in the distance and watching it as it came TOWARD us and that it had a baby with it!! She got pretty close before she stopped to nurse! We liked Kitela Lodge; the people were great!


The Oldupai Gorge was interesting, as was the visit to the Masaai village. Our favorite part was the Serengeti! Again, we couldn't believe our eyes when we entered the plains filled with wildebeests, zebra and antelope. WOW! We loved the camps and all the people were great! The game drives were magical (That word sounds silly but can't think of a better one and it really fits!)


Did you hear that we saw a giraffe in labor??? We were looking for a cheetah when we saw her with two legs sticking out!!! We parked and watched but it seemed like she was too preoccupied with us so we left her alone for a while. There was no change when we came back. We were on our way from Namiri to Dunia that morning but Mkenda said we'd just stay put to see this (we really liked having that flexibility!!) Again, she seemed to be focusing on us (even though we were hiding behind a tree) so we left her alone again to go back to Namiri. Mkenda said she was a young giraffe and this was probably her first so we were kind of nervous that things weren't going well and didn't want to interfere. We went back again in about 20 minutes and saw the male and female standing over something on the ground and just as we got closer, the baby raised it's head for the first time!!!! We watched it struggle to get up and take her (Mkenda named her Maxine!!) first steps and finally (less than an hour) walk away with the mom! That was worth the whole trip!!! (Mkenda said he'd never seen that in 20 years of guiding!) Dunia Camp was great...saw lots of leopards and a small cat that Mkenda said he's only seen 4 times.




Then it was off to Botswana (which was a little grueling due to a lost suitcase). We liked both camps in Botswana and, of course, the people were great. We were disappointed (as was everyone) that the rains were late this year and there was no water at our “water” camps. (We had been "spoiled" by game viewing in the Serengeti)… We really enjoyed watching birds from our porch at Savuti and hanging out at the pool (it was 118 degrees!!) We did have some fun African experiences there (elephant snoring outside our tent!)


Thank you for all your hard work!


Happy Holidays!

Maxine Cleveland, Nov 2015

Flying Safari to Botswana and Gorilla trekking in Uganda


We had a great time in Africa. All the camps were fantastic as well as all the guides. We especially liked Goodman as our guide in Savuti and DumaTau. Great service everywhere especially at Bwindi, Uganda. The Residence was impressive and our hotel on Lake Victoria had a great location. You really steered us right going to the private concessions rather than the national parks in Botswana. We got to go off road and see some amazing things…


Will put South Africa and Namibia on our list for our next African vacation. Thank you for your help and great advice.

Joe Lucas and Mary Lee Fugina, Oct-Nov 2015

The Best of East and Southern Africa

Hi Szilvia,


Our safaris in Botswana and Tanzania were amazing. We quickly fell short of words to describe the experiences we had and the vast numbers of animals we saw. This was truly the trip of a lifetime.


The safari in Botswana was absolutely fantastic. The itinerary was extremely well planned, starting in Nxabega in the Okavango Delta (beautiful, somewhat fewer animals), next to very hot, very dry Moremi and Savute, and ending in lovely Serondela in Chobe (amazing numbers of animals by the river)…the progression of what we saw made each day more exciting than the last.


The camps go out of their way to provide the best-ever experience…. including what they call “guest delights.” Unexpected surprises like a beautiful mokorro ride at sunset, a stop for coffee and muffins during a delta boat ride or on a game drive (they serve us a LOT of food!), arriving at a viewing blind by a lake to find hors d’oeuvres and drinks all set up, a Chobe river cruise complete with champagne to celebrate the last day of our safari… they really stood out as providing the “dreamed about” safari experience.


In Victoria Falls, The Elephant Camp was excellent….it felt like pure luxury to take a real shower and use the plunge pool after being so hot and dusty in Botswana (even though loving every minute of it). Great staff, beautiful accommodations.


Flying up to Kenya was seamless. Amboseli National Park exceeded my expectations and Tortilis Camp was lovely….very comfortable, friendly staff (and they served us a special dinner complete with champagne and cake to celebrate my birthday!). Would highly recommend Tortilis Camp.


Upon transferring across the border from Kenya to Tanzania, we were met by Wilfred Mollel, our Safari guide. Warm, funny, an amazing knowledge of animals and birds and an eagle eye! He took us on (literally) 10+ hour game drives each day in Tarangire, Lake Manyara and the Ngorongoro Crater. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with him….he is a great guide. We loved Tarangire and the Crater…



Our last site was in the Serengeti…we flew to Kogatende to stay at Olakira Camp. We are so glad we had three days there, rather than two! The tents were actually somewhat nicer than those in Botswana…more room, but more appealing was the fact that the bathroom/shower area was separate but also enclosed (so no zipping to go in and out to use the facilities)…


Our guide at Olakira was Nathan, who was absolutely fantastic….he knew the Serengeti so well, knew the animals and their behavior….he kept saying we were just lucky to see all that we did in the Serengeti (we saw many lions and their cubs, a rhino and her baby, cheetahs, leopards, tons of elephants, giraffes, buffalo, all kinds of antelope, on and on….we even saw the migrating wildebeest crossing the river not once but twice!!) but I think it was his skill as a guide that made for such an amazing experience. The staff was lovely, particularly the camp manager Anna (a Maasai woman…what a role model she is), and the food delicious. I even got another birthday cake! They hit it out of the park on all accounts; we rated them 10/10 on their evaluation form we filled out on our last day in camp…


Thanks again,

Ellen Scarr, Oct-Nov 2015

Bird and Wildlife Safari to Tanzania


Dear Alison,


I am emailing to rave about our amazing safari (and guide!) I will have to go over my travel journal and notes to remember everything as it is all such a blur! For now, though I thought I should email a quick note to say it was above and beyond our wildest expectations! (And we've been before with your company 6 years ago, which was also amazing).




This time, though, we did a private safari since we are such avid birders with a bird specialist guide. Ephata is the 8th wonder of the world! Not only does he spot and identify birds as we are driving, he has books and reads all the info about each bird to us as we take a zillion pictures. And by day 3 we had nicknamed him CATMAN because of his uncanny ability to spot a lion or cheetah a mile away and get us there long before any other vehicles. Keeping him with us on our last two days at Namiri Plains was also an added bonus. He became family within a day and has a terrific sense of humor, too, keeping us laughing all day. I am already ready to return and miss Tanzania intensely.


We will most definitely go on safari again, and hopefully Ephata will still be available! I will write more as I go through some notes. Thank you for your attention to all details.

Karibou Sana!

Rebecca Dunn, Oct 2015

Private Safari to Tanzania and Visit to Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe

Hi Ian,


We had an amazing trip! It exceeded my expectations and Naida was especially happy. She had heard so much about safaris in general that she was prepared to be disappointed! However, far from it!


First special thanks to you for your guidance through the various choices and listening to what we were looking for. The combination of the personal guide initially and then the trip to the north was perfect. Also please thank Janet for the flight arrangements, especially the final one home to Vancouver, I appreciate that that was a bonus for us! We were able to make our connection and were home early in the evening which was perfect.


It was fun flying the small planes in and out of the areas. All our flights were met and everything taken care of without a hitch.


The two guides we had were excellent! Mkenda's knowledge was excellent, and the one in the Serengeti went out of his way to maximize our experience. We saw the "big 5" and a 30 minute crossing of the wildebeest. The accommodations were all excellent, especially the one beside the crater. I loved the tenting in the Serengeti, even Naida who likes 5 stars, and not in the sky, was impressed. The food there was wonderful. The staff all over were the best and their managers were most attentive to our needs.



We would like to go back to Africa in the future for sure, if we can do it. And certainly will recommend your company to anyone thinking about a safari.


Many thanks,

Berry Gubbins, Oct 2015

Plains of the Serengeti Private Tanzanian Safari

Hi Jessica,


We would like to tell you that we had an amazing time in Africa. We liked safari very-very much and enjoyed every single day.


You were absolutely right – we didn’t need to worry about anything from the moment the plane landed in Nairobi. Your representatives, Nerryann and Dickson were wonderful. We spent a day with them; also they met us (we requested it before going to safari) when we were back in Nairobi. They tried to meet all our requests and needs at their best. We really enjoyed their company.


