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February 2014, Bev Erickson & Jim Moen
14 Day-AAC’s Signature Plains and Primates Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

14 Day Group Primate and Plains Safari to Uganda and Rwanda - Rwanda **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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We are back home from our adventure in Africa. The trip was everything we expected and more! Of course for me (Bev), the ultimate highlight of the trip was the gorillas in both Uganda and Rwanda . I loved everything connected to the gorillas which included the trekking to find them, the information about them as well as just observing them in their natural habitat.

The highlight for Jim was observing the chimpanzees first in the high trees and then up close and personal on the ground. The chimpanzees were a pleasant surprise for us....neither one of us thought much about the chimpanzees before signing up for the trip...for us, it was pretty much all about the gorillas and anything else was just a bonus. Well, for Jim, that chimpanzee bonus turned out to be his favorite thing. Albeit, his cold which developed in Uganda kept him from taking his second Gorilla trek in Rwanda ...had he been able to take this gorilla trek, who knows, maybe he would change his favorite thing to the gorillas as well.

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We both thoroughly enjoyed the private cruise on Kazinga Channel. We were pleasantly surprised at how much wildlife we saw along the banks of the channel while relaxing with our beer and wine on the boat. The Mweya Lodge was an acceptable accommodation for us...

We loved the Ishasha Wilderness Camp as well as the Gorilla Forest Camp and we both were a bit sad to have been told we had to leave the Gorilla Forest camp a day early due to a reason unknown to us. As it turns out, we believe the camp was hosting the American ambassador to Uganda . That said, our night at Mahogany Springs Lodge was very nice and we also loved our accommodations at this site…

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Hi Allana,

When I take adventure trips such as this one, I'm always ready for the surprises that may come our way during the trip. Again, we were pleasantly surprised that the trip went according to plan! Someone was always where they were supposed to be to meet us....that's a very reassuring feeling when traveling in a foreign country.

Thanks again for showing us a wonderful time through Africa Adventure Company. I won't hesitate to recommend you to other adventure travelers.