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July 2014, Carol and Bud Petersen
12 Day-Serengeti Mobile Camping Under the Tanzanian Sky

12 Day Best of Tanzania Premier Drive/Fly Safari **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

Overall Trip Experience Rating: 

Countries Visited: 

What a fabulous trip. Every detail of this safari was perfection from start to end. And everyone was so friendly and helpful.

Guide Experience Rating:

Our guide, Hillary, was very knowledgeable about the areas we visited and the animals that we saw. He arranged the day so that we would get maximum animal viewing. After all, that is why we went on safari. Hillary should be given an award for stopping every time I had to go to the bathroom. Actually he should receive guide of the year for 2014!!

Accommodation Experience Rating: 


The lodges and tents were very nice, and the food selections were plentiful. The shared Serengeti Mobile Camp worried me until I became used to the facilities…The food was very good at the camp, especially the soups. We were amazed that the food was so good for the facilities that they had. And everyone at the camp had the biggest smiles all the time!!

AAC Experience Rating:
AAC Trip Planning and Organisation: 
It was a trip of a lifetime. Your company from the first day gave us all the information in a timely manner and answered our email questions quickly. It was a pleasure dealing with a company that is so reputable.

Thank you.