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January 2014, Bill and Betty Campbell
14 Day-AAC’s Signature Plains and Primates Safari to Uganda and Rwanda

14 Day Group Primate and Plains Safari to Uganda and Rwanda - Rwanda **** SELECT **** **** SELECT ****

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The trip was wonderful and even exceeded my expectations, especially our time spent with the gorillas! Our first trek in Bwindi was VERY challenging because it took us 7 hours to find the family...ugh! Betty became extremely fatigued and needed a lot of help from our two porters to help her down the mountain. We treked the family all he way to the top of a mountain and then all the way back to the bottom of the mountain....the family was initially at the top of the mountain, but a rouge silverback infiltrated the family and scared them back down to the bottom! Nonetheless, once we found the family it was awesome.

We enjoyed the gorilla trek in Rwanda the most for a couple of reasons....first, it was a much easier trek to find the gorillas; second, we were able to see the entire family in a much less vegetated areas; and finally, we saw three silverbacks and two 4-6 month old babies in the family. Wow, did Betty enjoy seeing the babies.

Guide Experience Rating: Excellent

Habib was superb. He went out of his way to make our safari the best it could possibly be. So, thanks so much for helping to set us up with him.

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The accommodations were excellent, especially after seeing how limited accommodations can be in both Uganda and Rwanda . We particularly enjoyed staying at the Jack Hannah cottage....we had no idea how special that place is especially after realizing that so many famous people have stayed there (eg, Bill Gates; Bill Clinton; Jack Nicklaus; the creator of Google; etc.). The entire staff treated us like royalty there. It was an experience we will never forget…

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Hi, Szilvia! Sorry to be so late in responding, but we're really just now getting our heads above water after returning from the trip....seems the older we get the longer it takes us to recover from the long flights.

We'll be calling you to chat some more.

Thanks again for setting us up with such a marvelous trip, Szilvia!