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AAC Safari Specials for 2014

Looking for a safari trip to take in 2014?

14-Day Uganda and Rwanda Chimps and Gorillas trip has one spot on the Jul 03 departure – gorilla trek in both Bwindi and Volcanoes forests.

15-Day Eyes on Elephant safari has spots open on Jul 12, Aug 05 (one spot), Aug 16 Aug 30 (one spot), Sep 06 and Sep 20 (SOLD OUT) departures 2014 - now is the time to book.  The adventure of perhaps seeing lion, elephant and wild dog on a walking safari, along with a day of canoeing down the Zambezi in Mana Pools!

The 3 Botswana Wing Safaris: Call for space available on the 10-Day Botswana Wing Safari to Desert and Delta, The 11-Day Botswana Premier Camps and the 12-Day Classic Wing Safari + Vic Falls.

The NEW 12-Day Under Tanzania Skies group safari still has space available on departures Aug 02 and Aug 23 and Sep 13.  Perfect to see the Migration in the Southern Plains of the Serengeti….!

14-Day Great Wilderness safari to Botswana has space available on Jul 12, Jul 18, Aug 05, Aug 17, Aug 23 + Sep 22 plus many more departures through 2014.  Visit 3 areas including the Okavango Delta.

14-Day Diverse Namibia safari has openings on Jun 25, Jul 05, Jul 20 and Sep 06. A chance to capture National Geographic quality photographs.

14-Day Group Explorer safari to Tanzania - request update on available departures.

Choose from the two Southern Africa trips: 16-Day Iconic Visions and the 16-Day Savannah Grasses Select from either of these safaris to see Cape Town, Kruger, Chobe, Vic Falls, Hwange and Namibia.

Otherwise enjoy the listing below of some other exciting trip offerings.

1. ** 14 Day Primate and Plains Safari to Uganda and Rwanda - $7,950.00

Gorilla Forest Camp, Bwindi, Uganda

2014 Departures: Feb 04, Jul 03 & Aug 31. On these special AAC Signature departures – experience the thrill of gorilla treks in Bwindi, Uganda & Volcanoes, Rwanda. Begin your primate experience with chimp trekking in Kibale Forest. Game viewing in Uganda is a hidden delight with game drive opportunities looking for wildlife at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

2. ** 15 Day Eyes on Elephant Safari to Zimbabwe - $9,495.00

Zim15AAC Eyes on Elephant

2014 Departures:Jun 21, Jul 12, Aug 05, Aug 16, Aug 30, Sep 06, Sep 20. This award winning safari was selected in National Geographic Traveler Magazine's "50 Tours of a Lifetime" and operates as an exclusive group with up to 6 persons per departure. We personally know your guides Nic Polenakis, Dave Carsons and Nick Murray who are leading the trips. We have combined the active game viewing ventures of walking in Northern and southeastern Hwange and canoeing, walking and game drives in Mana Pools.

3. **12 Day Under Tanzanian Skies Group Safari - $7,295.00

12 Day Under Tanzanian Skies Group Safari

2014 Departures:Jan 18, Feb 08, Mar 08, Jun 07, Jul 05, Jul 19, Aug 02, Aug 23, Sep 13, Oct 11, Dec 20. An Africa Adventure Company Signature Safari that highlights one of the top wildlife destinations in Africa! The value we bring to the program is that you are guided by a member of a superb team of knowledgeable and fun-filled naturalist guides. They are the undoubtedly some of the best in the industry and constantly receive the highest accolades each year – a trademark of our safaris in Tanzania.

4. 10 Day Botswana Wing Safari to Desert and Delta (Jan-Apr) - From $4,195.00


Experience the beauty of the desert of the Central Kalahari, the Okavango Delta or the Linyanti waterways in the Green Season (November 2013 to April 2014). Special rates apply! Spend six nights on this flying safari at two camps. Enjoy unprecedented savings from November 2013 – April, 2014!

5. 10 Day Tanzania Group Sky Safari - From $5,695.00

This luxury flying safari offers the ultimate in comfort as you fly in an exclusive plane from camp staying at the Elewani portfolio. Please check in to request if any Pay for 1 Person/2nd goes free specials. 2014 Departure days are every other day and most fall on a Mon/Wed/Thu/Sat.

6. 11 Day Botswana Premier Camps with Mombo (Jan- Apr) - From $5,850.00

07 Day Photographic Safari to Botswana

Your Signature itinerary focuses on a real wildlife experience from the surroundings of your two luxury premier accommodations during the Green Season. You take scheduled charter flights between camps which allow you to view the beauty of Botswana from the air. Begin with a relaxing day in Victoria Falls at the gorgeous Elephant Camp. Enjoy unprecedented savings at Kings Pool, Vumbura Plains Camp, Jao Camp and Little Mombo - November 2013 - April 15, 2014!

7. 11 Day Plains of The Serengeti Private Safari - From $3,675.00

Chris Swindal Photo 4

Our most affordable experience to travel with your own private guide and vehicle. Also experience staying at tented accommodations. Stay in the Serengeti with three nights on the plains – allowing for two full days of game viewing. Daily departure based on 2-6 persons in one vehicle.

8. 12 Day Best of Southern Africa Safari (Cape Town-Kruger-Vic Falls-Chobe) - From $3,575.00

ZimBot 14 Classic

This safari combines a "bit of everything" that Southern Africa has to offer. Experience scenic Cape Town and mighty Victoria Falls. A complimentary tour of Victoria Falls is included. Enjoy some exciting and fantastic game viewing opportunities in Botswana and a private game reserve in South Africa and the chance to see the “Big Five”. Activities are varied – from morning and night game drives, guided walks, cultural village visits and game viewing by boat.

