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February 2014, Suzy & Ewald Wiberg
12 Day-“African Journeys” Safari to Kenya and Tanzania

12 Day Bespoke Safari to Tanzania and Uganda **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

Overall Trip Experience Rating: 

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Thank you thank you, thank you for the most unbelievable trip/vacation we have ever had!! Having been on some short ‘safari’ day trips on a cruise in South Africa we knew that we would enjoy our trip to East Africa but never in our wildest dreams did we think it would be as fabulous as it was.

We saw everything game wise (almost) and saw it in large quantities. We got amazing pictures and videos that will help us to relive the two weeks for the rest of our lives.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

Our private guide in Tanzania , George Mollel, was super! He was personable, knowledgeable, informative and a great spotter.

The first drive we did (in Ngorongoro) set the tone when we were lucky enough to see a wildebeest give birth (photo attached) only to have the newborn attacked by jackals who were unable to actually kill it. We watched in horror (caught on video) as the baby kept trying to stand only to be pulled down by the two jackals. Then much to our surprise a hyena ran in, killed the little wildebeest and ran off with the carcass. We had wanted to see a birth and kill but not all at the same time.

George proved to be very good at planning and finding the game we were most interested in – lions. We drove to the back on Manyara directly and then worked out way out to avoid any crowds. We saw a pride of 4 females & 3 babies with no one anywhere near us. One of the females chased a porcupine towards our truck and then laid in the road in front of us pulling quills out of its paw. In Tarangire we once again saw a pride that posed for us on a tree branch – talk about a photo op.

Accommodation Experience Rating: 


The camps we stayed in were all nice but kudos to Oliver’s whose location allowed us to be first in and last out of the areas deep within the Tarangire. We also enjoyed the other people at the camp especially Justin & Jacky the managers. We loved being at the fire pit for wine & sharing every evening.

Mara Explorers was an unbelievable camp also – same fire pit experiences and although we were doing shared drives the camp was very empty (5 people besides us). The manager, George knew we had been in Tanzania for a week so put the other first timers in one truck and gave us our own driver!

AAC Experience Rating:
AAC Trip Planning and Organisation: 
We also are so thankful for The Africa Adventure Company taking all the stress out of the travel, connections, etc. Elena and the final itinerary made us feel comfortable that we would be well handled but we were not prepared for how well it would be…

The day we flew back from Arusha to Wilson, Kenya Air cancelled our flight (not enough people) and we were put on a SafariLink flight. We were running late and of course I worried about our connecting flight and wondered if the person meeting us even knew about the cancelled flight or what flight we were actually on. Silly me – we were met at the bottom of the stairs and escorted across the tarmac to our flight to the Mara – they were holding the plane for us – too cool.

I’m not sure what day it was – probably the second day in the Mara when after our morning drive Suzy looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “You know we’ll be back.” To which I answered simply, “I know.”

We are already working with Elena on next year’s safari!!!

Thank you for the most amazing adventure one could ever have. Like I said to Elena a couple of weeks ago after you’ve been to Africa where else is there?