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June 2014, Elaine Kuo
18 Day-Flying safari to Etosha in Namibia Flying safari to Okavango Delta and Moremi in Botswana

19 Day Best of Namibia and Botswana **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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Thanks so much for your email. We had a fantastic time on our African Safari. The kids really loved seeing all the animals!

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

The staff at each camp were excellent in their service and we were so grateful to have Brooks as our guide. He was great - kept us and the kids entertained as well as teaching us so much about the wildlife and animal behaviors...He is such a great tracker too - found the leopards for us at Little Tubu and Little Mombo

Took so many photos - had 5 cameras going...

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Ate too much though (as the food was so good). Stephen asked for some recipes from the cooks at Little Tubu..

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AAC Trip Planning and Organisation: 
Thank you for organizing our trip - we really enjoyed every place that we went to.