In Tanzania, special thanks to our guide/driver Mohamed. Again you were right: he is an excellent guide; he told us a lot about animals, plants, a little about geology. Besides nature talks we had long discussions during dinners/lunches with him about education system, health, holidays, shopping in Tanzania, his family – you name it. It was very interesting to us to talk with someone who lives in Tanzania. He had a special eye for animals, he spotted animals far from the road and quite often we were the first ones. Even when there were many cars to watch a lion or other animals he drove and found the spot for us that our car was in the front. Also he was the excellent driver – my husband is a driver with 30+ driving experience in different countries; he acknowledge his driving skills. I told him on our first day that my goal is to a cheetah; and he answered that he would do his best; and besides cheetah was his favorite animal too. We saw a cheetah having lunch, we were the first ones to find a family of mother-cheetah and 3 teenagers cheetahs; we observed their hunt. If we asked that we would like to stay and just observe animals he stopped the car and let us stay there as long as we would like and telling us stories about the animal.


We really liked all the camps we stayed: all were different but all rooms were very comfortable. People were fantastic. A crew of 12-15 people kept running a camp site. Every day at 6 in the morning we were met with friendly smiles, spotless white tablecloth, linen napkins and a nicely served table with 2 sets of forks/knives. They worked really hard to make all the guests feel very comfortable.


A very-very special thank you is for you Jessica. Probably I was a lucky one that you answered to my first email and we started working together. Thank you very much for all your work you have done for us, for all your suggestions, for being patient planning and re-planning the trip, checking and re-checking hotels, routes, etc. Every time I called and talk to you I heard smile in your voice.


Kindest regards,

Natalia Karassina, Oct 2015

Tanzania Safari and Gorilla Trekking to Rwanda

Mark and Szilvia,


Overall the safari was excellent! Well planned and executed with fine places to stay, great animals to see and people to meet. Here are a few more specific observations; 

In Tanzania, Mkenda was an excellent guide, clearly knowledgeable and personable. Legendary Coffee Lodge was great for 2 nights, one day of rest, including massages. 


Ngorongoro Crater was really scenic and good animals but many viewed from afar since had to stay on dirt roads… Ngorongoro Crater Lodge really distinctive and enjoyable. Service was great.


In Rwanda, Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge was excellent and the gorilla treks fully lived up to the high expectations. We were fortunate to trek only about an hour each day to see the two gorilla families and got great photos.


Thanks very much for organizing a great trip.



Scott Smith, Oct 2015

Private safari to Tanzania and Gorilla trekking in Rwanda

Mark & company, yes we are back and, well, it is difficult to begin describing our favorite moments. There were so many. Every day was an adventure, an opportunity to meet and associate with great and gracious people and to learn about a beautiful continent and its wildlife.


It might be best to first say that, at the beginning, you asked us what we hoped to see and do and in response I sent a somewhat lengthy description that suggested we wanted to see the animals, the different landscapes and learn more about the African people. Your itinerary accomplished all of it and more, and we will always be thankful that we connected with Africa Adventure Company. Your very professional attention to every detail, including evidently some requests for small celebrations of our 50th anniversary by our hosts at the camps and the Lodge at Ngorongoro, was remarkable. I can say without qualification that we never had a moment that we did not enjoy over the entire 3 weeks. All of the lodging sites were first class as were the hosts and all of the staff personnel and our flights came off without a single hitch.


The highlights began with our stay at the Legendary Coffee lodge although we did regret that, having arrived late in the evening, we then had to leave so early the next day. We could have spent another day at this great venue.


The game viewing at Tarangire was outstanding but some of the most memorable moments included our walk amongst the elephants, the night drive in an open car and the elephant just outside our tent at 3AM breaking limbs from a tree for his midnight snack. At Ngorongoro, we were fortunate to watch a pride of 22 lions cross the road in front of our car and saw our first black rhino, now only a leopard short of the big 5. The celebration of our anniversary with an entire choir singing and dancing around our table frankly took our breath away for a few moments. And to top off this experience, we became minor celebrities (and our guide Ephata a hero) at dinner one evening when we quite innocently said we saw (and photographed) a pangolin which, we learned only then was a rare event.




On to the Serengeti and while Oliver’s was nice, the Sayari Camp was wonderful. Best times here included finally sighting our beautiful leopard right at sunset to the west and a rainbow to the east. The next morning we witnessed not one but two crossings, thankfully without any crocs, and learned as well how smart the zebra is to always cross upriver from the gnu since the crocs usually approach from downriver. A private sundowner with the host and hostess capped off a wonderful stay that also included a private surprise anniversary dinner on our tent porch.


On to Kigali, a great city and then to perhaps the most interesting venture of all, the trek into the forest to see the gorilla. While the Serena hotel was a perfect place to regroup after the bush, the Sabyinyo Silverback lodge and the host Mike, were a nice treat. As I know you have, we walked among the gorillas for an hour and I felt especially blessed to have received not one, but two “free kicks” from one of the “teenagers” after he sneaked up from behind, a gesture the guide said was his attempt to play.


BUT, all of this said Mark, Susan and I would like to say that, forced to describe our most precious remembrance, it was the opportunity to have met and come to know our 3 guides. Ephata Lotashu is as nice a gentleman as we will ever know, knowledgeable and patient with us as first-timers, and now a new friend. We learned more from him in a few days than we could have learned in weeks or months in any other forum, I’m sure. This is also true of our guide and equally good friend now, Oredi Mzaliwa, a gracious and a humble but very capable man who had a unique talent for always putting us in exactly the right place to best watch game and the crossings. He noticed signs amongst the herds that indicated the presence of predators no one else noticed and he searched hard for and found the animal I most wanted to see, the beautiful leopard, and at sunset to boot. And then there is Theo Rutembesa, our driver/guide in Rwanda whose advice and counsel, as well as his connections with the guiding community at the trekking HQ made our gorilla visit a perfect experience.


So, you asked and now I have delivered yet another lengthy message but we want you to know how much we appreciate your company’s work to make this a memorable experience. We are already considering another trip to Africa and, of course, if we decide to do so, we will be calling on you to plan our next adventure.


Thank you and best regards,

Susan and Skip Williams, Oct 2015


Clients Trip Reports - July - September 2015

The Best of Tanzania and Kenya including the Serengeti, Maasai Mara and Chyulu Hills


Dear Alison,


What a nice surprise to receive a note from you at Gibb's Farm and another when I arrived home! It brought a smile to my face knowing that you were there with me in spirit and that I was in the good hands of AAC.


Words cannot express what an amazing time I had on my safari, and I have you and your team to thank for it all. The trip was flawless. From the airport reps, to the transfers, to the guides, I was so very well taken care I of, not to mention being waited on hand and foot by all the wonderful managers and staff at each of the lodges and camps.



There's so much to share, I'm not even sure where to begin. The safari was incredible. I saw more on the thirteen game drives I went on than I ever imagined...up close and personal, even! I saw about 40 lions, a few leopards and cheetahs, not to mention the numerous elephants, giraffes, gazelles, hippos, and thousands of wildebeests. I used the checklist in the Safari Journal and counted 40 different species of mammals and 30 species of birds. was fortunate to see not one but two wildebeest crossings, a pride of lions feasting on a fresh buffalo kill, then hyenas crunching on the remains the following day, lions, ostriches, and gazelles mating, cheetahs on the prowl, and a standoff between a herd of buffalo and a pack of lions. One of the biggest highlights of my trip was seeing the Great Migration. It was mind blowingly magnificent and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. I never got tired of going on the game drives. Like you told me, each day was different. I enjoyed the scenery as much as the wildlife as well as learning all about animal behavior and nature from the oh so knowledgeable guides. I was so very impressed with how much they knew...and remembered!


Speaking of guides, I absolutely LOVED Hillary. He welcomed me with a warm hug on the first day and we were fast friends. He was an excellent guide, and because he had such a passion for wildlife, he enjoyed the safari as much as I did. I felt like I was on safari with a friend, not a guide. He was extremely knowledgeable, and we had many fun and interesting chats not only about wildlife and nature, but also about African culture and general life stuff. I was sad to leave him when I went to the Serengeti.




I was very pleased with all my accommodations.


I have very warm memories of Little Oliver's. Julie, the manager, welcomed me so warmly and the staff were so very friendly. The vibe there was just so comfortable and they all felt like family. I was given a surprise birthday celebration complete with African song and dance by the staff that I will never forget. I was so touched that I cried. I really liked my tent. It was rustic yet chic and very comfortable and had a great view. There were two elephants nearby to greet me the day I got there! The food was very good, and I think they offered the best breakfast of all the camps.


