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May 2014, Richard McLaughlin
12 Day-Visit Cape Town Safari to Limpopo – Mashatu Private Game Reserve Visit Tzaneen in the Drakensberg Mountains Safari to a Private Game Reserve

12 Day Active Wildlife Safari of Southern Africa **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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The trip was awesome. We are so grateful for all your help, insight and execution. Thanks to you and all your team. We absolutely loved the trip and are so grateful for all your help.

Mashatu was incredible. The property was fantastic, the food top notch, the people were all so enthusiastic and friendly - and the wildlife so varied and abundant. We loved everything about Mashatu. From the very cool cable ride-in over the Limpopo river, to our great guides, to the beautiful and diverse terrain - we couldn’t have asked for more or been more pleased.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

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Cape Town was beautiful. The Radisson was lovely and a great location.

Tanda Tula was beautiful. The property and facility was stunning. Our tents were first class, spectacularly luxurious…

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The weather was awesome. And as we learned, this was the ideal time to go, at least from our prospective. The days were pleasantly warm, and nights/mornings cool. But what was best was the fact that bugs and other creepy crawlers were at a minimum… Don't think we saw even one mosquito and certainly no scorpions... Our weather in Cape Town was perfect as well.

All the transfers worked perfectly. All were exceedingly friendly, courteous and always on time. We appreciated the passes to the airport lounge.

Thank you again for everything.