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June 2014, Kira Tewalt
10 Day-Private Lodge Safari to Tanzania’s Northern Circuit

10 Day AAC Group Lodge Safari to Tanzania **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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We are indeed back from an amazing trip all around.

Thank you for all you did - it was quite the success! We were super pleased with all our accommodations and, in particular, with our guide, Mathey. I do wish we had stayed an extra night at the Tarangire Safari Lodge as that place and view is amazing (we heard a lion roar at night!). Also, thank you for the animal book you sent, we used it to notate all the animals and birds we saw. And we used the backpacks that you sent, as they were of great quality.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

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I was very much impressed by AAC and all the preparations that you helped me with. The safari was just perfect for me and my two children. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone going on safari.

My Best,