The Ngorongoro Sopa lodge exceeded my expectations. It was actually quite nice and my room was very nice with a great view of the crater. Gibbs Farm was everything I thought it would be and more. I absolutely loved my gorgeous room. Everything there was so beautiful and lush. I decided to do the garden walk (which turned out to be a tour of their vegetable and herb garden) walk around the grounds, and then spend some quiet time on my patio enjoying the view (It wasn't of the plantation as noted in my itinerary, but of the vegetable garden). Dinner was superb. I knew I'd wish I'd had two nights there and I was right!


I loved being along the Mara River at Serian Camp. I liked this camp a lot and my room (#7 at the end) was perfect, with a lovely view of the Mara. I enjoyed the open air bathroom too. I was able to spend some time on my deck enjoying the relaxing sounds of the flowing river and had a private dinner one night on the deck and one night inside my room. The staff were very attentive and I enjoyed them. The food here was very good and I ate plenty!...


And finally...Ol Donyo. Ohhhh myyyyyyy....Ol Donyo. Talk about a plan going right. I wanted this to be my relaxing retreat before I came home, and boy oh boy did I get more than I imagined!! I LOVED IT HERE! The only flaw in my itinerary is that I didn't stay four nights!! I'm so glad you encouraged me to stay three nights instead of two as I had originally planned. This place is simply gorgeous. Tthe El Mau suite was just beautiful and hard to leave. After six nights in a row in camps, this was exactly what I needed. I just can't say enough about it. While at Ol Donyo, I went horseback riding and bike riding, got a massage, did a hike through the lava tubes (incredible!), relaxed at "the hide" watching the elephants, baboons, and giraffes at the waterhole, played volleyball with the staff at their "lava beach" in their quarters, and relaxed in my room, just soaking in the open-air view. 


Simply marvelous. And the food...oh my, it was simply top notch! I ended up having a private guide, which I wasn't expecting. Great! Jeremiah was great and took good care of me on my rides and hikes. I didn't want to leave this place. I wish I could pack it up and move it somewhere here in California!


…I'm spoiled now. While I had a simply marvelous time, it was good to come home. I think 16 days was just right for me. I've been slowly and reluctantly settling back into real life, missing the sweet, peaceful sounds and mysterious footsteps I heard each morning and night.


What a fantastic experience I've had, one that I'll never forget. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you and your team have been absolutely fantastic from start to finish. I thank each of you for all the time and hard work you put into planning my trip. I appreciated your knowledge and expertise, your professionalism, your attention to detail, your patience, and your enthusiasm. I've absolutely enjoyed working with you and you can rest assured that I will recommend AAC hands down to anyone I know that's interested in going on safari. 


Thank you, Alison, for everything. This was truly a trip of a lifetime.

Warm wishes,

Tammy Hendrix, Sep 2015

Private Safari to Tanzania’s Northern Circuit and Safari to Chobe National Park, Botswana

Hi! Thank you so much for helping us plan a fantastic trip.


What we loved:


1. Ephata! What a wonderful person and guide (Tanzania). He was the best.

2. The mobile camp. What a unique experience. The special dance/cake for my dad's birthday was really thoughtful.

3. The elephant ride. Fantastic.

4. The accommodations were each special and unique. The food was great

5. The river safari in Chobe.

6. The great migration.

7. Seeing all big 5 and ugly 5!

8. Gibbs farm was beautiful.

9. The Mt. Meru Hotel in Kilimanjaro with the bush babies you could feed by hand and the sundowners at the tree house.

10. Ngorongoro crater was great to see so many animals in one place. I loved the hot water bottles at the foot of the bed at the Ngorongoro Sopa here too!


Trip of a lifetime. Thank you!!! I have been telling everyone to go and to use your company. Thank you so much.

Kristen Passarelli, Sep 2015

Private Safari to Kenya and Tanzania’s Great Plains and Ruaha National Game Reserve


Hello Kyle,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say that I had a fantastic trip! As usual, everything went smoothly; no problems with connections, the camps and wildlife viewing were superb, as were the guides and staff at all of the camps.

I have so many photos that it will take me months to sort through. But for now, here's a quick run-down....

Naboisho: On the drive from the airstrip to camp we came across a cheetah mother with her 3 cubs (estimated to be about six months old). Needless to say, we did not make back to camp until after dark; we did not want to lose the cheetah. Since I had my own vehicle at Naboisho, I decided to shadow the cheetah every day. For four days, the main objective was to follow her and her cubs from before sunrise to after sunset as they interacted, played, hid from baboons and lion, were chased by lion, and as the mother repeatedly hunted.



We also got side-tracked a few times by other goings on, but always came back to the cheetah family. Like the time that a nasty baboon grabbed a baby Thompson's gazelle, ran up a tree with it, and disturbingly started to eat it alive. It then ran down the tree, and while on the ground, black-backed jackals came in trying to steal scraps, while a tawny eagle swooped in and landed in front of us also trying to steal scraps, only to have a jackal then chase the eagle off! On another evening, we had just left the cheetah family in their hiding spot for the evening when we spotted another cheetah nearby. This one turned out to be a big male sitting in the middle of the plain watching a herd of wildebeest. Almost immediately after we spotted him, he started walking right toward the wildebeest herd. They saw him coming but they just stood there. The male cheetah then charged right in. All we saw were wildebeest circling around where we saw the cheetah disappear into the herd. When the chaos ended and the herd moved off, we found the male cheetah had taken down a wildebeest!

The cheetah mother kept expending energy trying to catch prey but kept missing or having her position given away by various animals. After three days we were getting worried for her and the cubs as they had not eaten for at least three days. Finally we were with them on the afternoon of my last full day as she caught an impala! She let the cubs take turns trying to suffocate it, and finally the mother stood well off to the side keeping lookout while she let the cubs eat first. After about two hours, there was nothing left of the impala but the stomach and the skeleton. My guide and tracker at Naboisho were just amazing. We lost the cheetah several times for several hours, and were not sure that we would be able to pick them up again. But with their expertise and persistence, we never lost them for too long. Seeing the entire consecutive four days in the lives of this cheetah family was just amazing and I think the highlight of the trip.


Olakira: One highlight here was seeing a crossing alone with my guide. We passed on a radio call about a crossing in progress. We were about 10 minutes away and decided that it was not worth racing to join the zoo, so we decided just to continue on and find our own thing. We came upon a group a zebra at the edge of the Mara River, with a ton of wildebeest behind them. Not even five minutes later, the zebra walked into the river to cross and all the wildebeest piled in behind them. The crossing lasted 22 minutes, and my guide held off radioing others for about 5 minutes so that we could enjoy our own find for a short while first. And more of my favorites, lions with cubs, a cheetah, and a leopard.



Namiri Plains: Awesome awesome place for cats. There were a surprising number of lions given the number of cheetah we saw, and all against a stunning backdrop of endless grass plains. Saw a cheetah take down a baby Thompson's gazelle, only to have it stolen by a hyena. One night at dinner, the staff discovered a leopard *in* camp. It was draped in a tree next to tent four. They gathered us together and we were about to take a walk and a peak at the leopard, but unfortunately, by the time we got there, it had come down and walked off.


Kwihala: On my arrival at mid-day, I thought that I made a big timing mistake. It was so hot and dry, I couldn't imagine that there were any animals left in the area. I was very wrong. The Ruaha and Mwagusi Rivers were mostly dry, although there were still some areas with surface water. However the water still flows just beneath the sand. The elephants know this and dig holes in the sand so that they can drink. And then so do the other animals. Anyway, lots of lions, lots of lion cubs, several hunts although we did not see a kill, elephants, giraffe, baboons, and many others. And leopards!

Almost every evening we went on a leopard trek on Kimilamatonge hill. I saw six different leopards, and one of them on two different occasions, over my five nights. Probably the neatest thing to happen at Kwihala, was the night with the triple leopard sighting. After about two hours of searching for tracks and listening for hyrax warning calls, we finally got a glimpse of a leopard through the thick brush, but only for a few seconds. But it was there. For the next hour we tried to anticipate were it was headed and kept lookout hoping for better look. We were even joined by a second vehicle as we tried to reacquire it. Finally the sun was setting and we were supposed to back in camp by 7 pm. So the other vehicle left.


