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March 2014, Dawn Lowe
18 Day-Visit to Cape Town Safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger in South Africa Safari to Chobe Game Park in Botswana Visit to Victoria Falls to Zimbabwe

18 Day Best of Southern Africa Safari to South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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We are home from our great adventure with stories and memories that we will be sharing for our lifetime. As an older novice traveler, traveling with a minor, the one thing I knew to do well was to research the travel company I chose. I could not have done better. So many thanks for the prompt replies and reassurances for the many questions I had. You guys are awesome!

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

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Our hotel in Cape Town was excellent. The rooms were clean and the staff friendly. The day trips suggested were full of interest. And if I was thinking that hotel was excellent I had no idea what was waiting at Buffalo Camp. Really, there are no words to describe the luxury of these permanent tents. The reception was warm, the food wonderful, the guides knowledgeable and approachable, it was spectacular. My grandson learned so many things from the guides and was spoiled with kindness at the camp.

The hotel in Zimbabwe was again excellent. I appreciated knowing to take cash and try and refrain from using a credit card or bank. It was really good advice and I was able to follow it. I was unprepared for the cost of food and personal items in Zimbabwe. I believe it was at least twice what I paid for similar expenses while in South Africa.

We ended our safari at Muchenje Safari Lodge in Botswana. I was surprised at the completely different feel between the two lodges. This lodge had a more homey, going to camp as a kid feel. I thoroughly enjoyed it and appreciated the different experience that each camp offered.

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Every thing went exceedingly smooth. Each time we got off the plane there was someone to greet us and take us to our destination. Dropping off at the airport meant taking us and our bags to the ticket counter and making sure we had our tickets for the next flight. Special thanks to driver Wilbert in South Africa and Bigboy in Zimbabwe.

This was the kind of trip I had imagined. I had a knowledgable company to do the planning and have as support, without the stifling nature of travelling in a herd of folks... The tips on tipping were very helpful and taking 100 one dollar bills is something I shall always do now wherever I travel.

Thank you all so very much.