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July 2014, Susan McCray, Yvette Pratt, Collette Pratt, & Jean Pratt Beuoy
14 Day-Cultural and Wildlife Safari to Ndarakwai, Ngorongoro and Serengeti

14 Day AAC Private Safari with Great Guides **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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We cannot thank you enough. Our time in Tanzania was truly extraordinary, a once in a lifetime experience. I am going to try to capture our highlights here, but please know that I am writing for all four of us, Yvette, Collette, their mother Jean, and myself. I am going to try to touch on Africa Adventure, Tanzanian culture and wildlife, and perhaps most significantly, Ephata, our guide.

Tanzania: Culture and Wildlife
Wow! That is all I can say, wow. We instantly and then over the course of the trip fell in love with the people, the place, and the wildlife. It is such a beautiful country. We know we only encountered a handful of people, but it was hard not to believe that every person in the nation is sweet, vibrant, joyful, caring, and giving. We also appreciate that we were able to learn about the Masai, a fascinating and rich culture…And, then of course, the wildlife is truly unbelievable. Tanzania with the Serengeti has in its borders some of the most beautiful wildlife anywhere. We had no idea we would see so much, in sheer quantity as well as in variety and activity. In our twelve day trip, we saw a total of 93 lions. We saw two male cheetahs fighting over one female. We saw five lion cubs feeding on a recent kill and then following their mother across the open plain and into the rocks. We saw lions mating. We saw a leopard stalking gazelles. We saw numbers upon numbers of zebra, elephant, giraffe, and more. We saw a crossing. All truly, truly unbelievable. We wish everyone could have an opportunity to visit this remarkable country.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

What can we say? There are no words. We are so grateful to know Ephata. He is an exceptional guide -and person. He is thoughtful, caring, joyful, and unbelievably knowledgeable. Ephata has an advanced degree in wildlife conservation, so is clearly so expert, but he is also a great teacher. I never thought I would learn so much on this trip, but he offered up information always at the perfect moment. He is clearly the top of his profession, and this trip would not have been the same without him. Yvette and Collette's mother was very anxious going into this trip, but Ephata knew just the right things to say and do, and by the end, she trusted him like no other. By the end of our journey, we all felt emotional saying good-bye, because we felt so fortunate for all he had given to us. We felt we had a new friend. We so hope our paths will cross again sometime.

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Ndarakwai Ranchi: It was the perfect first stop. The place is stunningly beautiful. The tents are sublime, with just what you want for comfort, but not over the top and all in a tent. The central area has the same feel with it's open space and overall comfort. There is a simplicity, but also a kind of elegance to the whole place…

The Serengeti Mobile Camp: Amazing! Again, the people were so incredibly sweet! They clearly work hard! They also went out of their way to make sure our mother was comfortable and at ease. They were so joyful, helpful, and fun. We instantly felt at home. And of course it is such an experience to live so close to the natural environment of Tanzania. This is a must experience!!

Lemala Kuria Hills: This was far more luxury than we are used to, and at first we thought we were going to be uncomfortable. But this place is out of this world. It is stunningly beautiful. Every detail is done tastefully and thoughtfully. It is such luxury, but has managed to create a design that still fits with the landscape. And, again, the people were amazing. They are the reason we felt so at ease. Every person there was joyful and helpful. Again, we felt like we could make real relationships. It was blissful.

School Visit: I also want to mention how meaningful it was to us to be able to visit a school. We asked Ephata if it might be possible since I am a teacher, and he made it happen. The kids were spirited, singing us a song, and the teachers were so committed. It was illuminating and deeply moving. It felt like one of the most important moments of our trip.

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Dear Africa Adventures,

First, we must thank Africa Adventure for making this all possible. It is clearly an expert operation. I so enjoyed talking with Elena; she quickly helped me feel confident in her and the organization. She listened intently and built a trip to meet our particular interests and desires. She was also reassuring and responsive. In one call, I felt like I was talking to a friend who was giving me recommendations I could trust. I am sure there are a variety of itineraries, but ours seemed absolutely perfect. We loved that we moved through Tanzania, starting in Kilimanjaro and ending in the northern Serengeti. There was such a great variety to the places we stayed and the things we did. And, everything on the ground ran incredibly smoothly…I have been fortunate enough to travel to many places, and I have always encountered glitches or bumps in plans, but everything was seamless. This fluidity and ease allowed us to be completely in the moment, taking advantage of every experience to the fullest. It was such a gift.

…In closing, this was one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. It will stay with us forever. And, we hope that we can somehow give back to Tanzania in the future. Thank you ALL so much.

Take care,