My guide suggested we take one last run down the hill side road and back again just to make one last sweep. So we did. And then we saw it. It somehow crossed the road behind us without us seeing it. But then it ran up big baobab tree, hissing and growling, and visibly upset. That's weird we thought. Then there was a deep growl just behind us; that kind of deep growl that you know can only be a big cat. My guide first thought aloud about lions; lions chased the leopard up the tree. But that was not the case. As we turned and looked closer, we saw two other leopards mating behind the bush right behind us!! While the third leopard was in the tree above them and very upset. Needless to say, we were a bit late returning to camp that evening.


Thanks for your help Kyle, and to the rest of the AAC team for arranging another fabulous adventure!

Best regards,
Chris Swindal, Sep 2015

Safari to Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti and Ruaha National Park

Hi Monica,


We would like to thank you and your team so much for the perfect organization of this trip, everything was super and worked fine, we really enjoyed this trip very much. Every day was so special and we cannot really say what we liked best.


The wildlife and the scenery in Tanzania are incredibly impressive and amazing! Game viewing was way above our expectation and it was worth every second to get up early in the morning! This was just absolute perfect. We were also amazed about your knowledge of all the birds and wildlife and you are such a good observer!


Now we are downloading the pictures........thousands........................and are enjoying every moment of this trip over and over again....the wildlife, the scenery, the balloon ride, numbers of breathtaking sunsets and sundawns, the walking safari, the wonderful and friendly staff at the camps, taking care of us and cooking all the delicious meals, the fine wine and drinks and the great guides.


In summary it was this exotic nature and the spectales which were presented to us day and night at the Ngorongoro crater, at the Ruaha National Parc and when we moved through the Serengeti, in the wake of the huge herds of animals, we drifted, felt the freedom and the power of nature, because we were part of it!




That was our trip to Tanzania, a fantastic country that impressed us deeply and will remain in our memories.

Thank you!

Best regards,

Ann & Walter Studer, Sep 2015


Rwanda Chimp and Gorilla Explorer Safari to Rwanda

Hi Szilvia,


Our trip was an amazing adventure.

We were greeted promptly at the Kigali airport, a welcome sight in the wee hours of the morning.

Our driver, Mr. Africa, stayed with us the entire trip. He was a welcome source of local knowledge, and seemed to know everybody in the country. He was a key part of a successful journey.


Nyungwe Top View Hill Hotel seems very new. The rooms are very nice, the food was good, and the staff was beyond superb. They are well trained, extremely customer-focused, and always helpful.


Chimp trekking was challenging, and views of the chimps were marginal. They may be habituated to humans, but they stayed far away.


Gorilla trekking was one very rewarding hour with the gorillas and 4 hours of brutally hard trekking. The guide cut a new trail with his machete every 3 meters for an hour. But the gorillas were awesome, spent more time on the ground, and the resulting photos and videos were worth the trouble. It was only one hour, but it was magic.

Jack Hanna’s house was a very special experience. A lovely home, with our own chefs and very attentive staff, and great scenery. We used his mountain bikes to tour the golf course for an hour (couldn't manage the gorilla trek two days in a row). They built us fires in the fire pit, and we sat there each evening. This was an exceptional experience.


The Genocide Museum in Kigali is also a must-see exhibit. Very powerful and moving, it is thoughtfully and thoroughly done. Thank you for including it.

Again this was amazing. Thank you for putting it together for us.

Bob Coburn, Aug 2015

Private Family Safari to Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti

Mark, staff and our guides Mkenda and Daniel:


We have been home for 10 days now and I wish I were still on safari. I want to thank you all for providing us with such wonderful memories. We were an extended family of 11 people ranging in age from 9 to 75, repeat safari goers and newcomers, so we needed something for everyone. This trip more than exceeded our expectations.


Mkenda and Daniel were wonderful guides. They are both knowledgeable about the animals, birds, plants, history and politics of Tanzania. They adjusted our itinerary as we went along....we were always running late. Everything takes longer than one expects but the guides were never harried or made us feel rushed. They kept going morning till night and we really appreciated their efforts. Daniel and Mkenda related well with our grandchildren who range in age from 9-12..the guides kept them interested in the animals and what was happening in real time.

The animal life was amazing...133 lions, 7-10 leopard, 5-7 cheetah, 4 servals plus all the antelopes, elephants, hyenas, jackals, birds, hawks, monitor lizard, python, to just name a few. We even saw a Cape eagle owl, unusual for the Serengeti. This is just a short list of what we saw. The interaction between the animals...Cape buffalo challenging 5 lions, hyenas bothering another pride of lions, elephants chasing away lions.

And, just when you think you've seen everything, there in the middle of the veld are bathrooms and a food truck. Tanzania has evolved!

Thank you again for everything,

Nancy Klein, Aug 2015

Group Explorer Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

Hi Kyle,


Rarely in my experience has a company been able to merit to degree of praise I'd bestow on AAC if I had the time. Suffice it to say, you company and its chosen local operators were able to meet and exceed any hope or expectation that I had for my safari adventure. Guides were where they were supposed to be, when they were supposed to be there, were friendly and informative, and went beyond the pre-set program when needed or requested; an unscheduled visit to a local Synagogue or hands-on assistance at a confusing border crossing.


Bottom line . . . I would not consider, at any price, traveling on any new safari adventure with any other company. Your company gave me exactly what it promised: I couldn't ask for more than that.

Larry Neff, Aug 2015

Private Tanzanian Safari including Mobile Camping on Serengeti

Kollin -


We had a truly enjoyable and fun trip to Tanzania. What a remarkable country and very talented staff that Africa Adventure uses. Ephata was amazing with his knowledge and experiences in northern Tanzania. Ephata took very good care of us. We could not have asked for a better guide. We saw and learned so much about the animals, birds, plants, national parks and people of Tanzania. Africa Adventure's stateside personnel and African contractors made it very easy and enjoyable for us to experience the wilds of Tanzania. Thank you.

Although the Kitela and Maramboi Lodges and their staffs were extraordinary, we particularly enjoyed the Serengeti Explorer tented camp lead by Peter.


It is incredible to be staying outdoors in a National Park; yet have nearly all the convenience of home. Peter and his staff provided for all our needs. For example, when we wanted to take a shower, we only needed to tell Peter and the shower was ready within 5-10 minutes. The tents and facilities were all topnotch.


The five of us really enjoyed our trip to Tanzania and we will be talking about it for a long, long time.

Thank you Africa Adventure!

Bobbie and Stan Walinsky, Aug 2015


Flying Safari to Tanzania and Kenya

Hi Elena et al:


Only one word to describe our latest experience -- MAGNIFICENT! It only underscores why I love planning my safaris with you.


All the members of my party had a wonderful time. I think they were a little overwhelmed by the hospitality of the staffs; the wonderful accommodations; and the exciting viewing of the wildlife. Having been to all three of the camps before, I was not surprised. They are definitely my three favorite camps in Kenya and Tanzania.


I think the terrain at Sayari is the most beautiful overall that we have seen in our trips to Africa, and it is a terrific camp for viewing the migration. The guides have numbered all the crossings and they keep in touch by radio when the animals are milling around, as it was only about a 45-minute drive from camp to one of the areas where they have the largest crossing. Both days we saw the migration we were on the north side of the river already and a 15-minute ride to see the first one. The next day we went a little early and waited--and we were rewarded with "front row seats" to an incredible crossing that lasted all most an hour. We were able to see the line of wildebeests in the distance and it just went on and on! Their trail out was within 6 feet of our vehicles! We also saw several take downs by crocs.




We also saw lots of giraffes, hippos, gazelles, a pride of lions, a cheetah and two cubs, elephants, one lonesome leopard, and more there! (We also did get Albert as one of our guides. They told him that someone had requested him and he recognized us immediately when we got off the plane.) We were also assigned Calson who was also a terrific young guide.


Food was wonderful and their staff is so friendly and accommodating!


The charter plane ride from Sayari to Lake Victoria and a checkout from Tanzania; on to Kisumu (beautiful new airport) to check into Kenya; and then to Elsa's was nice--although pretty bumpy on the last leg in the early afternoon. It's sooo nice to land right at the airstrip at Elsa's!


