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August 2014, John & Kathy Wingard
10 Day-Safari to Tanzania’s North and South

10 Day Luxury Sky Safari to Tanzania **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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The trip was great and all arrangements went as planned - thanks for setting this up!... the safari gods were really good to us as we saw all the big cats and a pack of wild dogs, African wild cat, striped hyena, lioness killing a zebra, cheetahs on a kill, and a Mara River crossing.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

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Camps were good, guides at Oliver's and Sayari were really good, food was great at all. Lot more vehicles than we are used to in southern Africa, particularly in the Serengeti but to be expected during the Great Migration in East Africa. Just started looking at pictures but plan to send you some later this year.

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Hi Kyle, thanks again for organizing this fantastic trip!