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July 2014, John and Joan Tarsha
15 Day-“Galloping Gnus” Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

15 Day Group Explorer Safari to Kenya and Tanzania **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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We had a fantastic vacation. Saw lots of animals up close, learned a great deal about Africa and it's people, and met some interesting people. A great adventure and one we will always remember.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

Our main guide, George Mollel, was fantastic; one of our best guides ever and a main reason we had such a good time. And we got some fantastic photos and videos.

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We loved Tortilis Camp. It was magical! Our guide, Vincent, was very good. We spotted a hawk eating a mongoose. Mara Explorer offered the best view! Magical setting, Jeremiah and Andrew and all the staff were excellent. Food was excellent, outstanding.

The extension to Zanzibar was great and very relaxing. And necessary since the safari was fun but very tiring. Breezes is one of the best beach resorts we've ever been to, maybe the best.

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