Elsa's is such a unique camp! Philip & Charlie are still the managers so had a nice reunion with them. Business is still slow for them. It's too bad that Kenya has such a bad rap these days! We were 2/3 of the guests for the first 2 nights. Of course, game viewing is much different there, but we were treated to lots of reticulated giraffes (so beautiful and stately--very large groupings); saw the rhinos and even a Grevy's zebra at a distance. A pride of lions was near camp the last day and some people could hear them just below their units the last morning before we left. Staff and service at Elsa's is first class!


Off to Amboseli and Tortilis, which is such a nice camp. Andreas and Manuela were the new managers the last time we were there and they are leaving in September to go back to Italy. Mount Kilimanjaro came out in full splendor our second morning and played peek-a-boo with us throughout the stay. The viewing highlights of our stay were a cheetah and two cubs who were being harassed by a jackal--which the mom eventually chased! What a sight! Also, of course, saw lots of elephants, Cape buffalo, rhinos and the wonderful water birds that inhabit the area. All in all, a magnificent time! We did take the newbies to the village, also, and they really enjoyed meeting the Masai families and being entertained!


Aw, memories of gracious people, beautiful scenery, exciting animal viewing, bush breakfasts, and sundowners!

Thanks again for all you do to make our experience so great!

Asante Sana,

Colleen & Mike Yuhl, Aug 2015 



“African Journey’s” Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

Hi Jessica,


I have been searching now for a week to find the right words to describe was an amazing adventure we had. Honestly, it was a trip of a lifetime and the absolute most memorable experience we have ever had.


The packing list that you provide was very thorough. There was nothing that we wished we had brought. You guys cover everything. It seemed that no one else was aware of the 33 lb limit as other people had huge, hard suitcases with frames. While we didn't need to bring any more luggages, a bag with a frame would have been easier to carry.


The quality and service of the lodges was first class. They exceeded every possible expectation that we had. The food was absolutely amazing. My vegetarian needs coupled with Fred's gluten free requirements made me thinking that we would go hungry. That was far from the case. Not only was the food delicious, but it was so beautifully prepared and served. The wait staff at each location made sure that we had what we wanted and accommodated all of our special requests.


Hillary was an excellent guide and we felt so fortunate to have him. His knowledge, his sense of humor and his determination for us to see everything there was to see, made each day more exciting than the day before. He went above and beyond to see that we were comfortable and taken care of.


Michael was equally as wonderful of a guide. He catered to our every need and tried his hardest to find the specific animals that we were looking to see.


Every aspect of the trip was fantastic but what really stood out for us was the people. From the camps to the ground transportation and everyone that we met along the way, the service and the people were exceptional.

Thank you for all that you did. I will recommend the Africa Adventure Company very highly and I hope we are lucky enough to return one day.

Thank you,

Eve Bocker, July 2015

Private Family Safari to Tanzania

This family trip was spectacular. I had the unique opportunity to travel to such a beautiful region of the world, with some of the most beautiful & majestic animals, I've ever seen.

The people, the places, it was sensory overload. I keep looking over my photos, but they just don't do Tanzania justice.

We were fortunate to have Jabshir & Daniel, as our guides. They were experienced & extremely knowledgeable. They took time to educate each of us, on the beauty of Tanzania & everything it has to offer. The animals in their natural habitat, the Crater, the Maasai village, the Baobob & Acacia Tree's----there were so many different sights, it hard to pick a favorite.

Jabshir & Daniel made sure that both of our jeeps had ample time to witness all the natural wonder's that makes Tanzania unique. Both vehicles saw the "Big 5" of Africa's great animal kingdom Daniel showed us over 50 different species of birds. The final day, after driving for quite some time, Daniel found the most BEAUTIFUL Cheetah-----she was stunning.

There are so many wonderful memories, from the tented campsite (aka: Glam-camping), the smiling faces of the staff at all the locations, the beautiful crater & lush vegetation, The Serengeti , The Animals ---every bit of this trip was memorable.

The final night came too quickly. The dinner ----out on the Serengeti, surrounded by nature & special people, Spectacular!

I feel so blessed to have traveled to Tanzania. I have seen the most incredible sights. I pray that one day, I'm fortunate enough to visit Tanzania again. It's something that can't be expressed in pictures ---you have to see & witness it for yourself- first hand.

My compliments to the entire Africa Adventure Company staff !

Warmest Regards,
Lynn McNulty-Coullias, July 2015

Plains on the Serengeti Tented Safari

My son and I traveled to Serengeti National Park July 12th to the 16th and had a wonderful time. The staff met us at the airport and handled everything for us, including procuring our visas. We were transported to the Arusha Coffee Lodge which I would highly recommend. And the next morning we were driven by the same gentleman to the Arusha airport…Kimondo Camp was clean, complete with many amenities, located at an optimum location for viewing animals, the food was delicious and the staff very attentive. Our trip back to Arusha was enjoyable as well, and the use of a room for the day was wonderful!


Thank you for organizing a fabulous trip!

Michele and Nathan DeGroat, July 2015



Private Safari to Samburu/Aberdare/Lake Nakuru/Maasai Mara

Hello, Africa Adventure Company. Thank you for such a wonderful safari!!! Here is some feedback for you:


Local Ground Operators: We could not have been more pleased with your team on the ground. They took care of absolutely everything we needed from the time we arrived in Kenya and stepped off the plane, after 36 hours of travel, to the time we arrived at our departure gate at the end of our trip. Each person we had contact with spoke impeccable English, was kind, personable, and friendly. What a wonderful welcome to Kenya they provided!


Our guide Joseph was a gift to all of us- he was such an EXCELLENT guide. First, he had a plan for each and every game drive, a specific animal or group of animals he wanted us to see during that time. Rather than aimlessly driving around, we had a purpose for each trip. Amazingly, I think we met our goal and saw the animal or species we were attempting to spot on all but one game drive! And of course, we saw many, many more animals each time we went out, too.


Secondly, Joseph added plenty of information to keep all of us, from our teenage sons to our 23 year old to my husband and I, interested. He was very knowledgeable, and there wasn't a question he could not and did not answer for us. The scope of his knowledge was really impressive. Joseph had a great sense of humor, was highly intelligent, and he truly loved his country. We could not have been more pleased with our guide, and each of us thought he was great! Most importantly to me, as a mom, was that he really bonded with our youngest son. Since this son had chosen this safari for his Make A Wish trip, his kindness to our son alone would have made Joseph special in my eyes.


Accommodations: Overall, the accommodations were wonderful! Our favorite place was the first one, in Samburu. We loved both the rooms, which were adjoining in one cabin, and the food, which we all agreed was by far the best of any place we stayed (and the only place that did not feature a buffet for every meal). The luxury and beauty of each resort, along with the excellent Kenyan service, was a real treat.


Pacing of the trip: I was very impressed with the excellent pacing of the trip, and we stayed in each place just the right amount of time (1 day, 2 days, etc.) to be able to see the attractions of that particular area. Any longer and it would have been too long, any shorter and we could not have seen all we wanted to see. My husband and I commented several times that the trip was very, very well planned.


Wildlife: Well… this was truly the highlight. We loved everything, from the tiny dik dik antelopes to the incredible black rhinoceros- what a gorgeous world we were able to experience. We saw a leopard mama up in an acacia tree with her kill; then we returned the next day to see her walking through tall grasses with her baby at her side. At other times we were privileged to see a family of giraffes quietly eating, a lioness climb a tree to sprawl in the branches next to another lioness, two cheetahs hunting antelopes, only to give up and lie under a tree when the male antelopes sounded a warning to the herds, and much more.



The people of Kenya were beautiful, whether walking tremendous distances to look for work or, in the case of children, to go to school, hanging up their wash on Saturdays, or riding double on the boda boda motorcycle taxis. They were so kind to us and so friendly.


The country of Kenya was a feast for the eyes, with so much to learn and absorb. Our week there was an incredible experience, and one that although my husband and I agreed we would never have thought to choose it ourselves, was one that we were so very thankful to have experienced. It was truly an experience not to have missed.


Africa Adventure Company - well done!!! And thank you. We most sincerely appreciate all that you have done for us.

