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July 2014, Pat Choy
14 Day-“Under Tanzanian Skies” Safari to Ndarakwai, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti

14 Day Group Safari Under Tanzanian Skies **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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As for what we came to Africa for, it was everything I imagined! The sights and sounds of wildlife literally at our door at night was at once, scary and exciting. Surprisingly, Collin (11) who was my roommate, said to me one morning before rising, "you know, Grandma, I like hearing the birds waking me up in the morning."

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

The guides accompanying us were so knowledgeable about their country, the land (geography), animal behavior, climatology, economics, etc., that we were impressed that they were able to answer creditably, almost any questions posed to them. Notably, they bonded with us, especially with the children. That was a big plus, in our books. They questioned, reviewed, and taught them many things of what they seeing, eating, and generally experiencing in this new environment.

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The lodges and camps were awesome! My favorite was the Treetops Lodge. (almost left the safari to stay there indefinitely). The most telling aspect was the SERVICES rendered at each locale. The services were so obsequiousness, condescension, haughtiness, or the like; only friendliness and a seemingly genuine desire to please and make our visit as pleasant and memorable as possible. That is a great selling point.

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Hello Mark and company,

Thank you for making my #1 bucket list priority dream realized in such a fantastic fashion! This was a wonderful experience and I consider this my "magnum opus" by treating my family to go along with me in celebration of my 80th birthday. (With minimum persuasion)