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July 2014, Bill & Janis Webb
11 Day-Flying Safari to Kenya’s Maasai Mara

11 Day Intrepid Tented Safari to Kenya **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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We just returned from the 4th trip you arranged for us to the Maasai Mara. It might have been our BEST trip! The people you work with on the ground did a fabulous job while we were in Nairobi. Not only are they friendly and helpful, but they greet us with the warmth of “welcome back”…. They are always so appreciative that we love it there so much and that we want to keep returning.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

And then there is our guide, Samson. The bond we have developed together is for life. Not only is he an amazing, knowledgeable and considerate guide, he has truly become our friend. We had amazing experiences with Samson…. We were right in the middle of the huge migration; saw 7 crossings; 2 rhinos; many, many lions, along with very young cubs; cheetah and their young; 3 different leopards; a python; lots of elephants and their young; and, of course, all the other wonderful animals, birds… too many to mention them all. We also experienced action…. A female lion killed a wildebeest during one of the crossings and then we watched how the male lion showed up to “have his meal”. Samson not only knows how to find the animals, but his love of the Mara becomes contagious. The land, smells, sun rises and sun sets and amazing rainbows…. All a part of the magic we experience while we are there.

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The Mara Intrepids truly treat us like family…. A complimentary bottle of wine in our tent…. A surprise farewell dinner for just the two of us…. So many of the staff genuinely greet us with the same excitement that we feel being back together again. It’s truly an amazing experience filled with warmth and love.

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AAC Trip Planning and Organisation: 
Dear Kyle, Janet and all the wonderful people at The Africa Adventure Company who work so hard to make their customers happy…..

Thank you all for being so wonderful to work with. You truly take the stress out of going on a trip that can sometimes be concerning. Your attention to detail is fabulous. When our plane lands in Nairobi, there is someone at our sides to help us find our way. We had a wonderful experience.

Thank you from us both. We look forward to our next trip!
Warmest regards,