Dave, Cheryl (writer), Nate, Kevin, and Aaron (the Make a Wish guy) Giffin, July 2015


14-Day Primate and Plains Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

Dear Alison,

We are back home after a great trip to Africa. All the arrangements were top notch…Edward was an excellent guide (I think he must have infrared vision to be able to notice things like he does).


The Bwindi gorilla trek was very easy. The group was feeding right next to the village. The Rwanda gorillas were further but still not bad for people of reasonable walking ability in their 50's or 60's, especially if using a porter as we did.


The gorillas were a highlight but I would have to say for me the most memorable moment was at the start of the chimpanzee day. We were early in the start of our hike when all of a sudden the group of chimpanzees began calling out. We were then amidst of a group of dark shapes descending from the trees, calling to each other, then converging on the feeding tree. I don't think it would have been more surreal if they were wearing hooded robes and carrying candles.




Thanks for a wonderful adventure!

Mike and Sylvia O'Brien, July 2015 


Explorer Group Safari to Tanzania

Dear Jessica,


We had an absolutely fantastic time on Safari. It really couldn't have been better in every way and a lot of the thanks have to go to our fantastic guide Samson, whose knowledge, communication skills, kindness and humor were superb. We saw everything we expected to and more, were incredibly lucky to be travelling with the Mays family who we didn't know before but got along with really well. Accommodations were great and service staff terrific.


Zanzibar was lovely, although the hustle and hassle of a city after the Serengeti was a bit much to take. We enjoyed staying up North, swimming and snorkeling and returned to the States feeling very satisfied and tremendously lucky!


We did want to ask you about the Kisima Ngeda camp on Lake Eyasi. Not only was it beautiful, but it seemed like Nani and her husband are very committed to making it eco friendly and in supporting the local environment and community. Do you know any more about their project?


Thanks for all your help Jessica, we have no hesitation in recommending the company, you and Samson to our friends.


Annie Sweetnam, July 2015

Multi-Generational Family Safari to Tanzania

Finally getting caught up and wanted to get you some feedback. First of all I can’t thank you all enough. "Trip of a lifetime" doesn’t begin to describe it. We had 7 family members from 11 years old to 78 and we were all happy with everything. That’s quite an accomplishment, especially with our family! We always had someone to meet us and never felt unsure about what was next, where we were going, or supposed to be.


We loved the routing of the trip and all the properties and wished we could have stayed at each longer. The food, staff, settings, tents etc were all A+.

All of the guides and staff were amazing but I’d have to give a special nod to Jabshir and Moudy along with Nicholas (who was part of the staff at Treetops) and Richard at Kimondo who was outstanding with my nephews in making sure they were having fun, liked the food etc. There wasn't a person anywhere we didn't like but the previously mentioned were really, really exceptional.


My nephews absolutely loved having your African Safari Journal and checking off animals we saw on the drives (as well as quizzing us nonstop on animal attributes). They are working on a "book" of their own putting together all the animals we saw.


Our special requests of having my parents with close tents were met as well as having a bday celebration for Henry and anniversary for my parents. We had several great celebrations ( and cakes ) for each. I always had plenty of vegetarian food and many things made just for me. I ate better there than I do at home, by far!...


A huge thank you to you all. We never would have been able to do this without your knowledge, expertise and guidance. This was by far our biggest and our best family vacation. Every single one of us has said we would love to go back. We'll send a handful of photos soon.

Again, I can’t thank you enough and can’t wait to start planning the next one with you.


Tami Thomsen, July 2015

Best of Tanzania Premier Drive/Fly Safari

Dear Szilvia,

WOW!!! What an adventure! The safari adventure far exceeded our greatest expectations. Beginning with the quality of accommodations (superb), services of all local operators (could not ask for better) and drivers (concerned that someone may not be there to pick us up), our privates guides (Kevin & Albert provided extensive knowledge, attentiveness and concern for our well-being) and viewing of wild life in their natural habitat was exhilarating!! The itinerary was flawless and everything worked like a well-oiled machine!

Thank you for an incredible safari adventure and beautiful memories.
Kathy & Michael Warhol, July 2015

Flying Safari to Kenya’s Maasai Mara

Hi Kyle

Yes, we're back from yet another wonderful trip to the Mara. It was great being with Samson all week. We saw wonderful things.... millions of wildebeest (migration) and zebra, lions, rhino, hundreds of elephants, cape buffalo, hippos, cheetah (including Malaika and her 4 year old cubs) and on our last day, we saw a leopard. What more could we ask for!!! It was totally amazing and wonderful. We leave a part of our hearts and souls every time we're there.




Thank you again to you and your team for a wonderful visit to our favorite place. The travel/planes all worked out great this year too. It was perfect!!!

All the best,

Janis & Bill Webb, July 2015


Safari to Tanzania’s Northern Circuit including Tarangire and the Serengeti



Loved - loved - loved my safari! My guide, Mohamed Mgandu was amazing and it was obvious that he was much more skilled and knowledgeable than other guides that I encountered from others on safari. I would highly recommend Mohammed to others. He was GREAT! He was a very good match for Carol and me and this greatly enhanced our trip.


The Lemala Tented Camp in Central Serengeti was great! I could appreciate why Lemala cost more -- it was worth the additional cost. Kitela Lodge was beautiful and beyond my expectations!...




Our guide was amazing. The National Parks were amazing. The animal viewing was far better than my expectations. The lodges and tents were good with the standouts being Kitela and Lemala. Your prep materials were good -- in hindsight I would have packed a little bit differently but generally, I felt very prepared for the trip and had what I needed.


And the most important part -- we saw all the animals!

Thank you!

Christine Wong, July 2015


Family Safari to Tanzania’s Tarangire National Park, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti

After much research and review, we selected The Africa Adventure Company as the tour company for our Tanzanian family safari. They proved to be a top notch tour company and were wonderful to work with. All of the staff members were very professional and accommodating. Lynne was our main point of contact and did an excellent job of making sure all details were attended to, including transfers and special requests. She was very flexible, offered excellent recommendations, and helped us create the perfect safari for our family. 


Communication was also very thorough which was especially important as we were preparing for the trip and making sure we packed all of the essentials for our first time safari.

We were also very happy with all of our accommodations, most of which exceeded our expectations. They were all very clean, had very good food, and a friendly hospitable staff. The Treehouse was our favorite, not only having unique accommodations, but having a staff that continuously went above and beyond in every aspect making us feel pampered throughout our visit.


The best aspect of our safari was our guide, Emmanuel Mkenda. He was the primary reason that our safari turned out to be such a huge success. He was an exceptional guide with regard to both wildlife and customer service skills, being extremely professional and always having a smile on his face. He was amazingly skilled at being in the right place at the right time, and spotting wildlife everywhere we went. Mkenda was very attentive to our every need down to the most minute detail, even to the point of anticipating what we would need next. He continually worked to make our adventure a wonderful experience with great success. In all of our years of travel, he was the best guide that we have ever had, and feel that the overall amazing vacation we had was in large part due to his experience and expertise. He was an absolute pleasure to be around and we loved having him as part of our family for the trip.

We would highly recommend this tour company!

Lori, Dane and Carolyn Wuest, July 2015

Clients Trip Reports - April - June 2015

Explorer Safari to Kenya and Tanzania


Our Safari was the promised, "safari of a lifetime". From the second we got to the airport in Nairobi until we left we were taken care of and pampered at every chance. The 3 guides we had were fantastic, especially Alex in Kenya.


Every evening we got a briefing on the following day’s activities and during the day continual explanations of what we were doing and hoped to see. The guides really do know everything. 



The Kenyan and Tanzanian people really like Americans which is evident in the way we were treated. Almost every citizen and Maasai Village speaks English and they are very happy to have an American to converse with. They are a very happy and friendly family oriented people who have a strong urge to learn.


We saw, more than once, every animal there was to see and very close-up. Our photos look like something out of National Geographic.


If we ever return to anywhere in Africa we certainly will go with Africa Adventure and have no reservations about referring anyone else to your company. Our safari far exceeded our expectations and now we know why you provide the "safari of a lifetime". Words cannot truly express the awe and excitement of what we have experienced. This will stay with us forever.

Bob & Julie Christie, June 2015

Tanzanian Lodge Safari to the Northern Circuit

Hello Frank,


We had an amazing trip. We saw the big 5 and many other beautiful animals. I took over 1,400 photographs. Our guide, Martin, was the best. We learned so much about the animals from him. He was a wealth of information. I would love to go on safari with him as my guide again.



