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August 2014, Bernie and Keith Keller
14 Day-Private Tanzanian Safari including Mobile Camping on the Serengeti

14 Day AAC Private Safari with Great Guides **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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It has taken us awhile to come back to reality from our trip. Sometimes there are no words to describe this event, and other times there are just too many to wrap ourselves around to do justice to it.

My most favorite part of the trip, was to stand in the open roofed truck and experience the huge expanse that is Africa and all the wonder that follows on such a grand scale. It was everything I thought it would be, and if possible more. We are grateful. Thank you.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

Next, Jabshir Rashidi. He is such a wonderful teacher and guide. He never seemed to tire of our endless questions. With every animal or bird he pointed out he also told their story of survival and life and how they then fit into the whole of the country. Jabshir has a love and respect for his country that is very tangible. We are so privileged and grateful to have seen Africa thru his eyes. And his eyes are crazy! The things he sees and from the distance he sees them from is just nothing short of amazing. Because of his ability to find many things to see, from animal to flora, and his great supply of patience, we were able to capture over 7000 pictures. He would find us something and patiently wait for us to ask questions and photograph it and then say "Are we good?" If yes, we moved on, if not yet, we stayed a little longer until, "We're good". I know the trip would not have been the same without him, so "Thank You Jabshir"!

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All the places we stayed at were just perfect. The food, accommodations, and the people were wonderful. Two Best things about the trip were the Balloon Ride and the Shared Safari Camp. Everyone knew their jobs and were very accommodating and made the trip better because we experienced their warm hospitality.

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First, let me say "Thank You". You put together the perfect trip for us, following exactly our specifications. There was nothing out of place. We have already, and will continue to recommend Africa Adventure Company to anyone who wants to seriously adventure into this magnificent continent.