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May 2014, Betsy and Emil Kloske
14 Day-Safari in Hwange and visit to Victoria Falls - Zimbabwe Flying safari in Botswana to Chobe and Okavango Delta

14 Day Botswana and Zimbabwe Classic Safari **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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I wanted to send you some feedback about our trip while it is still fresh. First of all, I want to thank you for arranging for us the most incredible trip imaginable! We loved every minute of it. We appreciated that the transfer agents were always there to greet us, and we were never left to figure out where to go or what to do next. We were always treated with warmth and respect, and truly felt like VIPs.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

Victoria Falls was amazing, and the hotel stay was like stepping back in history. Esther stayed with us most of the day, and we agree with the reviews that suggest that she's one of the loveliest ladies in Africa.
The tour of the falls with her was very interesting, so much better than having done it on our own…We enjoyed the helicopter ride over the falls…

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Our first camp, Davisons Camp in Hwange, was wonderful. The young directors were warm and friendly, and our guide, Mike, was brilliant…The camp was charming and the food great…Mike knew every bird, gave us a lecture on the usefulness of elephant dung, etc., and kept us entertained the whole time. He also had a wonderful sense of humor.

Our next camp was Ngoma Safari Lodge. It was clearly the most elegant lodge in the most beautiful setting. And it had the most animals close by and in larger concentrations. They even had wi-fi right there from the dining room overlooking the great view…Our guide at Ngoma, BG, was very good and we managed to see a wonderful assortment of big animals. The room we had was on a par with any at a nice hotel…

The last camp was Little Tubu. The director, Philly, was very welcoming and a 'bigger than life' type of person. She and the guide, Bee, ate meals with us, and we spent a lot of time laughing during those meals. They're great people. Bee was also very knowledgeable about the animals and environment, though he was not quite as polished as our other guides. But I can't say it enough--all of the guides we had were top-notch. Little Tubu was a unique little place in that it was basically built up in the trees. We really enjoyed ourselves there.

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Again, there were only four of us staying there, so we got a lot of attention. We had a good concentration of animals there (although not as much as at Ngoma). I don't know if Little Tubu would be right for everyone, but it was right for us.

And thanks again for everything! We will always remember this trip.