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August 2014, Paulina Vega
14 Day-Private Tanzania Safari with Expert Naturalist Guide

14 Day Group Safari Under Tanzanian Skies **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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I do not know how to thank you... This was the best experience I've ever lived. We want to plan another safari in a few years and we will definitely plan it with the Africa Adventure Company. THANK YOUUU!!!!!

I don't even know where to begin... Every expectation I had (really very high) were crushed by what we experienced. We fell in love with the scenery, with the people, with the lodges and camp...

Every day we made a recount of our personal highlight and everyday we got so many that we couldn't choose. Waking up in the morning when it was still dark wasn't troubling the moment we looked at the starry sky... I can't explain the rush and the excitement we felt every second of the day... Driving around the parks wondering what was it that we would encounter next.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

Our guide, George Mollel was incredible... I guess all of your guides are real experts and knowledgeable, but what I think made a difference with George was his optimism and energy... There was nothing he was not willing to do in order for us to have a great time and see what we wanted to see... In the Serengeti, we even drove 3 hours north to go to the Mara River... we didn't get to see a wildebeest crossing but what we got to see in the river was all worth it... A true image of death... We might have seen around 200 wildebeest carcasses throughout the small part of the river we covered. It was heartbreaking but so real.

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Also something we loved was that on our second night on the Katikati Camp, after dinner the staff came out singing their "happy birthday" song and came over to our table bringing a "Happy Anniversary" cake... I was so moved... It is truly a memory I will cherish forever. And the balloon safari was an out of this world experience. The views, the sunrise... It was breathtaking.

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Thank you sooo much for helping us plan this trip... it was truly an incredible and unforgettable experience... Everything was so organized I was truly impressed that we made all the arrangements via email without a single phone call!