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August 2014, Becky & Richard Douglas
10 Day-Private Safari to Kenya’s Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and Maasai Mara

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Thanks for the welcome back! First and foremost we had a fantastic time again! Kenya is a very fascinating place to say the least…

The drive from Lake Nakuru to the Maasai Mara is long (and dusty) but worth it. Seeing townships, villages, and wild life all along the way…

Kichwa Tembo (Maasai Mara). Well, not enough can be said about this place. It was breathtaking. We were put into one of the newest tents and although it was far back from the scenic part it was perfect for us. It gave us a chance to walk back and forth giving us some exercise and there was nothing (noise) except for the peering eyes and chatter of the monkeys. We slept with the sides of tent up, the shower open and the toilet as well. What a freeing experience I must say! The staff was phenomenal!! The food, fantastic! Would we go there again, without a doubt.

As for wild life, it was fantastic and we saw everything we had come to see.. The big 5 and more. Lots of LOVE in the air as well and we have some great pictures to prove it.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

Alex, our guide was FABULOUS! He met us first thing in the morning and was a wealth of information from the moment we stepped into the land cruiser…

Alex, our guide, was a wealth of knowledge in all areas of the locals, schools, country, wild life, He had an answer for every question and if he didn't he found it from someone along the way. He also had fantastic ideas! Like when I said I wanted to buy a few Maasai clubs to take home as gifts. Now, I could have bought them in the stores but Alex said, hold up Becky, why don't we stop at a Maasai village on the road back to Nairobi. They would have the REAL thing there and I can try and bargain with them if you'd like, that way it will help the villagers directly. So not too far from camp on the way back we saw a village. Alex blew the horn and a young girl came out running, all smiles. Alex asked if they had any of these clubs in the village and if so would the elders mind selling one. She went back to ask. A few minutes later she was back with 3 BEAUTIFUL clubs, one which was beaded and are now sitting in a stand on my kitchen table... One will go to my son, the other two are my treasures. Thank you Alex for caring so much.

The Mara is awe inspiring, the life, the death, the vast space (my and Alexs' new saying, “take a picture of forever”) the mountains, the river, the people. It was an awesome trip to say the least.

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Amboseli. What a fabulous park! More elephants then we've ever come across at one setting. Mt. Kilimanjaro was of course covered by clouds most of the time but we did get to see her peak on our way to our sundowner which was breath taking to say the least. The accommodations at Tortilis Camp were unbelievable! The food was fantastic, tents clean and fresh and EVERYONE was friendly, polite and always welcoming. We would recommend this camp to anyone. We had a fantastic time there...

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Thank you Lynne and everyone else for taking such wonderful care of us and giving us another trip of a life time.

Thanks again,