The lodges were all great and unique in their own way. The Serena Ngorongoro Lodge was in an amazing spot with views into the caldera. We awoke to elephants outside our window at the Sopa Lodge in Taranguire. They were all great.


The staff at the various lodges were all polite and helpful. At home, I'm still so used to replying to a greeting with "jambo." The food was excellent and a nice variety.


The representative at the airport was excellent. He expedited everything for us. I don't recall ever getting in and out of airports that fast in all my years of travel.


You guys are great. I look forward to future safaris with AAC. I'm eyeing a trip to South Africa next.


Thank you Frank and all of your staff.

Steven Main, June 2015

Best of Tanzania Luxury Honeymoon Safari


Dear Jessica,


Thank you for planning the most perfect honeymoon safari for us! Our trip was absolutely amazing!! It was the best trip of our lives. Everything about it was perfect. Thank you!!

I don’t even know where to start with our favorite moments because we have so many…. I guess I’ll go in order of the trip…


The second we landed in Nairobi we felt taken care of. We did not look at our itinerary, not even once, the entire trip! We never had to worry about missing a flight or not being picked up. The level of organization was impressive. Our driver, Rufus, was outstanding. We wanted to buy some gifts at a shop there but we were not going to do so because we didn’t want to carry it with us the entire trip so he offered to keep it until we returned to Nairobi at the end of the trip. We were really grateful. The hotel, Ole Sereni, decorated our room with rose petals and gave us a complimentary celebratory cake and chocolate covered strawberries. It was wonderful!


Arusha Coffee Lodge was beautiful!!! We wish we could have stayed longer there!


Little Oliver’s treated us like royalty. We enjoyed meeting Julie, the camp manager, and the entire team there, especially the Maasai that work there - Superti and Lazaro, who spent hours teaching us about their culture, while sitting next to a fire under a sky full of stars. What an amazing moment! When we left, we felt like family. Since we were on our honeymoon, they surprised us more than once! The first surprise was after a walking safari. They prepared the most beautiful little table with champagne to toast us. The second surprise was on our last night at that camp, they prepared a dinner on the deck of our tent, full of lanterns. In terms of sightseeing, my favorite moments were when we were surrounded by hundreds (maybe even more than a thousand) elephants - swimming, playing, eating, socializing. It was so great! Also, the night drive was so fun! We were lucky enough to see a serval cat and many other animals, and not to mention the sky full of stars.


Ngorongoro Serena Safari Lodge had the most impressive views! What a beautiful hotel! … and Ngorongoro Crater itself left us speechless with its beauty! The landscape, the flamingos, the amount of animals we saw…. and even the mating lions that we saw. Wow! We loved our guide, Fazo.


Namiri Plains was so beautiful and such an adventure! We saw soooo many lions here! We even had lions roaming around the camp site, which was very exciting for us. We saw a cheetah eating a fresh kill and had buffalo next to our tent, on our deck, the entire night!



Sayari, like you had told me before, was so beautiful! Extremely luxurious. Our honeymoon tent was gorgeous! We loved our guide, Promise. He had such a great sense of humor. 


He surprised us on our last day with a romantic surprise lunch by the Mara River. It was so beautiful! Our best sightseeing experience here was a leopard that was on the hunt as well as two other leopards that were mating.


We loved everything about our trip! Our guides, our camps, the hotels, the food, the sight seeing, the stars, the sunrises, the sunsets, the people, etc. I will 100% recommend The Africa Adventure Company. I am trying to convince my parents to go on this trip and I believe I already convinced my aunt to go next year for her 20 year anniversary. We will see...


Anyways, thank you again!

Cristina Ulvert and Santiago Chev, June 2015

Clients Trip Reports - January - March 2015

Tanzania Honeymoon Safari to Ndarakwai Ranch, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti

Thank you so much! Wow…I don't even know where to start! We kept remarking how seamless and amazing our entire trip was. A big thank you to all of you for everything you did! Our trip was beyond unbelievable and now we are dying to go back!!!



George was the most amazing guide and he truly made our trip so enjoyable. He is extremely personable and has a great sense of humor. He made everything feel so easy and effortless which was amazing. He is extremely knowledgeable about Tanzania, Africa as a whole, and the animals! We could go on forever how amazing we think he is! 


I will start with our candid thoughts about each place!


Ndarakwai- Amazing place to start our trip. The walking gaming was nice and the afternoon game ride was also nice. Eric (the owner's son) and his girlfriend were great. The food was also excellent. In terms of tented accommodations, this was our favorite. The tented room was really nice and the bathroom was great. Clearly the gaming isn't that great, but a nice way to ease into the trip. I think having one full day there was all we needed.


Manyara Ranch- In terms of experiences, they did the nicest job of sunset drinks in a different location both nights and a nice pre-dinner snack. We felt like the sunset drinks were really special and unique. The game walk and game drives were fun there… We enjoyed Alan and especially loved the Maasai guide, Lapapa. We went to the most amazing, truly authentic, Maasai village. This was by far the highlight of our trip!


Ngorongoro Crater Lodge- Unbelievable! We loved being pampered after 4 nights in a tented camp. Although it's a lodge, it was small and intimate. The room is not an ordinary room and it truly is a special place. Everything about our experience there was perfect. We loved when George drove us to the crater and set up this breakfast by the hippo pool. It was great! They knew it was our honeymoon and set the table one night in roses and gave us champagne and made it special for us. Also, we had the best massage in the world there! Great service.


Dunia Camp- Dunia Camp was nice. In terms of the room, it felt very similar to Manyara…It was nice they had the "bush tv" and a snack before dinner but we still preferred the Manyara experience of going somewhere and watching the sunset...


Four Seasons - We enjoyed our experience at the Four Seasons. The room itself was nice, nothing crazy or unordinary. The view was beautiful and we really enjoyed seeing the watering hole with tons of animals. The staff did a really nice job to make it more intimate although it is a big property. …The last night we were there Ori's siblings arranged a special night for us. The Four Seasons arranged the most special night for us. We watched the sunset in front of a fire in the middle of the Serengeti while they remembered what we liked to drink and brought us delicious appetizers. We then had dinner up on this rock with candles and it was beyond picturesque! It was the best way to end the trip and was the most magical night.


Now that we detailed each place, we also want to point out some other things!


Gibb's farm was an amazing experience. The food was superb and it was great to see the farm and learn about it. The balloon ride was great. Arusha Coffee Lodge was a nice place too!


We really enjoyed that in the beginning of our trip we felt like we were doing different activities and learning about Africa. We stressed how important it was to be immersed in the culture and like I said earlier, our favorite part was going to the village. My only regret is I wish we went to a school or did something else cultural...


Again, thank you all so very much for all your hard work. We had the most incredible trip and can't stop raving about Tanzania and Africa Adventure Company. We will be sending every person we know that goes to Africa to your company. 

Laurel Weiner and Ori Rom, March 2015

Private Safari to Tanzania featuring Asilia Portfolio of Camps and Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda


Dear Mark and Saskia,

The first half of our safari in Tanzania - many thanks for selecting Albert Nanyaro as our guide. So far, we think that he's the best guide we've had during our four tips to Africa. He is superb.


The second half of our excellent adventure in Rwanda was as wonderful as the first. Theo is a kind person and a great guide. Our visit to the Museum of Genocide in Kigali was very sad, and eye opening, but also inspiring in terms of reconciliation.


Our three days of gorilla trekking were thrilling. Each was better than the last. Theo kindly arranged for Francois to be our guide on each trek, at our request. Francois is famous and he worked with Dian Fossey. He is kind and funny in addition to highly knowledgeable. He encouraged each member of his groups, each day, to learn, relax and enjoy each visit to the utmost. His gorilla imitations are a hoot!


Our accommodations at Sabyinyo Silverback Lodge were supernal. Finn and Wendy treat their all their customers like invited guests.


It almost goes without saying that we thank you for a supernal Africa Adventure from beginning to end!

Arthur Kaplan, Feb 2015


"The Best of Tanzania" Privately Guided Safari to Tarangire, Ngorongoro and Serengeti


Dear Mr. Witten,

My wife, Ruthe, and I returned yesterday from our safari in Tanzania. I wanted to write immediately to tell you that it was a great trip. The arrangements made by the Africa Adventure Company fully met our expectations. The food was very good and the accommodations comfortable…


And then there was our guide, Mr. Mkenda. He was simply amazing. His knowledge of and ability to spot wild life led to some fantastic photo opportunities. Also, he was a great source of information on local geology, culture and flora and fauna.



