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August 2014, Dana Riccard
12 Day-Migration Private Safari to Tanzania’s Tarangire, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro and Serengeti

12 Day Best of Tanzania Premier Drive/Fly Safari **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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Overall, we were so pleased to see different environments and experience different camps on our safari. Thank you again for all your planning, hand holding and expertise. This is truly the trip of a lifetime and one we will never forget.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

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Nairobi - So glad we didn't cancel our trip. We were greeted on the tarmac after a long day…Our guide in Nairobi, Newton, was probably the best guide we had on the trip. We loved the Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Manor and Karen Blixen Home. Tamarind was a lovely spot for lunch.

Tarangire/Little Oliver’s - We really enjoyed Little Oliver’s. The sunsets were spectacular and the park was beautiful. We liked that they did a walking safari ( despite my trepidation) and a night drive. They packed the most wonderful breakfast for us, as we were on the road very early. The food was very good and we enjoyed the intimacy of the camp with just two other couples in residence with us…

Ngorongoro Crater/Exploreans/Gibbs Farm - Wow- Exploreans is quite the place to stay. It was a nice change from the tents. The staff was lovely and the villas were spectacular. We loved sitting by the pool and relaxing after safari. They included more expensive drinks in the price, which was really nice. We asked the GM if we could sit outside in the restaurant and play cards, and his reply was "of course, this is your home". We loved our lunch at Gibbs Farm. We wandered around and saw the animal pens and various food making operations.

We had an amazing day in the crater. We saw a hyena kill of a zebra. ( kind of hard to watch, but it was pretty incredible). The setting is so beautiful as you drop from the rain forest into the crater.

Our guide for Tarangire and Ngorongoro was James/Ombeni. He was very knowledgeable and excellent at finding amazing wildlife...

Olakira/Serengeti- We loved the staff at Olakira. They were so friendly and the food was spectacular. Chocolate truffles to die for!! They barbequed in the pouring rain and it was wonderful. The best appetizers too. We met the most interesting people at Olakira, and we really enjoyed the communal aspect to the camp. Daniel the bartender was most hospitable, and they did not skimp on the wine! If we had stayed in lodges like Exploreans the whole time, we would have missed this part of the trip. Our guide, Reuben, was wonderful. He wanted so badly for us to see the Wildebeest crossing and to find a rhino (alas, that was the only thing we did not see). We were incredibly fortunate to see 2 huge crossings and it was truly a sight.

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Hello Elena,
You did a fantastic job planning our safari. I think it was just about the right amount of time for us, and the variety of accommodations was great. Here are a few thoughts about our experience.

I will certainly recommend Africa Adventure Company to anyone who in interested in traveling to Africa.

All My Best.