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July 2014, Linda and Skip Shipman
15 Day-Flying safari to Private Game Reserve near Kruger/ Flying safari to Malilangwe and Mana Pools, Zimbabwe/ Flying safari to Linyanti, Moremi, Okavango Delta in Botswana / Visit to Victoria Falls

15 Day Best of Luxurious Southern Africa **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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We saw just about everything that anyone could expect on safari, and much more, including a pangolin. We actually never saw the head, as it was in a defensive ball when we arrived; so it looked like a giant, African artichoke. But all the guides were excited, so we knew it was something unusual.

We also saw sable, hartebeest, and roan antelope; white and black rhino; lion, leopard, and hyena cubs and wild dog pups; lots of leopard; a fleeting glimpse of a cheetah; many interesting birds, including a rosy breasted long claw; other sightings include a honey badger, a couple varieties of mongoose, nile monitor, fighting buffalo, and “all the usual suspects” — zebra, lion, fabulous elephants, giraffe, hyenas, impala, warthog, kudo, klipspringer, rock hyrax, waterbuck, steenbok, nyala, reedbuck, red lechwe, etc.

We also saw a he/she lioness who has a mane like a male but is actually a female. Apparently this is not the first seen at this camp; it was amazing. There were lots of exciting moments including a chase with wild dogs hunting, eluding stubborn hippos while canoeing (had to portage canoes around them in a narrow channel), tracking black rhino and many other interesting quests.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

We enjoyed the canoeing and walking with Nick Murray at Vundu, and Alan was treated to a Poo Cake to celebrate at belated birthday. That was good for a laugh for several days. Nick said for me to tell Elena that we had some quality time with “Mudzi” the elephant….a wonderful experience. We received a gift at both Mombo and Jao as a returning customer, a pleasant surprise. Also, it was nice for you to arrange for the guide to be with us at both camps; it was very considerate, but not necessary.

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Thanks again for everything.