Thank you very much for the effort put forth by you and your colleagues at the Africa Adventure Company.



Bob Kaplan, Feb 2015

Private Safari to Tanzania including Luxury Camping on the Serengeti


You arranged a wonderful trip to northern Tanzania for us in 2007. We hoped this recent trip could somehow surpass that adventure. Well, it exceeded our every expectation. The itinerary was just perfect. We had ample photographic opportunities and just enough time to relax between game drives.

Having someone at Kilimanjaro Airport facilitate our passage through immigration after our long flight was a nice touch. The accommodations were all satisfactory. Gibb’s Farm was as wonderful as I remembered it, Lemala Camp was ideally situated for maximizing our time in Ngorngoro, and the Asilla tented camps were magnificent. Kudos for placing us in Kimondo and Dunia for the last five nights. We were able to fully appreciate the Serengeti from dawn to dusk. The staff at those two camps were also extremely warm and friendly. I had the pleasure of celebrating my 69th birthday in Kimondo.

What made this safari most memorable was our guide, Mkenda. We can't praise him enough. We were constantly amazed at his ability to spot wildlife at a great distance. He understands what makes a great photograph and made every effort to get us in the right location. He is knowledgeable, easy going, and it was a joy to travel with him. We can see why he was selected to guide Mark Nolting on his recent trip to Tanzania.
Jim and Cathy Kleeman, Feb 2015


Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Flying Safari to Kenya's Chyulu Hills and Private Tanzania Safari to the Serengeti


Thanks so much to Szilvia, Mark and everyone at Africa Adventure Company for putting together this great trip. Here is some feedback for your consideration:


- Your ground representative in Kigali did a great job meeting and orienting us in Rwanda. Bernard was our guide and he was very personable, friendly and knowledgeable.   The Genocide Memorial was a must stop in Kigali.


- Sabyinyo Lodge- Very Good- I wrote a great review on Trip Advisor - “Great Lodge Designed for Gorilla Treks”

- Ol Donyo Lodge- Excellent- Enjoy reading my Trip Advisor review- “Like Returning to Visit a Close Friend!”

- Our Tanzanian Safari Guide, Deogratius was outstanding, got to know him pretty well over 5 days


- Ngorongoro Crater- obviously great game viewing


- Olduavai Gorge- very good, something I remember reading about when I was a kid. Would have liked to go into the gorge if time would have permitted.


- Olakira Camp - Excellent- A highlight was seeing the migration herds in the southern Serengeti.


- Grumeti Reserve’s Faru Faru- Excellent- Please read our Trip Advisor review- “Yes, It's That Good!”


- Baraza (Zanzibar) - Very good- Please read our Trip Advisor review- “Great Place To Relax”


- Gorilla Treks- Outstanding; 1st trek, Sabyinyo group- they came out of the park and met us in the potato fields; very close contact, at times even brushing up against us; 2nd trek, Agasha group- long hike through fields and then up the mountain, not quite as active as first group, but very nice; on this hike the porters were invaluable!


We had a great trip. The overall number of travelers we saw were down as compared to previous seasons based on comments from locals we got to know. The overall consensus was that the Ebola scare was the primary reason. While that was generally good for us with reduced crowds and perhaps some more personalized service, we also regret the negative impact it has had on travel related workers and economies.

Steve Plesh, Feb 2015

Luxury Tanzanian Safari exploring Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti


Kyle and The Africa Adventure Company,

Thank you for the wonderful Safari. Tanzania exceeded all of our expectations! After our experiences in Southern Africa we were leery of the “crowds” of East Africa. Kyle really chose some camps – Tarangire TreeTops, Dunia, Sayari – that really gave us a secluded feeling and enhanced our experience.


For the first 5 nights, our guide was Baracka… we had a great experience at Lake Manyara – very different than any camp or park we have ever been in. Enjoyed the elephant encounters and a nice pride of lion. Crowds were minimal at the south end of the park and we hardly saw other vehicles in the south.


Baracka also took us into the Crater and stayed with us at the Manor. Despite the number of vehicles, we were awestruck by the crater and its beauty. The Manor was magnificent bordering on too opulent. Roddy was excellent as manager – they threw us a private dinner in the library one night and made sure a hot bath was ready for us when we arrived both days. His uncle owns Chikwenya lodge in Mana Pools where we stayed in 2001 – so we had lots to talk about.


We moved on to Dunia Camp and it was truly spectacular. We saw leopard and lions on every game drive. Lucas was an OUTSTANDING guide. Excellent with his tracking and very personable – he worked in the hotel industry prior to guiding. We felt Lucas is probably the best 2 or 3 guides we have ever had – definitely near the level of Brooks from Wilderness Botswana whom we love. The camp and staff were excellent as well…


Sayari Camp was excellent and a gorgeous way to end the trip. We didn’t see another lodge vehicle for the 2 days we were there. Julie was outstanding as camp manager – she has been there for only 6 weeks, but was at Kings Pool (Botswana) for a long time. She definitely had the camp running very well. We had lamented the lack of sundowners in East Africa compared to Botswana, so at the end our wonderful walking safari along the Mara River she surprised us with sundowners at a hippo pool – although we had to leave before sundown by park requirements. The other groups got sundowners on their last day as well so I am sure it is something she is working on. The walk along the Mara was awesome – I could have done that all day…. saw lots of game on both sides of the river and some truly GIGANTIC crocs.



Thank you again – our expectations were exceeded and that says a lot given our past travels and safaris. Not sure what we will do next ……..maybe a walking safari ?


Thank you again

Mike and Colleen Shepard, January 2015



Serengeti Explored Safari to Tanzania


Dear Mark, and the Team: Thank you so much for arranging one of the most wonderful trips of my life -- and certainly the most memorable birthday! Almost every aspect of the trip exceeded my expectations, but most especially the overall quality of the accommodations, the amount of wildlife seen, the beauty of the countryside, and the knowledge, attentiveness, and skill of my guides, Mkenda and Blessed. They both made me feel completely safe and protected, and made the trip truly special by enabling me to see an unbelievable assortment of animals, including 9 rhino (including a baby!), 4 leopard, 9 cheetah, thousands of wildebeest, and dozens of elephants, lions, giraffes, hippos, hyenas, mongoose, jackal, many types of antelope -- and even a crocodile. But the most unexpected pleasure of the trip was that, because of Mkenda's tireless effort and enthusiasm, I was able to spot 270 different species of birds -- truly amazing for such a short period of time.


- Ndarakwai and Namiri Plains were my two favorite camps, and a great way to bookend the trip. Beautiful, comfortable accommodations, terrific locations, and great fresh food (indeed, fantastic gourmet food at Namiri), as well as very kind and helpful staff, and great local guides (Asheri and Blessed) made these camps exceptional. I could easily have stayed longer in each location, and found them both very beautiful and extremely relaxing.


- I also enjoyed my stay at the Serengeti Shared Mobile Camp, where I thought the tents were well-designed and very comfortable, and Peter, the manager, was a terrific host who attended gracefully to every need. Plus, it was in such a beautiful location next to Lake Ndutu, with its beautiful sunsets, abundant bird life, and close proximity to so much game. The food was simple, but tasty, plentiful and well prepared.


- The guides: I cannot say enough in praise of Mkenda. His enthusiasm and cheerfulness never flagged, while he ensured that every request was met, and every detail of my trip went as smoothly as it possibly could. He patiently taught me more about birds and animals than I had learned in a lifetime before this trip, and I will always be grateful for that. I cannot imagine a better guide! Similarly, though my time with Blessed was more brief, I was very impressed by his knowledge of the birds and animals, as well as his thoughtfulness and insight into African history, politics and resource management, which were subjects I was very interested in learning more about. He was a fascinating, friendly, and articulate guide, who also went above and beyond to ensure I had a great experience and saw many wonderful things.



…I am completely hooked on Africa, and plan to do another safari sometime in the next couple of years. I would not consider arranging it with anyone else. Your team did a fantastic job!


Thank you again for arranging this wonderful safari!



Elissa Warantz, January 2015