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July 2014, Linda Quinlan
12 Day-Zimbabwe’s Legend Flying safari to Hwange, Mana Pools and Victoria Falls

12 Day AAC Legends of Zimbabwe Safari **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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The trip was fantastic! Everything went so smoothly, it was so enjoyable. I am so glad we used Africa Adventure and went to smaller parks, after speaking to others on different safaris...and even bush pilots said we had better experiences than we would have at the larger parks.

Hwange was very unique....we saw lions, giraffes, elephants, gazelle, kudo, oryx (yes...a rarity), hippo, zillion birds and an African wild cat....I’m sure I missed mentioning something! Gloria and Denzel were wonderful hosts and treated us like royalty! Mike, our guide was the best! It’s amazing everything he found for us....and was extremely knowledgeable. Did you know that the elephants drink from the swimming pool there and you sit in lounge chairs 7 feet from them while they slurp up fresh water! I had palpitations, but it was an amazing experience! Oh, and the cook? A 5 star NYC restaurant equivalent!..

Mana Pools was also amazing. Peter and Alister were quite a pair. Our guide, Henry, was exceptional! We walked to a lion kill and African dog den. Actually we did quite a few walks. We saw so many animals! Henry tried to track a leopard ......but those little buggers are sneaky. We did a canoe trip that was amazing....we were told it would be 1.5 hrs and made it back to camp in 3....... I think every hippo in Zimbabwe was in that section of the river! We were by ourselves there (at camp)....except for the first night. When Henry asked us what we wanted to see, we told him we were game for show us "his" backyard......I think he did way more than he usually does on outings.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

The people in Zimbabwe were wonderful and most gracious. They really are happy to see you visit their country…Thank you for planning such a wonderful trip for us. Our hosts and tour guides were like family by the time we left, even though we were there a short time.....

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And what can I say about Victoria Falls Hotel (I’ve said amazing, how many times already!). Beyond our wildest dreams! They really treat you like stars/ royalty. It was the most beautiful hotel we ever stayed at. Ester was fantastic on the falls tour. The elephant safari was a unique experience. And we loved the canoe trip (although after the Mana Pools was quite tame)

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We had the best time......and you can bet that we will recommend your company to anyone we hear is interested in safari....... and, if we get the chance to return......well, your on our speed dial!