9. 12 Day Botswana Classic Wing Safari + Vic Falls (Jan - Apr) - From $4,995.00

DumaTau Camp, Botswana

A flying safari to the Okavango Delta in Botswana and visit to Victoria Falls. Great value for travel through March. Stay in two camps with several choices of classic camps in each area. This program includes unprecedented savings from November 2013 to April 2014!

10. 12 Day Zimbabwe Legends Safari - From $4,295.00

Lion Mum with Cub Botswana with Brooks

This flying safari is an introduction to the game parks of Zimbabwe that offer game drives in open 4-wheel drive vehicles, game viewing by canoe, morning walks, and magnificent Victoria Falls. You may have the chance to see the Big 5.

11. 14 Day Botswana and Zimbabwe Classic Safari (May-Dec) - From $7,195.00

ZimBot 14 Classic

The combination of Hwange in Zimbabwe along with the traditional safari game-viewing in Botswana makes this program a true wildlife experience! Hwange offers great walking, and day and night game drives and the opportunity to see the Big 5! Finish with the amazing game viewing opportunities that Botswana offers in the Linyanti and the Okavango Delta.

12. 14 Day Botswana Cross Country Group Explorations Safari - from $5,895.00

Giraffe in water

Exclusive value-added for this program with free nights in Johannesburg and Victoria Falls! This group safari is the least expensive way to cover the best game viewing areas of Botswana with a highly qualified guide. Your savings are in the accommodations. You will be traveling in a small group (8)with your guide using charter flights in and out of the Okavango Delta camps. Drive into Livingstone from Chobe Botswana, finishing at the Falls. 2014 DEPARTURE DATES: 26 Mar, 02 Apr, 07 Apr, 16 Apr, 19 Apr, 28 Apr *, 01 May, 10 May, 15 May, 25 May, 28 May, 31 May, 05 Jun, 08 Jun, 14 Jun, 20 Jun, 23 Jun, 04 Jul, 10 Jul, 13 Jul, 21 Jul, 24 Jul, 01 Aug, 07 Aug, 10 Aug, 16 Aug, 22 Aug, 28 Aug, 03 Sep, 07 Sep, 19 Sep, 25 Sep, 28 Sep, 01 Oct, 09 Oct, 12 Oct, 28 Oct, 06 Nov, 09 Nov, 15 Nov *, 18 Nov, 22 Nov.

13. 14 Day Botswana Great Wilderness Group Safari - From $9,350.00

Giraffe in water

This guided safari takes time to experience and explore the best Botswana has to offer. As a small (8 people) group you have the same highly trained guide throughout the safari. We offer the overnight hotel in Johannesburg complimentary. 2014 Departures:29 Mar, 01 May, 19 May, 25 May, 03 Jun, 09 Jun, 24 Jun, 12 Jul, 15 Jul, 18 Jul, 30 Jul, 05 Aug, 17 Aug, 23 Aug, 01 Sep, 10 Sep, 16 Sep, 01 Oct, 04 Oct, 16 Oct, 30 Sep, 03 Nov, 12 Nov

14. 14 Day Diverse Namibia Group Safari - from $3,295.00

Skeleton Coast Camp

This group Explorations safari is designed for the traveler who is looking for incredible value to see the both wildlife and also the stunning landscape and atmosphere of the desert. 2014 Departures: Jan 18, Jan 30, Feb 08, Mar 04, Mar 19, Mar 26, Mar 31, Apr 12, Apr 15, May 06, May 21, Jun 02, Jun 14, Jun 17, Jun 25, Jul 05, Jul 20, Aug 01, Aug 16, Aug 28, Sep 06, Sep 30, Oct 03, Oct 18, Nov 02, Nov 25, Dec 05, Dec 14

15. 14 Day Explorer Group Safari to Tanzania - $4,495.00

Kenya and Tanzania

This is our most affordable scheduled group safari departure in Tanzania. Group size is maximum 10 people on a departure. 2014 Departure Dates: Jan 06, Jan 20, Feb 03, Feb 17, Mar 03, Mar 17, May 05, May 19, Jun 02, Jun 23, Jul 07, Jul 21.Aug 04, Aug 18, Sep 01, Sep 15, Oct 06, Oct 20, Nov 03, Nov 17, Dec 01, Dec 15

16. 16 Day Iconic Visions Safari to Southern Africa (Cape Town, Kruger, Vic Falls, Chobe, Dunes of Namibia) - From $5,775.00

16 Day Iconic Visions Safari to Southern Africa

This four countries safari combines a "bit of everything" that Southern Africa has to offer. Experience scenic Cape Town and mighty Victoria Falls. Enjoy some exciting and fantastic game viewing opportunities in Chobe, Botswana and a Kruger private game reserve in South Africa with the chance to see the “Big Five”. Departures Daily.

17. 16 Day Savannah Grasses Safari to Southern Africa (Cape Town/Okavango Delta/Vic Falls/Hwange) - NEW from $5,695.00

Sabotz16 Savannah Grasses

This safari highlights the fantastic game viewing in Botswana’s Okavango Delta and Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park combined with some sightseeing in Cape Town and Victoria Falls. The safari offers a variety of game viewing activities including day and night game drives, game viewing by boat and walking safaris in Hwange. DEPARTURES DAILY