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August 2014, Raza and Sana Mujtaba
12 Day-Classic Kenya Flying Safari to Amboseli, Maasai Mara and Island of Lamu

12 Day Classic Kenya Flying Safari **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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Overall it was a fantastic experience visiting Africa for the first time. We are certain that we would want to return in the next few years… Thanks again for all your help in organizing the trip for us. You and your team did a wonderful job. We will certainly write a review on Trip Advisor.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

Our guides, esp Joel, were excellent.

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The highlight of the trip was obviously the Safari. Amboseli has a stunning backdrop.

Tortilis Camp was very comfortable. The camp is in a very good location and they have access to a large conservancy. The main highlight in Amboseli was the bush breakfast. It was quite grand for just 2 couples. There was a dedicated chef and two waiters. The safari viewing was very good, especially elephants.

Maasai Mara was excellent. The Little Governor’s Camp was quite luxurious and very intimate (due to small size). I was very impressed with the quality of food there. It was a bit of a hike to go from the camp to the jeep across the river, but its all part of the experience. The balloon ride was definitely worthwhile. I am not sure if I would do it again but one must do it once.

We saw everything we had hoped to see in Mara. All the predators in a large number, other big 5 members, python, rhino, etc. We missed the kill by the Marsh pride lions but got their when they had just start feasting. It was probably the most intense experience of our safari. We got as close to predators as possible. In some cases, lions or elephants brushed against the vehicle.

We are glad that we saved Lamu Beach Resort for 4 nights as our last stop. We were quite exhausted and it was a perfect place to rest. We were on Kizingoni Beach which is about a 25 min boat ride from the air base…

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